Back in 1956, the now familiar asymmetrical shape of modern bottle teats and soothers made from silicone or latex was a sensational innovation introduced by the German brand NUK and offering parents an orthodontically superior alternative to classic symmetrical soothers. Almost 60 years on, NUK, with its extensive product range, has become firmly established on the German and international market as an expert for baby nutrition and early dental care. NUK products are developed in close cooperation with dentists, orthodontists and nutritionists.


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NUK – the experts on baby nutrition

“Natural and orthodontically sound” – it was under this brand name that the dentists Adolf Müller and Wilhelm Balters introduced the asymmetrically shaped teat and soother in 1956. As early as the 1940s, doctors had noticed that breastfed babies were less prone to tooth misalignment, jaw anomalies and speech problems later in life than children who had not been breastfed. Müller and Balters ascribed this to the shape of the classic round soother, which was unsatisfactory from an orthodontic point of view, and therefore developed their own asymmetric teat adapted to the child’s palate. In terms of design and functionality, it was inspired by the natural suckling process on the mother’s breast and not only ensured babies were well fed and contented, but also helped to train and strengthen the tongue and jaws.

How an innovation became an integral part of family life

NUK was able to convince parents, midwives and pediatricians with their arguments, and by the late 1950s the brand was already a household name in Germany. For the first time, almost an entire generation grew up with orthodontic teats and soothers. In the years that followed, NUK extended its range with numerous new products: In the 1960s and 1970s, it introduced teats made from latex, wide-necked feeding bottles with screw-on seals and valve teats which balance out the negative pressure generated in the bottle when sucking. A decade later, silicone came onto the market as a new, hypoallergenic material for teats etc., followed shortly afterwards by the leak-proof beaker. A further innovation was the use of popular characters from children’s books and cartoons, such as Winnie the Pooh or the colorful Janosch figures, as a means of decorating bottles and other products.

Not without my soother: the NUK product range as it is today

Nowadays, NUK products are an invaluable everyday aid to mothers and fathers of babies and toddlers and help to pacify little tots all over the globe. When it comes to the much-loved soother, NUK is the obvious choice. The brand offers soothers made from latex or silicone in various sizes, models and heartwarming designs. Its core products include anything and everything to do with feeding: bottles, teats made from latex or silicone, training cups baby crockery and cutlery, baby food warmers, vapor sterilizers and other cleaning accessories. Another key area is dental care and hygiene: here the program includes anything from teething rings to training toothbrushes, and potties to bath thermometers.

NUK breastfeeding products Breastfeeding is good for both mothers and babies

The breastfeeding products from NUK, such as breast pumps, nursing pads and accessories, are designed to ensure that you and your child can enjoy the breastfeeding phase without encountering any problems. Is there anything you’d like to ask about NUK? Or are you perhaps unsure which product is the right one for you and your baby? If so, please feel free to take advantage of the free personal purchasing advice offered by!

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