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Baby Monitors

Baby monitors – modern monitoring systems for the nursery

Decide on a DECT baby monitor with video function

The first baby monitors on the market were purely analogue devices with which babies could only be monitored acoustically. Such an analogue baby monitor is still available in stores today. However, these devices are not recommended because they only allow the baby to be monitored acoustically. Furthermore, it has often happened that not your own baby but the neighbour's child could be heard because the frequencies overlapped with their baby monitor.

Such problems do no longer occur with DECT baby monitors because the signals are transmitted directly to the receiver. With these digital devices, video monitoring of the baby is also possible. As soon as a certain noise level is exceeded in the nursery, the transmitter unit switches on automatically and sends a current picture to the mobile parent unit. Some models are equipped with swivel cameras that allow a panoramic view of the room.

Our recommendation: Opt for a baby monitor with a colour display, because these models enable sharper image transmission.

A good baby monitor offers the following advantages:

  • You no longer have to check on your baby immediately if they only wake up briefly, make themselves heard, but immediately fall asleep again.
  • You can immediately help your baby if they get into a dangerous situation.
  • You won't miss even low whimpers and sobs.
  • You can relax in another room and are still directly connected to your baby.
  • You can take a "control check" on your baby at any time without having to get up all the time.

A baby monitor with an intercom function and other useful functions is advantageous

If you choose an intercom baby monitor, you may not even have to go into the nursery to calm them down. If the baby is comfortable and does not feel hunger or thirst, the mother's soft voice is often enough to help them find their way back to sleep. Some models also calm them down by playing well-known lullabies. Other devices are equipped with an additional nightlight or even with a motion detector. The transmission to the receiving unit begins as soon as the baby is sleeping restlessly or waking up. That way, you can be right at the cot before your baby opens their eyes. Do you want to know if your baby is comfortable? A baby monitor with a temperature sensor reports immediately when the temperature in the bed rises or falls.

A baby monitor that protects against sudden infant death

This invention can definitely be described as revolutionary: a baby monitor that sounds the alarm as soon as the child stops breathing for more than 20 seconds. The breathing movements are measured using a sensor mat that is placed under the baby. Such a model takes the greatest concern from parents and protects against a "phenomenon" that previously frightened all parents. So far, a purely acoustic device has not been able to protect babies from sudden infant death syndrome, because in this case the child does not cry and the device does not switch on.

Is a baby monitor app useful?

A baby monitor app appears reasonable at first glance. It can be installed for less money, sometimes even for free, downloaded from an app store and onto a smartphone or tablet computer that is placed on the cot. If a pre-configured sound level will be exceeded in the room, the app rings your smartphone or home phone.

A problem here is that the stationed tablet or smartphone can only transmit images of the child to the recipient, if the room is adequately lighted. If it is too dark in the room, you have to expect a lousy image quality. Surely you do not want to disturb your baby’s sleep and turn off the light at night. A modern baby monitor with video function, however, usually comes with an infrared night vision camera. It gives excellent images, even when it's pitch black in the nursery.

Our recommendation: Don't trust your baby's life and well-being to an unsafe app. In this case, it is more of a negative trend. Even if the app stores promise you everything under the sun. Because what happens if the smartphone or tablet is disconnected from the Internet and your baby is then needing you the most?

The price for the baby monitor is secondary

When choosing a baby monitor, you should opt for a high-quality product that will work properly and safely in an "emergency". Therefore, do not focus on the costs, but rather on the functionalities that you need. The money spent is then wisely invested in the well-being and safety of your baby.

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A baby monitor that forwards every disturbance to you, no matter how small, can also help you as a mom or dad to sleep better and, above all, more carefree. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that you purchase a device that reacts sensitively to every noise, and works reliably. Baby monitors are equipped with a variety of additional functions, from high-resolution video display to wireless connection with your tablet computer or other devices. On you can find baby monitors from manufacturers such as NUK, Babymoov, Avent and many more. Browse our online shop now and find a baby monitor that suits you and your needs best.

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