Here, you will find child safety devices & other great products for makeing your home safer for your child. Order online now!


Here, you will find child safety devices & other great products for makeing your home safer for your child. Order online now! More information >

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Safety in a child’s room

Is your child a born climbing artist? Then you should definitely solidly mount all shelves in your child’s room and the rest of the house to the wall. When choosing a cot, make sure that the bars do not have too much distance from each other. Otherwise your little one could stick his head through them, stuck and get hurt. Already at the age of a few months your baby will start to try to pull up on the bars. At this time you should reduce the height of the mattress in the cot. As soon as your child tries to climb over the bars, you should remove the slip bars: through those your little one can safely climb out of the cot. If your child is already tall enough for a bed without bars, a separately mounted grid will protect your little one against falling out of the bed during restless nights.

Increased safety in the bathroom

A basic rule at first: Do not let your child unattended in the bathtub! The danger of drowning is always present there. As long as your child is still too little to use the key to the bathroom properly, pull it out of the lock. Place it at some hook which is beside the door and has a height of two meters instead. Otherwise your little one will be able to put the key into the lock from the inside and lock the door. Until you will be able then to get into the bathroom, a lot could have happened. There are special safeguards with which you can lock all the locks in your house. As long as you change your baby’s diapers on the changing table, you should never leave him unattended, not even a minute. Within a few seconds he can turn and fall off the changing table. If your changing unit is on the bathtub, always check if he is fixed well. Drugs always belong into the medicine chest which should be a dry place and well-locked. Cosmetics, nail polish and similar products have to be safe from children. The same applies for cleaning agents. Just as dangerous are electrical devices. Children could have the idea to hide in the washing drum. With suitable securities, you will prevent that your child opens the door of the washing machine or dryer. Case all patent cables so that the little ones won’t play with them.

9 things to consider for a safe living

  1. Sockets: All sockets should be secured with a socket protection
  2. Stairs: Block with door and staircase gates
  3. Closets: close with bars
  4. Stove: a grid for the stove will keep pots fixed and protect small fingers against hot plates
  5. Furniture: Equip sharp and hard edges with edge protection
  6. Lamps: Check stability of standard-lamps
  7. Decoration (swallowable pieces): Either minimize or watch your little one to not reach them
  8. Garden: A fence will prevent that your little one leaves the property. Beware of poisonous plants!
  9. Wells and pools: Close them safe and never leave your child unattended in the near of them.

Child safety in the living room

Sharp and hard edges are an increased risk of safety. Especially when they are on the same height as your child is. With taped caps, you will be able to increase security - even for sharp edges there are suitable caps. Neither cigarettes, nor cactuses or poisonous plants should be in the reach of children, also water for flowers with dung is dangerous. Protect the area in the living room in which your child is not allowed to be with a gate: That can be the chimney, television or stereos. An own playpen is the best possible and less dangerous playing area which can be provided.

Safe on the staircase and the whole house

A safeguard will provide that your little one or toddler won’t climb up and down the stairs. If there are gaps between the staircases or the bars of the handrail, through which a smaller child could slip, you should cap the gaps with boards. These can only be fixed on the designated brackets. Basically, for all rooms of a flat applies: Tools, sew and knit equipment, matches, scissors and lighters need to be out of reach for your child. If a closet door is supposed to be closed and locked, you can use a protection for the closet. A door stop can also be used to protect your child against injuries, as well as a socket protection.

More safety in the kitchen

A toddler sits at the table in a high chair, which is standing stable on the floor and does not tip. Approval marks like the GS seal will guarantee safety. Neither place the step stool nor chair in the near of the worktop or stove. Children will climb up on these. Secure drawers, freezer, fridges and cutlery trays with specially designated protections. A safeguard in front of the hot plates will prevent that your little one pulls down the frying pan. The window of the stove as well as the switches on it can be covered.

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