HABA has made children's eyes sparkle with joy for almost 80 years now. Due to innovative game ideas, the products have been accompanying children for generations from cradle to adulthood. With attention to detail, the company creates toys, games, tableware, lamps and much more, which foster the development of our children. HABA's philosophy is to be an "inventor for children". The company's mission is to explain the world to children in a playful way. Of course, fun, excitement and the urge to discover must not come off badly with the high-quality products from Germany.


HABA - A world for children

Since 1938 Eugen Habermaaß and two partners founded the wholesale company Wehrfritz & Co, millions of children have enjoyed the fanciful toys and the varied games created by HABA. After the business partners of Eugen Habermaaß withdrew from the original company after a short time, the foundation for the change of name to Habermaaß & Co. was laid. Even today, the family-run limited partnership bears this name. Its headquarters are in Bad Rodach, Bavaria. From here the child-friendly products with the unmistakable charm go around the world. Currently, the product range comprises about 1500 items, which are sold in more than 50 countries. Most of the production is exclusively in Germany.

A unique success story

"Colourful building blocks, honed and wonderfully polished, perfect for the delicate hands of children" – that is what caring parents could read in the 1939 catalogue. Even then, it was important to the company to create toys that meet the needs of children. The most important material was – and still is – natural wood.

In the course of the years, the product range has been expanded significantly so that apart from wood also other fabrics and materials are used. For all products, HABA attaches great importance to safety and health so that young parents can safely and confidently put toys and accessories into their little one’s cradles right from the very first day.

With many elaborate toys that stimulate the imagination of our children, challenge them in an age-appropriate way and delight them at the same time, the company has proved a recipe for the particular. Wooden toys, games, dolls, cushions and a numerousness of other beautiful accessories for the nursery do not only enchant children's hearts. Even some adults are absolutely delighted at the sight of the enchanting products from Germany.

The right toy for your child

Are you expecting your first child? Or have you just become parents? New moms and dads always want to do everything right. Nothing is good enough for the new long-desired member of your family. Your child should have a happy childhood, s/he should laugh a lot, be allowed to let her/his imagination run free and learn everything that is important in life. Children are by nature little discoverers who want to explore how things work and go together.

Even the senses of newborn babies are always ready to take in something new. Voices, light, and other stimuli are greedily absorbed so that they can find their way in the newly conquered environment. Toys that have an educational value play a major role in this process.

Exploring the world in a playful way – that is one of the most essential things for our children. Toys should incentivise, they should be colourful but safe and they should prove to be child-friendly in all areas. Haptics, optics and selected materials are what it takes to make good toys. Toys and accessories from Germany enjoy great popularity. Whereas products from third countries leave a doubtful impression on many parents. HABA guarantees child-friendly toys for every age group.

Why HABA’s product range is definitely worth recommending

Finally, the time has come and your baby is about to arrive or maybe your little prince or little princess has already moved into his/ her little kingdom? This is when the time is right to provide your new family member with clutching toys, mobiles and rattles which are extremely important toys and perfect for promoting your little one’s skills and helping them to discover the new world.

Time flies and in a flash your little one will have mastered his or her first ever steps. Then a sandbox in your garden must not be missed. Children being provided with colourful sand toys can create wonderful fairy-tale castles.

Is it cold outside? Or even raining? Well, then come inside and let’s play with the toy shop or market stall. Give your little one a treat and let him/ her dive into the adventurous world of adults. Fruit, vegetables or how about sushi? HABA’s product range definitely has something for every taste.

And in the evening, when it's time to cuddle up, your little one will press his/her adorable rag doll firmly to his/her heart. These extremely soft dolls by HABA stand out as the perfect toys that accompany your child through every situation – whether that be as funny playmates or loyal comforters.

HABA – toys for the highest demands

  • safe
  • child-friendly
  • fanciful
  • a wide product range for every age group
  • HABA products are almost exclusively made in Germany

HABA products are almost exclusively made in Germany

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