Your baby needs a lot of sleep and will sleep up to 18 hours a day when being a newborn. Already in the first three months of his yet young life babies will develop a sleep-wake-cycle which can vary enormously between children. In general applies that the repose does not take longer than two to four hours at a stretch. While some babies fall asleep quick and sleep through the nights after a few weeks already, it can take months with other children. The right mattress, a baby sleeping bag and a music box will help you there.

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Learning easily how to sleep

In the first weeks of life, your little one will not be awake longer than two hours at a stretch. He will signalize you when he is tired:

  • rubs his eyes
  • cries quickly
  • yawns and struggles
  • plays on his ears
  • does not have any interest in playing anymore
  • becomes quiet and calm

Some babies cuddle tightly to their mamas and papas, bury their face in the crook of their arms until they only subdued perceive noises and lights. If you recognize that your baby is tired and wants to sleep, put him in his cot and give him the soother. By and by you will know which rhythm your little one has and to what it directs. The baby is well covered in the sleeping bag even though he is more active while sleeping. The baby nest will limit the cot so that your baby feels comfortable after all. The right mattress does also have an influence on a healthy sleep. The position is thus important and it should offer a pleasant climate and be easy to clean. Popular bed inlays are cloths such as cotton and other natural fibers, they feel pleasant, are breathable and skin-friendly and protect the mattress. A cuddly blanket can also be a great help for your baby to fall asleep.

Developing rituals for falling asleep

Put your child to sleep if he gets tired. You can schedule at which time you would like to put him to bed. Both ways of proceeding work great as long as your baby gets enough sleep. Rituals will help your child to orientate and find a pleasant sleep:

  • play with your child
  • bath and massage him
  • read him a bedtime story
  • sing him (or together) a lullaby

As soon as you have created a ritual, your little one will get used to it and fall asleep faster. A lot of babies need a constant sleep-wake-cycle to orientate to. If your baby is feeling uncomfortable or teething, it is possible that this rhythm changes. However, hold to the used rituals. The melody of a music box will also help your baby to fall asleep.


What if your baby just does not want to sleep

Repose is not always adjusting easy. It is normal that a lot of babies sleep irregular. Once he has found his regular sleeping rhythm, there will be phases in which this behavior changes. That could be while teething, while being sick, after exciting experiences or while growing or developing. There are a lot of reasons which could interrupt your little one’s sleep during the first two years of life. If the baby wakes up during the nights, the music box, cuddly blanket and soother will help to calm.

9 tips for a good baby repose

  • place emphasis on a good mattress

  • bed linen made of natural materials such as cotton is breathable and easy to clean
  • a music box and soother help to calm
  • your child will love to cuddle with you and look at books
  • a night light is also helpful
  • put your little one to bed even if he is still awake, do not take him up again if he cries, but snuggle him
  • show your little one how to calm himself, give him a little cloth or soft toy to cuddle with
  • check if he lies well on the mattress and if he is covered enough
  • do not give up hope, stay calm and relaxed, try other methods or ask your midwife or doctor for advice (sometimes the rhythm improves in little steps for you to not even recognize it)

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