High quality “Made in Germany” has been the hallmark of the bicycle manufacturer Puky for the past 60 years or more. Over the course of its history, the company has not only become synonymous with high quality, but also with innovativeness. This is best demonstrated by the Ceety concept. It allows parents to move around with their children easily – even in the center of town. If you’re in search of a particularly high-quality bicycle or balance bike, you need look no further than Puky.


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Vehicles and accessories – child-friendly products from Puky

Nobody wanting the best for their child is prepared to settle for second-rate products. Fortunately, that won’t be necessary, thanks to the prestigious bike manufacturer Puky, whose products are specially geared to the needs of young children. The product range includes anything from balance bikes, scooters and trikes to classic children’s bicycles. For each age group and gender, the company offers vehicles which conform with the highest possible safety and quality standards. A wide variety of matching accessories are also available. The product range covers everything parents and children could possibly need when out and about – from sturdy bike helmets, which are essential items of kit for beginners, to practical rucksacks.

Always mobile – thanks to Puky

The company was founded back in 1949. Eleven years later, the firm relocated from Düsseldorf to Wülfrath, which is where all its products are still manufactured today. In the ensuing years, Puky gained an excellent reputation in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. Today, the company employs a staff of around 100, who are constantly focused on achieving a single goal: safeguarding the well-being of children with the help of their own top-quality products. No matter what you decide to start your child off with – be it a balance bike, trike or scooter from Puky – you can rest assured that the product you purchase will be a well-made vehicle which is reliable and, above all, safe for your child. When it comes to ergonomics, Puky attaches great importance to child-friendly design. By way of example, balance bikes feature an extra-low crossbar for easy mounting and dismounting. The manufacturer has also introduced a convincing new concept in the form of the Ceety. It is young mothers, in particular, who stand to benefit from the knowhow invested in the development of the Ceety models. These practical children’s vehicles guarantee parents maximum mobility, while providing children with a fun experience. The Ceety series comprises three and four-wheel vehicles, all of which are easy to push and maneuver. Ceety vehicles meet the highest demands in terms of manufacturing quality, stability, safety and design. It is no coincidence that Puky products have a very high resale value and are handed down from one sibling to the next. This is a reflection of the high quality and durability standards for which the manufacturer is famous the world over.

Individual purchasing advice

The way we see it, these are convincing arguments in favor of products made by the German manufacturer Puky. Are you in search of a child-friendly bicycle, balance bike or trike? Or are you interested in the Ceety concept, but can’t decide which product would best suit your child? If so, you’re welcome to contact us by email or phone for comprehensive purchasing guidance.

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