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Baby Swings & Baby Bouncers

A comfy spot for resting and playing in the first months of life

With a baby swing, boredom won’t stand a chance

A baby swing offers your child the opportunity to entertain himself. This way, there is some time left for mom and dad to relax or else do some chores while feeling reassured that your little one is kept safe. Being pretty versatile, a baby swing does not only look comfortable, it also fosters the development of your child. His sense of hearing is stimulated and trained when he listens to the music that is played depending on the type of swing. The Babymoov Swoon Bubble for instance features eight melodies, while the Polly Swing Up by Chicco even plays natural sounds as well as heart sounds. Thus, the wide range of acoustic stimuli featured by some baby swings definitely contributes to a healthy development of your child’s sense of hearing. Also, the development of your little one’s somatosensory system (e.g. sense of touch, sense of position and movement) is being provided for. Some baby swings such as the Babymoov Swoon Motion or the Babymoov Swoon Bubble feature a play bar with various toys and figures attached. Your child can reach for and try to touch the toys, which fosters his eye-hand coordination at the same time.

Baby swings feature some great extras

Apart from the music mode and play bar, many modern baby swings feature much more interesting extras which contribute to your child’s well-being. The Babymoov Swoon Bubble for instance, also comes with a detachable headrest. Since the head of a small child is the heaviest body part, it needs to be supplied with extra support in order to prevent the spine from being overstressed. This is when a headrest comes in super handy. Once your child has grown, the headrest can be removed easily. This way, the usability of the baby swing increases and you and your child can be delighted by it for a long time. Another great feature you don’t want to miss is the motion sensor of Babymoov’s Swoon Motion. This sensor is activated as soon as your little one starts to cry. This way, you don’t need to set it in motion yourself. At the same time, you can choose between five different rocking modes. As much comfort as this has never been featured by a baby swing before. The chicco Polly Swing Up, features a motorised rocking mode as well as relaxing vibration mechanism which can be controlled by a remote control. If the version you opt for features a seat insert, a sun canopy for outdoors, a folding mechanism or a safety harness as featured by many baby swings, you won’t do anything wrong.

Swings for taller children

Older and taller children who are already able to sit unaided, will be delighted by the Haba Swing Seat “Roundabout”.It offers your child their very own retreat to read, listen to music and relax. Ideal for children from 3 years and up.

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The gentle rocking motions, the steady movements and the music often played along with baby swings have a very calming effect on your child, make them feel good and encourage them to dream. At the same time, baby swings offer your child a wide variety of entertainment options, stimulate their senses, let them listen to the music and grab the hanging toy figures. That way, they can cuddle up and sleep or play lively to their heart’s content. At we offer baby swings and baby bouncers from well-known manufacturers such as Inglesina, Chicco, 4moms and many more. If you are not sure which model is right for you and your child, our service team will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.

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