When developing their products, Babymoov is a manufacturer that shows special interest in you as parents while not only considering your experience and suggestions, but making you part of their product development. Only that way, products that represent a genuine added value for your family life can be created. Because you alone know best what is good for your baby. You know your wishes and needs regarding the products you require before and after the birth of your child best in order to make your everyday life as pleasant as possible.


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Parents as the most important co-developers of the products

When developing new products, the opinion of parents is particularly important for Babymoov. Focusing on the various possibilities of family life, the manufacturer considers everyday life of parents as a source of inspiration. According to this, it does not matter if you spend most of your time outside in the nature or pamper and care for your baby at home. Babymoov provides you with the products that suit you and your life best.

Apart from your child, the demands and needs of you as a pregnant woman stand in the centre of Babymoov’s attention. Important accessories such as sleeping belts and nursing pillows contribute to you feeling well and comfortable throughout pregnancy. Other products such as the Nutribaby food processor provide you with the option of simply heating up and sterilising baby bottles or else preparing food while having time for other things.

Babymoov’s baby monitor for safety while sleeping

The range of baby monitors offered, leaves nothing to be desired. You can choose either an audio or video baby monitor. Apart from featuring different ranges, the audio baby monitors offer two different alarm functions. The signal is supported by light signals and vibration so that you no longer have to worry about your own, perhaps very deep, sleep. Unlike video baby monitors, the audio versions can be equipped with additional transmitters to monitor several children at the same time.

Each video baby monitor has a range of 250 meters. Night vision as well as connecting multiple cameras provide safety and enable you to monitor your child around the clock. With the talkback feature (intercom function) of the video baby monitors, you can calm your child and make him or her feel reassured and safe by the sound of voice.

Nutritional support right from the very first day

If you decide to bottlefeed your baby, Babymoov provides you with a wide range of household appliances that make cleaning, transporting and heating up food much easier. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers numerous accessories for adding complementary foods to your child’s diet later on. Apart from child-friendly tableware such as plates and cutlery, the Nutribaby food processor which simplifies your daily food preparation and saves time, is offered, too.

Nutribaby: A multifunctional food processor for child-friendly nutrition

The Nutribaby Classic has five different functions that help you prepare your little one’s food. Furthermore, the Nutribaby warms baby milk and sterilises your baby bottles. Health is particularly important in your child's diet. The Nutribaby enables you to prepare healthy food for your baby. Due to its convenient handling and easy use, you can easily do without customary complementary food and provide your child with the perfect basis for optimal development instead.

By using the integrated steamer and blender of the Nutribaby you can easily prepare your baby’s delicious puree. The cooking time can be set on the LCD display, which does not force you to stay in the kitchen while your little one’s food is prepared. Due to the rather large capacity you can prepare several meals for your child or else cook for the whole family.

The Nutribaby (+) has the same features as the classic model. In addition to this, it features 10 different cooking programs and two signalling functions. Another advantage is its larger capacity and two separate baskets for cooking.

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