Are you looking for an innovative stroller or functional car seat? One which fulfill your high requirements of safety, quality and comfort? And that you are able to profit from an easy handling to have more time to look after your child? Or are you looking for accessories for an Inglesina stroller instead? You baby deserves products which are made with love! Get to know Inglesina: This classy brand is dedicated to the love for children and in our online shop, you are able to find and buy their high-quality products.


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Inglesina: How the Italian luxury brand gained ground

The company was established in winter 1963 by the Italian man Liviano Tomasi. Liviano is especially happy about two things: children for whom he has a lot of love and karting. He connected those two things in the mentioned summer in a successful way: He launched his first stroller. It was a model which was geared to the English style. This look was so meaningful for the company, that Liviano called it “Inglesina”. The word Inglesina originates from the Italian language and is translated as “little English”. A stroller with this look is the Classica.

The classical English style is still picked up today by the premium brand for strollers and car seats. Thereupon other elegant versions found its way to the range of products. At first, Liviano only sold in Italy. Since 80s of the past century, Inglesina exports its high-quality products abroad. That’s how it reached Germany and provides safety, comfort and innovation over here as well. Until today, the manufacturer of car seats, strollers and accessories for strollers is well-known for its high-quality products.

Strollers by Inglesina for nice walks

The strollers attract attention through their enchanting looks and underline the individual style of a parent, partly worked out details such as fine embroidery or retro designs. The choice of materials and colours are a nice eye-catcher. No wonder then that the selected materials are still made by hand. In either case it appears elegant. No matter which part, everything is easy to handle and offers your child a comfortable and safe space.

In detail, that means that the stroller is easy to fold. It can easily be stowed thanks to the light weight and space-saving position. Buggies like the Inglesina Net have a reduced turn radius which makes it easier for you to get everywhere you want. The suspension will help to let your child sleep during a walk in the comfortable and big stroller. Besides the classical buggies, the range of products embraces travel systems such as the Trilogy System and a lot more. For siblings or twins, a twin buggy named Twin Swift is offered.

Useful accessories for the stroller

For that a trip succeeds, Inglesina offers the suitable accessories to your stroller. Among those can be found: a rain cover and a sunshade, a mosquito net and a foot muff. Bags are also included on some models as well as an integrated shopping basket. Inspire yourself with our great accessories!

Car seats provide safety for every ride

While you are in the car, it is compulsory to protect your little passengers with safe car seats. Inglesina offers seats in different weight classes and depending on which model you buy it is with or without an Isofix base. Such a base increases safety enormously. Another additional function is the adjustability of the seat shell and the back rests.

Some seats cannot only be used during a car ride, but you can also carry your baby around in it. If she/her falls asleep during the ride you can let her/him sleep further when you arrive at home. A popular model of this kind is the Huggy Multifix. Of course, the look is very appealing and the designs are sane and in the best of taste. Products by Inglesina are in the upper price range and worth every cent: in quality, comfort and design. Find your favourite model!

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