Kidsroom offers an extensive selection of baby products that ranges from nursery furnishings, such as highchairs, changing units or baby cots, to comfortable prams for taking long walks in the fresh air. 22 years packed with valuable experience as well as continuous endeavour for trying to make your little one feel as comfortable and safe as possible are our distinguishing features. That is why, we focus on making your little sunshine feel as comfy in their nursery as when being out and about with mom and dad.

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The right accessories turn nappy changing into the easiest routines of them all

Your little one’s nursery is fully furnished. Nappies, cloths and rompers are ready to be used. Since your little one needs to be changed several times a day, it is important to focus on buying a changing unit which features enough space to carry all items essential for nappy changing. A convenient and space-saving solution are so-called Bath and Changing Tables. They usually feature a frame with a water-resistant changing mat on the topside which stands on the rim of the bathtub. Beneath the changing unit there is a bathtub for your little one. If the bathtub is not in use, you can easily store towels or showers gels in it.

The classic changing dresser is not as versatile as the bath and changing table, but offers more space for storing baby’s clothes by featuring several compartments as well as a solid changing mat. No matter if you choose a changing station combo or changing dresser – useful accessories such hanging baskets come in super handy since they keep nappies, cream or cloths easy to reach. A radiant heater which keeps your little one warm while being changed makes the perfect changing unit complete.

The baby cot – the perfect place for your little one to feel comfy at all times

Rubbing one’s eyes is a safe sign for being tired – this is when it is about time to go to bed. Similar to adult’s beds, baby cots feature a head and foot section as well as a slatted frame while a comfortable mattress creates a cosy and snug lying surface. The side parts usually consist of wooden bars which contribute to optimum air ventilation as well as a clear view and prevent your little one from dropping out.

New-born babies spend most of their time sleeping, that is why it is vital to create a sleeping place that matches the needs of your little one perfectly. A bassinet is a baby cot on casters that make sure that it can be moved from one room into another. Thus it is the best option for many parents who wish to keep their baby close to them at any time.  Bassinets usually come with a canopy which adds to even more safety and comfort for your child.

Travel cots, on the other hand, are light in weight, easy to fold and super quick to be set up and dismantled – the most practical travel companions. No matter if you are on holiday or visiting grandma and granddad: a travel cot supplies your baby with a comfy place to cuddle up and sleep wherever you are. Travel cots that feature a side entry are perfect for older children to get in and out by themselves. Once the holiday is over, you can easily fold the cot and store it in a space-saving size.

Highchairs – the right place for your little ‘majesty’ to have the best view

If you child is already able to sit unaided, it is about time to get him a highchair which gives many new opportunities, since it supplies your child with a better view and also allows him to sit at the table and take his meals together with the family.

Highchairs usually come with a seat as well as long chair legs or a wide base which raises baby’s seating position and adds to more stability. There are also highchairs such as the Foldable Feeding Chair Pocket Snack by Chicco which can be attached to a regular chair. A harness prevents your child from slipping through or dropping out the chair. Some highchairs also feature a small tray for placing a spoon, bowl or water bottle. If your child is learning how to eat independently, this practical tray comes in super handy. After mealtime, the surface can also be used as a play tray. If required, the tray can also be purchased as an accessory item.

Those of you who fancy natural materials, might prefer a highchair made of wood. The manufacturer Geuther offers a wide range with matching accessories such as booster seats or seat inserts which add a comfortable padding for both seating surface and armrests. If you plan to take your highchair with you on trips, you might want to get a version that can be folded easily and quickly or else choose a highchair that can be attached to an adult’s chair.

Safety is top priority – things you need to know

We are all familiar with the German nursery rhyme that marks knives, forks, scissors and light as dangerous items for children. We are also familiar with curious tiny humans who love nothing more than exploring all the rooms of the house. But not everything that is hidden behind cabinet doors or in drawers is suitable for children. Cabinet locks prevent little explorers from opening cabinets that contain dangerous items, since they feature a locking mechanism that has to be opened first.

As soon as your little one is able to discover his dominion on his own, you also need to secure the sockets, since they are often located not far above the floor and thus easy to be reached by children. Socket inserts usually come in two versions: either they feature a shape which allows you to open them with the plug of a gadget or else they can be removed from the socket by using a key. Both options lock the access to the outlets. The manufacturer reer offers a wide range of safety gear from cabinet lock to edge protectors for the edges of furniture or walls.

Stair guards protect your child from falling down the stairs. They can easily be opened by an adult and secure the staircase area. Stair guards can be attached either by using a clamping device or else by tightly screwing them onto the wall. Adjustable components make the guard fit perfectly to the width of the staircase.

After an exciting day full of fun and games, every little adventurer needs some time to rest and sleep to gain new strength and energy for the next day. In order to make sure that even mom and dad can have a relaxing time, baby monitors come in super handy since they watch over every sound your little one makes while sleeping. Therefore, the transmitter is to be placed into the nursery while the receiver can be moved freely within the radio range. Even the smallest sounds are recorded and transmitted so that you can react as quick as possible. Usually, even sounds that reach a certain level are displayed by a glowing light. Some versions such as the Avent Baby Monitor SCD506/26 feature an intercom system which enables you to respond to you child and sing him a lullaby. Other baby monitors also come with a camera and screen with which you can watch over your sleeping child. Built-in infrared-LED lights supply you with good visibility even in dark rooms.

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