Innovative products for baby's perfect sleep.

AeroSleep - The SafeSleep Innovator - has developed the innovation for safe baby sleep. The products that feature a unique 3D structure ensure that babies can breathe freely even when lying on their belly. Thanks to the mattress with matching mattress protector, parents can create a safe and hygienic sleeping environment for their little one. The stability of the mattress prevents babies from sinking in too much.
As a result, it provides optimal back support which is very important since the spine of a baby is still straight and only has its typical S-shape at a later point. Thanks to the 3D honeycomb structure, the products are breathable and ensure that the body heat is led away through the mattress. Thus, heat accumulation is prevented and the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is reduced too.

AeroSleep mattress with matching mattress protector

The AeroSleep mattress with matching mattress protector is the ideal basic equipment for your baby's cot. The mattress provides optimum protection for the back and ensures a restful sleep. Thanks to the open 3D honeycomb structure of the mattress protector, your baby can breathe safely even when they are lying face down on the mattress protector. Another advantage is the excellent air circulation provided by the products. As a result, babies are less prone to sweating and their body temperature can be regulated in a much better way. Heat accumulation is prevented as well. The matching perforated fitted sheet ensures that the mattress protector remains permeable to air. This also reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The mattress protector features a pleasantly soft surface and, like the mattress protector, it is machine washable at 60°C.

The AeroSleep Pillow

The AeroSleep pillow is ideal for your baby due to its unique features. The pillow cover comes with the very same 3D honeycomb structure as the mattress protector. This will allow your baby to breathe freely even when they are lying face down on the pillow. At the same time, the structure counteracts perspiration. The AeroSleep pillow is customisable. You can use the cover, the thin or thicker filling and both fillings. Since the filling material is dimensionally stable, your child's head lies on the pillow and does not sink in. The pillow cover can be machine washed at 60°C and thanks to its water-repellent layer, the fillings are protected from getting dirty. Like the mattress, the pillow requires the right pillowcase that maintains its air permeability and prevents its functions from being limited.

Our AeroSleep products at a glance


Mattress + Mattress Protector(Set)

With the Sleep Safe Evolution Pack, you get the best mattress available on the market with a stable cold foam core. Thanks to its high density of 35 kg/ m³, it provides optimum protection for the back. The waterproof layer of the mattress protector features an additional coating which increases its service life.


The AeroSleep pillow grows with your child due to different levels of layers. Just like the mattress protector, the pillow also features an air layer, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. This allows your baby to breathe safely even if they are lying face down on the pillow.

Mattress Protector 

The mattress protector prevents the mattress from being conatminated and protects your child from coming in contact with allergens and bacteria from the mattress. The 3D structure ensures the necessary ventilation, the absorbing layer keeps moisture away from your baby and the waterproof layer keeps the matrress dry.

Fitted Sheet

The perforated fitted sheet made of polyester provides optimum air circulation. Unlike cotton, it does not absorb moisture so that air permeability is maintained.


The air-permeable pillowcase is the ideal complement to the pillow. Its air permeability is maintained and the functions of the structure of the pillow are not restricted.

Cot Bumper

The cot bumper protects the head of your child. The 3D technology ensures that your child can breathe freely even when their face is placed directly against it.

Useful information about the OEKO-TEX® certification

"AeroSleep attaches the utmost importance to the safety of your child. For this reason, the company has their products scientifically tested and certified by various institutions. One of these certificates is ""OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Established in 1992, OEKO-TEX® has become an international safety standard for textile fabrics. The products undergo a series of laboratory tests in accepted and independent testing institutes. If no danger to health was proven, the products will receive the label OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This label is only awarded to products whose components are free from harmful substances.

Wissenswertes über den AeroSleep Matratzenschoner und das Spannlaken

Scientifically tested - the AreoSleep mattress protector

"AeroSleep has also had a functional test run for their products at the Belgian company Custom8. This test simulates the airway resistance that a baby is exposed to when lying face down on the mattress protector. Custom8 performed this survey with and without fitted sheets by AeroSleep as well as with wet and dry fitted sheets. For the comparison, the same functional test was performed with a standard mattress and a cotton fitted sheet. The results are amazing:

Things you have to consider when buying a mattress


The following applies for mattresses for babies: The mattress has to be firm, because if it is too soft, babies might sink in too much which is not good for the back. Therefore, the firmer a mattress is, the better it is for the back!


Parents should make sure that the cover of the mattress can be removed and machine washed at 60°C. This kills bacteria and dust mites and ensures that your baby can sleep on a hygienic surface.


Determining the right size of a mattress is quite simple: Take the internal dimensions of the cot or cradle and make sure that the distance to the edge is no more than 2 cm. Mattresses for a cradle, playpen and stroller should feature a height of 6 cm and for baby cots a height of 8 cm respectively.


Parents should always pay attention to the labelling of the mattress. The labelling according to EN597, for instance, is important because it is the European safety standard that refers to the flammability of mattresses.

AeroSleep: Innovativ. Sicher. Zertifiziert!

In order to maintain the air permeability, please always make sure to use the AeroSleep mattress in combination with the mattress protector and the matching fitted sheet.
If you already own a mattress, you can purchase the AeroSleep mattress protector separately and still provide a safe sleeping environment with the AeroSleep fitted sheet.
In order to avoid any restrictions in the functionailty of the pillow, it is important to use the pillow with the matching pillowcase.The cot bumper is the ideal complement to a safe sleeping place. It protects the head of your child while the 3D honeycomb structure provides optimum air circulation.

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