The manufacturer Medela stands out as the perfect companion for when you are preparing for the forthcoming birth or are already in the middle of the breastfeeding period. For over 50 years, the Swiss company has been gaining experience in the field of breastfeeding and expressing breast milk. Thanks to the know-how, high-quality products such as breast pumps, teats and useful accessories for breastfeeding are created. That way, Medela helps you ease breastfeeding and bottle-feeding considerably so that you can focus on the more important things such as your tiny new family member.


Medela Breast Pump “Swing”: The perfect helper for you and your baby

Do you wish to stimulate your milk production, pump some breast milk for stocking up on it or give daddy a chance to enjoy nursing your child while you have some time off? The field of application for a breast pump is vast. The more annoying it is when expressing breast milk becomes a problem especially when it does not work properly or your milk flow is too low.

In such situations, the relaxation you desired is over quickly. The Medela Swing is a breast pump which was developed on the basis of the latest research results. It adapts to your needs by expressing your breast milk in natural movements. The milk comes in and enough milk is expressed at all times. This way, dad can easily feed your little one with the important breast milk and also strengthens the bond with your baby.

Electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps feature most diverse benefits so that you will definitely find the right model for you. The elaborate functions of the breast pump Swing ensure maximum flexibility and freedom in everyday life whilst expressing milk in a fast and comfortable way. The development of a natural breastfeeding relationship between parent and child is particularly important for the manufacturer Medela and thus an affair of the heart. The benefits of natural breast milk as compared to replacement products have been researched extensively and support your little one’s health.

Calma baby bottles for a natural feeling while drinking

The Calma baby bottles and teats are parts of a system developed by Medela, with which the expressed breast milk can be fed to your new family member in a natural way. The innovative teat was created in order to ensure that your newborn baby does not get confused when being breastfed and bottle-fed. It has no negative effect on the nursing process itself, since the Calma baby bottles make your little one feel like drinking from mom’s breast. The shape of the teat resembles the maternal nipple and has been created in close collaboration with nursing experts that helped Medela find a way to enable your baby to suckle, swallow and breathe while drinking from the bottle – just like drinking from a natural breast. This way, your baby will also be able to drink at his or her own pace and take short breaks without having the milk run or drip off the teat. This helps your child to stay calm and relaxed during bottle-feeding whereupon s/he might even fall asleep just like when being breastfed.

Unlike with conventional teats, a vacuum must be created. If this is not necessary, the drinking process for your child is facilitated. This means, however, if your baby drinks from these bottles quite frequently, s/he will no longer have the motivation to suckle on the breast and eventually denies being breastfed. This does not happen with the Calma baby bottles. The natural breastfeeding behaviour is maintained by the special vacuum teat. An innovative air control system ensures that your baby does not swallow air while drinking. Swallowing too much air can cause stomach ache in your baby. Due to the change in diet, a newborn baby's tummy has to work hard during the first few months. After all, when your little one was still in your belly s/he was supplied with all the essential nutrients via the umbilical cord and now your baby has to digest the breast milk him-/ herself. The Calma baby bottles do not stress your little one’s stomach unnecessarily. Being BPA-free and featuring a plain design, these bottles and teats are suitable for being used throughout the entire breastfeeding period and also allow a natural switching between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Convenient accessories by Medela

Useful products such as breast/ nipple care products, items for collecting and storing surplus milk or convenient maternity or nursing wear complement Medela’s product range. These accessories help you ease everyday life with a baby and turn the breastfeeding/ nursing period into a stress-free time. Washable or disposable nursing pads are extremely absorbent, protect against leaking breast milk and avoid stains on your clothes. In the beginning, your breasts need to adapt to breastfeeding and thus might produce some excess milk. Also, the development of unpleasant odours and bacteria is discretely and successfully prevented by the use of nursing pads.

Especially in the initial period of breastfeeding when you might suffer from painful nipples or your newborn baby is not yet able to suckle on the nipple correctly, nipple shields are a great help. Other aids such as the Hydrogel Pads or the PureLan Cream come in super handy when you have painful and cracked nipples or sensitive breasts.

The maternity/ nursing wear by Medela is another useful helper during the breastfeeding period. The comfortable bustiers and nursing tops provide the necessary comfort as well as a perfect fit. That way, your breasts are well supported at all times. The seamless cut without bra wires and sewn-in tags adapts perfectly to your new needs and demands, and helps to prevent pressure marks, too. Clip fasteners on the straps ensure quick opening, which simplifies and accelerates the nursing process.

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