Geuther has been producing high-quality children’s furniture for over 100 years. The company specializes in wooden furniture. From this healthy material with the “feel good factor”, the company manufactures everything you could possibly need for the nursery – from cots to play furniture. To protect against accidents when running around the house , sturdy stair gates and other safety devices are available.


Geuther is synonymous with safety and comfort for your child

Colorful, practical, child-friendly – these are words which best describe the nursery furniture made by Geuther. The company attaches particular importance to the subject of safety, as is evident from the product range and countless special details. Manufacturing good from natural wood is part of the company’s philosophy. Solid beech is the most commonly used type of wood. It is sourced exclusively in Europe – so the manufacturing process does not involve plundering the tropical rain forests. Moreover, all the materials used – wood, lacquers and foils – are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. This becomes apparent as soon as you open the product packaging: there are none of the usual odors or gases! That means you can be sure that you have done everything possible to protect your child’s health.

There are also a number of special products aimed at protecting your offspring – stair gates, for instance. These products protect your child from the dangers to which they are exposed on a daily basis. A stair gate is easy to install, no matter what the width of your stairs. At Geuther, stair gates are available in widths between 70 and 140 centimeters. The great advantage: older children are able to pass through these stair gates without difficulty, thanks to the latch and swivel mechanism. The little ones, on the other hand, are safely protected: The sturdy stair gate prevents them from slipping or falling downstairs.

A matching accessory for the highchair: the seat reducer

Safety is also an important factor when it comes to another popular product: highchairs made by Geuther are particularly sturdy and slip-resistant. Moreover, they are also extremely practical: The seats can be adjusted effortlessly, allowing each highchair to “grow” with the child. Spills on the tray are only to be expected, but all the components can be wiped down easily, and the materials used are resistant to saliva and perspiration. Geuther also has the interests of little people at heart. In order to ensure that they can sit comfortably in the highchair, matching seat reducers are available. These not only provide added comfort, but added safety as well. They allow the seat area to be adapted to the size of the child. Moreover, a seat reducer prevents slipping, thereby further enhancing safety.

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High-quality materials and processing, eco-friendliness and comfort – these are all decisive advantages of nursery furniture made by Geuther. Your child can’t help but feel secure and content. And as a mother with protective instincts, you can simply sit back and relax. Why not try out our product range and request some personal advice?

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