BeSafe – a manufacturer that instills a sense of warmth and security. This Norwegian company, whose child car seats are among the safest in the world, has set itself the task of revolutionizing child transport. By way of example, BeSafe was the first company to introduce the rear-facing child car seat. Safety is a top priority for BeSafe. This successful manufacturer is aware that parents want their offspring to be well protected at all costs.


BeSafe – safety from Scandinavia

The successful Norwegian enterprise BeSafe has made history since its tentative beginnings. What started off at the beginning of the 20th century in a little upholstery shop, has developed into a huge enterprise represented by retailers in as many as 40 countries. The company’s headquarters are still based in the Norwegian town of Krøderen; however, the research and development department in Holland ensures that the safety standards, design and comfort offered by the product range are constantly enhanced. The Scandinavian company is convinced that rear-facing child car seats are simply safer. Even though this theory has been confirmed in countless safety tests, rear-facing child car seats are only making tentative progress on the German market. The manufacturer’s flagship is the rear-facing child car seat “iZi Kid”, which is five times safer than conventional child car seats. According to statistics, rear-facing child car seats significantly reduce the risk of serious injury, mainly because they provide optimal support for the head and the muscles at the back of the neck. BeSafe has complemented its range of rear-facing child car seats by infant carriers with Isofix arms, which allow fast, safe installation.

Rear-facing child car seats and Isofix infant carriers

At BeSafe, safety, innovation and design are inseparably interlinked. Within seconds, a car accident can make a dramatic difference to family life. That doesn’t have to be the case, as rear-facing child car seats and Isofix infant carriers are designed to be so safe that serious injury can be avoided to a large extent. As the safety of your child is without doubt your top priority, it is particularly important that infant carriers are designed to face backwards. Some of the finest examples of innovative safety technology are the sturdy, movable side arms used for anchoring the infant carrier to make sure your child is well protected from every angle. Although rear-facing child car seats are hard to find in specialist stores, accident studies confirm the advantages of this type of seat. Rear-facing child car seats can do what forward-facing child car seats fail to achieve, as they offer optimal support for the muscles at the back of the neck, which is the weakest point in the anatomy of a young child. It is also worth noting that BeSafe products have passed the demanding “Plus-Test”, developed specially by Swedish scientists to guarantee the safety of rear-facing child car seats. – service to impress

Are you keen to ensure that your child is safe? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer-friendly service staff, who will be glad to help you choose a suitable child car seat. For us, providing personal purchasing advice is a matter of course, as we want to be sure that you receive the product best suited to your requirements and the needs of your child.

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