Gesslein is a family enterprise with a long-standing tradition of catering to the needs of families. When developing and manufacturing innovative products, child well-being is always a matter of primary concern for the company. Gesslein‘s product range could not be more diverse; it includes virtually anything from strollers to sleeping bags, nursery dressers and co-sleeper cots.


Gesslein – a family enterprise with a long tradition

Well-being, comfort and safety play a major role for the prestigious family enterprise Gesslein. For 60 years now, this manufacturer’s distinctive, high-quality products have met with an enthusiastic response from parents and their offspring. What started off in a chicken coop in Redwitz is now a flourishing business. Sporty three-wheelers, agile strollers and comfortable buggies, such as the Gesslein Swift buggy, are the cornerstones of a diverse product range, which also includes baby carriers, cozy bedding and sleeping bags.

Innovative products to meet the highest demands

Strollers and the Swift Buggy – the award-winning flagship products of the traditional Gesslein enterprise – can tackle both asphalt roads and uneven terrain. Gesslein products also have visual appeal as they are very well designed. Some of the most popular products are the three-wheeled F-series pushchairs, which enable you to master any situation you’re likely to come across. These extremely versatile, lightweight pushchairs can be navigated with ease through dense crowds as well as narrow doors and passages. The comfortable strollers, which can be converted into all-terrain pushchairs, are of equally high quality. Height-adjustable handles, pull-out foot rests and removable inlays make handling very straightforward. Gesslein‘s flagship is undoubtedly the Swift Buggy with its ultra-soft padding for extra comfort. The pull-out cover protects your offspring from wind and weather. Babygo, the infant carrier developed by Gesslein, is an exceptional product which complies with all safety and testing standards. In order to ensure that your baby is well protected whatever the weather, you can accessorize your stroller with a cozy foot muff, seat inlay and parasol. Gesslein products have also proved their worth in the home. Why not treat your little one to a cozy “Bubou” sleeping bag, designed to keep his/her body at a constant temperature? Timeless elegance and fine embroidery are the hallmarks of the manufacturer’s high-quality bedding and cozy blankets, which keep your baby’s skin dry in both summer and winter. Perfectly formed co-sleeper cots, which can be integrated with ease in the parents’ bedroom, are the highlight of this diverse collection.

We take care of your child’s well-being

The health of your child takes top priority for, which is why we back traditional companies which share our values. Customer friendliness and personal advice form part of our standard service; our expert advisers are always on hand to assist you as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help in selecting the right product.

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