BABYZEN is a manufacturer committed to producing strollers, prams and the matching accessories. The BABYZEN strollers and prams feature a high degree of practicability and accompany you and your child from infancy to toddlerhood, since they can be transformed into a buggy. During the designing and manufacturing processes of these strollers, the needs of the parents have been taken into account as well. Furthermore, BABYZEN strollers also ensure a safe transport of your child while being compact means of transport that help you ease everyday life with a tiny human at the same time.


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YOYO Leg Rest
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Strollers and Prams by BABYZEN – perfect companions for on the go

BABYZEN pushchairs have many great advantages. You can transform them into a buggy which makes them suitable for newborns and toddlers. As your child grows older, s/he rides in the buggy version in a forward-facing mode while your newborn baby travels in a rear-facing mode instead. This riding mode ensures eye contact, which is particularly important for the development of your child. The positions can be adjusted in an easy and quick way – that way, your child can discover the world either in a lying or in a sitting position. The pushchairs by BABYZEN feature outstanding manoeuvrability which even make subway rides much easier. When folded they can be taken anywhere. BABYZEN also offers the perfect accessories which do not only provide practicality but also safety for every stroller.

Yoyo+ – The stroller which is suitable for everywhere

The Yoyo+ can be folded and unfolded easily and thus stands out as the perfect travel companion no matter if you are traveling by car or plane. When folded, the stroller is particularly easy to transport. Due to its low weight, you can carry the Yoyo+ comfortably in the matching bag. The iZi Go child car seat was developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian child car seat brand BeSafe whose products are known for their safety. By using the matching adaptor, you can easily attach the child car seat to the chassis of the Yoyo+. That way, you can continue using the iZi Go after the ride in your car as an infant car seat that is mounted on your stroller. The Yoyo+ has been approved for being used as hand luggage by many airlines – that way, you can travel in a much more comfortable way. The child-friendly carrycot which is suitable for newborn babies enables you to use the Yoyo+ right from birth and up. Later on, it can be transformed into a buggy by using the matching seat unit and thus provides your little one with a comfortable means of transport which is perfect for discovering the world.

Zen – The convenient stroller for everyday use

The Zen provides newborn babies with a carrycot that can be used as a baby bouncer or bassinet. The stroller grows with your child because you can adjust its carrycot in a sitting position. In addition to this, the Zen can be transformed into a buggy as soon as your darling has reached toddler age. In both options, three positions are possible: lying, semi-recumbent or sitting. The Zen also features a 5-point harness which makes it stand out as a particularly safe means of transport. Both the mattress and the seat pad provide your child with a comfortable ride. When folded, the Zen features a compact unit.

Convenient accessories for strollers and prams

The Yoyo+ ride-on board makes riding even more enjoyable. Your baby’s older siblings can easily ride on this board in a standing position or sit comfortably on a saddle. That way, no one of your tiny humans will feel disadvantaged and tears of exhaustion belong to the past. Being equipped with the right child car seat, travelling with your child by taxi or else with friends who give you a lift is no longer a problem. In addition to this, the child car seat can be attached easily to the chassis of the stroller. That way, you don’t have to wake up your child when transferring the car seat to you stroller or another car.

The BABYZEN mosquito net is perfect for keeping annoying insects away from your little one – that way, s/he will not be disturbed by them no matter where you are. There is a matching mosquito net available as an accessory for every stroller. It keeps mosquitoes and insects away from your baby and is super easy to attach. The cup holder by BABYZEN is another convenient accessory that can be attached to any stroller model. This way, you will not have to rummage in your bag for your little one’s drinking bottle, but keep it easy to reach in the holder instead.

A convenient parasol which features a high SPF and protects your little one from harmful sunlight, is available for both the Zen and the Yoyo+. In addition to this, a footmuff that comes in different colours is offered for both pushchairs. The fleece lining keeps your baby warm and turns long walks in the cold wintery air into exciting adventures. The extra-long zips make it particularly easy to attach the footmuff to the stroller. A five-point harness keeps your child well protected.

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