Deciding for a child car seat is one of the first decisions which need to be made by new parents. Travelling safe with your children refers to paying attention to several standards and weight restrictions. Inglesina is an Italian premium manufacturer of car seats according to the current Isofix standard with a wide range of weight classes. Especially in the 1970s, this brand grew with the release of the Inglesina stroller Classica and since then expands its offer in the field of car seats. Get an overview on important thoughts before purchasing a car seat by Inglesina.

Inglesina car seats

From stroller to car seat

Inglesina, which was founded on 1963, began their core business with strollers. The models “Apollo” and “London” (nowadays: Classica) became two of the most successful strollers of the 1970s. For quite some time, Inglesina also offers car seats. The brand characterizes itself with the claim of offering a child the best possible comfort. An easy and intuitive installation is supposed to facilitate the life of parents. The manufacturer accomplishes that with a modular assembling of many products, which allows multi-functionality. That’s how you can convert the infant carrier Huggy Multifix to a stroller with the corresponding accessories.

Which car seat by Inglesina?

Inglesina produces car seats and infant carriers according to ECE 44/04 for all groups of child car seats, however, often group comprehensive. Take a look at the models, broken down to all weight classes:

Group 0+: Inglesina offers the Huggy Multifix for the weight class from 0 to 13 kg. The Huggy Multifix characterizes itself through Isofix and the therewith involved easy installation and integration in stroller models. The infant carrier can be combined with a stroller or provided with a handle. Thus you are able to use it multi-functional. The textiles can be removed easily and are washable at 30°C.

Group 0+/ group 1: There are the models Magellano and Marco Polo for the weight from 0 to 18 kg. The seats offer additional safety through the side head protection technology (SHP) besides the regular standards and operate as intermediate stage of infant carrier and car seat. Since they are also suitable for babies, you need to put emphasis on installing the seat faced backwards up to a weight of 13 kg. The model Marco Polo characterizes itself through variability.

Group 1: The models Amerigo and Amerigo I-Fix were kept in mind for the weight class 9 to 18 kg. These models characterize themselves through the HSA system which reduces the forces acting during a frontal collision on a child by 30%.

Group 1/2/3: The models Prime Miglia I-Fix are suitable for a weight from 9 to 36 kg. They offer a high protection through the SHP technology and make a long period of use possible through an adjustable and removable back rest.

The group comprehensive arrangement of most of the car seats by Inglesina offers a longtime planning. The range of products is construed to the best possible adaption of your requirements. Thus the Huggy Multifix is not only suitable as car seat or infant carrier, but also as stroller part. A lot of models offer the Isofix standard and thus give you protection corresponding to the current EU standards. However, besides all these advantages, please make sure that your stroller suits to the model you would like to have and that your child is feeling comfortable according to his/her size.

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