As soon as your first child sees the light of day, the purchase of a stroller will be necessary. A renowned manufacturer of strollers and accessories of which is Inglesina. As a parent you have to think about that some of the accessories have only been produced for individual stroller models and are not compulsory compatible to other brands. Inglesina offers a wide range of products for exclusive strollers, safe car seats and accessories.

Inglesina Stroller Accessories

Which accessories by Inglesina are there?

The range of products for accessories for Inglesina strollers is versatile. Parents-to-be need to ask themselves the question which accessories they need. The answer to this question depends on the requirements of your child and your wishes as a parent. If your child is still very young and little, the comfort of a stroller is in the foreground. A foot muff for newborns will keep your little one warm so that he can sleep well. The suitable mattress is also available and increases the comfort.

Being well equipped at any weather: sun protection and rain cover by Inglesina

The acquirement of a rain cover is not only reasonable when you are going on holidays, you can use it everywhere and for any bad weather. A parasol is compulsory for sunny days. It can easily be fixed on the stroller and gives a lot of shade. Please be aware of that your little’s one skin is 5 times thinner than yours and needs to be protected against solar insolation.

Tyres and transport possibilities

If you are often on the go in pathless areas, you should keep an eye on the tyres of your stroller. A spare wheel for the emergency will prevent that a mishap bowls down your whole schedule. While being on holidays you are probably away for several weeks. Therefore you should pack two spare wheels at least. If you have to carry a lot of accessories for the stroller anyway, it would be an option to buy a transport bag in which you can store everything. A sport frame will ensure you to master every rise and every gravel road. There are also a lot of accessories for the twin strollers by Inglesina.


Accessories for strollers you need to have:

  • Rain and sun protection
  • Spare wheels
  • Foot muff (for toddlers)
  • Transport bag

Most often it makes sense to buy accessories for strollers. If you plan a holiday and do not really know what to expect, you will always be right packing in a sun or rain protection. Thus you will always be prepared and can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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