Ergobaby stands for ergonomic baby carriers made of premium materials. The baby carriers are developed as to provide baby’s spine with optimum support while distributing his/her weight over the parent who is wearing the baby carrier. That way, parents can have their baby close to themselves and still be on the move in the most convenient way. In terms of producing elaborate, high-quality baby carriers, Ergobaby who has convinced parents with the Original collection for many years, stands out as a classic brand. Meanwhile, Ergobaby has developed many different product lines that meet all needs. Even an ergonomic nursing pillow is now part of the Ergobaby range. Carry your baby safely and comfortably through the world right from birth and up.


Baby carriers by Ergobaby: Which carrier suits me best?

In years of experience, the manufacturer has developed a variety of baby carriers that meet the most diverse requirements of young parents. The Ergobaby product range includes the Omni 360, the 360 ​​Collection, the Adapt, the Original Collection, the Cool Air Mesh Collection and the From-Birth Package. In order to help you decide which baby carrier suits your needs and requirements best, you should be familiar with all the benefits and ways of use of the different models. Older and taller children who love to carry their doll in a carrier will be delighted by the doll carrier.

Omni 360

From newborn baby, to toddler, this baby carrier is suitable for being used in every position imaginable. Your baby weighing between 3.2 kg up to 20 kg can be carried on the front, on the back, on the hip or else in a forward-facing position. That way, this baby carrier can be used throughout the entire baby carrying period. As an ergonomic all-rounder this baby carrier can be adjusted individually and thus is suitable for being used for newborn babies even without a special newborn insert.

360 collection

The 360 model also enables you to carry your little one in any position while providing your baby with a spectacular 360°-view. Even when your child is carried in a forward-facing mode in an ergonomic M-position, the baby carrier turns out to be the ideal choice for keeping your baby super close to you. However, this position should only be taken in exceptional situations since it might pose a risk to your baby. When combined with a newborn insert, this baby carrier can be used from birth up to a weight of 15 kg.


The baby carrier Adapt is a comfort carrier which is also suitable for being used in all three positions. Without the newborn insert, this baby barrier can be used throughout the entire baby carrying period and is suitable for children weighing between 3.2 kg and 20 kg. This way, you are provided with an ergonomic companion that features a variety of different settings.

Original collection

The Ergobaby baby carrier Original stands out as the most classic model among all baby carriers and is particularly comfortable. It is suitable for being used in all three carrying positions even when using a newborn insert. Thus, the Original collection accompanies parents comfortably and conveniently throughout the entire baby carrying period.

Cool Air Mesh Collection

The Cool Air Mesh collection is the perfect companion for all adventurous and active parents. This baby carrier features curved shoulder straps which make carrying you little one particularly comfortable. Breathable mesh ensures that your baby feels good even when carried for a longer time.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier - For newborn babies and toddlers

Especially during your little one’s first couple of months s/he requires a lot of closeness. Carrying your child in a baby carrier strengthens the bond between you and your child and thus lets your tiny human settle safely in the world. The baby carrier keeps your child close to you and thus helps him/her process the exciting experiences of everyday life much better. During the first few months the head and back of newborn babies require special support.

Due to various adjustment options as well as the use of a newborn insert, the Ergobaby baby carriers provide the littlest with maximum comfort. The baby carrier by Ergobaby ensures optimum posture in every position and at every age. The so-called “frog” position (also known as spread-squat position) is particularly important and contributes to correct shaping of your little one’s hips. Furthermore, the baby carriers feature wide shoulder straps and hip straps so that they provide parents with high wearing comfort as well as optimum weight distribution.

How to use your new ergobaby baby carrier correctly – a checklist

1. Make sure that the baby carrier is adjusted optimally. This includes the adjustment of the straps and the bridge. This way, your baby's posture is optimally supported and you as a parent can carry your child without much stress.

2. Pay special attention to a correct sitting position. The spread-squat position (“frog” position) is perfect for keeping your child’s knees higher than his or her bum. This way, your baby’s the back can round itself and is well supported while his/her spine is relieved.

3. Always dress your child properly when s/he is carried in the baby carrier. If your child is covered with your coat, then s/he will be sufficiently protected by your warmth and your coat. Please note: The mutual warming can cause hyperthermia. In order to find out whether your little one is sweating, simply touch his/her neck and take off some clothes if necessary. If you carry your child over your coat, please make sure to dress him/ her with clothes that keep him/ her warm enough.

Accessories by Ergobaby – The Nursing Pillow

The Natural Curve Nursing Pillow provides you with the best conditions during breastfeeding. You can use the nursing pillow to nurse your little one in the most relaxed and enjoyable way. As a mom you can cuddle up while the nursing pillow supports the position of your newborn baby. The nursing pillow improves the breastfeeding position.

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