Nurseries are much more than just a room to sleep in. Your little one’s very own dominion is a place for rollicking, laughing, playing and relaxing. When the nursery is furnished and equipped in an age-appropriate way, it offers your child plenty of opportunities to experiment, do handicrafts, dream and learn. Apart from individual wall designs and other items for decoration, pieces of furniture also contribute to your child’s well-being in his nursery. Kids’ furniture and decoration which are carefully considered by you as parents, will accompany your little one for many childhood years.

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Child-appropriate furnishing: The nursery is no storeroom

Especially young parents with a low budget tend to furnish their little one’s nursery with a worn-out cabinet, an old chest of drawers and other pieces of furniture. This might be practical but it is not child-appropriate. First, hand-me-down and worn-out furniture for adults is neither pretty nor suitable for children or babies. Second, furniture for adults do not meet the needs of our little ones. Kids’ furniture features a size, colours and functions which conform to the requirements of children as well as to the common safety regulations such as rounded edges, wall mounting and gently closing doors and drawers. That is why a room for nosy infants and kindergarteners must be equipped with appropriate kids’ furniture.

Designing and decorating the nursery

Since your baby has quite different needs, as compared with kindergarteners or school kids, the nursery naturally differs from a room for older children. The basic equipment of a baby’s room features a cot, cradle or bassinet, but also pieces of furniture such as a changing dresser or table and a wardrobe. First toys can be stored on the shelf or in a chest. The most important pieces of furniture are available as single items or else in a matching set. Paying attention to good quality does pay off. The cabinets, wardrobe and chest of drawers that preferably come in neutral or natural colours are also suitable to furnish the room of an older child with. Kids furniture in a white colour or pieces in light wood match every style perfectly and create a pleasant atmosphere. Various deco items or the wall design of the room add some colourful touches. In order to create a cosy and comfy nursery, we recommend you to use light, pastel colours or else warm colours such as yellow or green.

Rooms for kindergarteners: Plenty of space for playing and relaxing

When decorating and furnishing the room for infants and toddlers who attend a kindergarten you need to answer the question: which function and purpose should be fulfilled by the room? Your child will not only sleep in this room but also spend a lot of his or her free time in it. That is why, it is useful to section the room according to the respective function. Soothing colours as well as a high-quality bed with a premium mattress make up the sleeping area. Additionally, at this stage of development your little one will need a play area which is equipped with enough space for storing toys, a cosy corner for relaxing and maybe even an area with a little table and chair where your child can get creative, do handicrafts, a jigsaw puzzle and the like. Keep in mind, that storage space for your little one’s toys needs to be easy to reach and that the room is well-structured by furniture and colours. This way, your child will find it super easy to keep everything neat and tidy. If your child is allowed to choose pieces of furniture or deco, he will be even more delighted with his own room.

Rooms for school kids: Own room, own style

School kids would love to decorate and furnish their room all by themselves since they know best which colours, themes and motifs they prefer and which ones reflect their personality best. High-quality but plain pieces of furniture are the best base for creating a child-appropriate, individually designed room. As soon as they attend school, they will need a suitable desk and chair. Also, a new bed may make sense – especially when his friends stay overnight more often. A bunk bed can be as good a choice as a single bed with a guest bed underneath. A combination of loft bed and an own couch is pretty popular with older children. The older your child gets, the less space for storing toys is needed. Instead, wardrobes, cabinets and shelves for clothes and personal items are getting more and more important.

Sharing a room: A sphere of privacy for each child

Decorating and furnishing the room for two kids is always challenging – no matter how old they are. As a general rule, you need to make sure that each child is supplied with their own space. This can be done in two ways: First, divide the room into two sections by painting it in different colours and then decorating it with the matching pieces of furniture. Second, section the room by using room dividers such a free-standing shelves, dressers or fabrics. The most important fact is that none of your children feels discriminated or disadvantaged. Instead of getting one big wardrobe, buy two wardrobes that are identical but feature different colours. Whenever possible, make sure that each of your kids is given a place to retreat. Whereas play areas with kids table and chairs can be shared. Ideally, you should decorate and furnish the room so that the common area is located between the privacy areas.

Things you need to be aware of when furnishing your child’s room

Many parents devote themselves to furnishing and decorating the nursery already well before the new member of the family is born. Apart from mom’s and dad’s preferences there are some important points to pay attention to:

  • Nurseries need to be equipped with few but safe pieces of furniture
  • High-quality furniture that comes in neutral colours can be used for a very long time and matches any style
  • Pieces of furniture that grow with your child should be made of premium materials so that a long-term use is guaranteed
  • Poor workmanship, toxic paints and varnishes as well as substances with a chemical odour are to be banned from the nursery
  • The older the child gets, the more he or she wants to have a say in decorating and furnishing their room
  • Each child must be offered ample privacy and the option to retreat – even when they share a room

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