A trip is a great adventure for children and adults and gets even more adventurous when you don’t have to worry about your luggage. With a Samsonite suitcase your big and small treasures will arrive safely at their destination and are not damaged on the journey. The high quality of Samsonite’s trolleys and backpacks makes sure that you can focus on the more important and more beautiful things on your journey. The luggage in various sizes can be transported easily thanks to smooth-running castors. The ergonomic design enables children to carry or pull their own luggage themselves.


Samsonite - Best quality for school, leisure and travels

If you are looking for a suitable backpack for school or leisure, you will definitely find it at Samsonite. The ideal piece of luggage for every child can be chosen from a wide range of various appealing designs. Resilient backpacks for everyday use and sturdy suitcases stand out as the perfect companions for school trips and holiday trips. The ergonomic design ensures that the back is relieved and the lightweight material allows the Samsonite Trolley to be taken everywhere.

The different sizes of the suitcases make the choice for the right one quite easy – from hand luggage on the plane, to the luggage for a long-distance journey – Samsonite products definitely have something for everyone. Due to the high stability of these products everything that is stored in them will arrive safely at its destination. Due to the fact that children's backpacks and bags are often heavily used, these products must feature high durability as well as the best quality. The resilience of the material used for Samsonite products ensures that you and your child can enjoy them for a very long time. This way, nothing can be damaged on the way and you and your child can reach your destination with your trolley in the most relaxed way.

5 Benefits of Samsonite Luggage

• High quality ensures maximum durability

• Lightweight material for high carrying comfort

• Ergonomic design

• Stability and security

• Classic and timeless style suitable for every taste

Timeless design and sustainability

Choosing a high-quality luggage in a timeless design pays off, because the children's trolley can then be used permanently. The products master even demanding situations easily and transport everything safely to its final destination. The long product life ensures a high sustainability by accompanying your child for a very long time. If you opt for the timeless classic, the Samsonite Trolley is an excellent choice.

An investment in the excellent quality of this traditional brand is an investment in the future. That way, you and your little one can travel peacefully and explore the world, while your suitcase keeps everything safe in place. Traveling with the whole family requires luggage that features plenty of storage space as well as stability and resilience at the same time. Only this way, nothing gets damaged on the way and your holiday will be a complete success.

Colourful suitcases and classic designs for every taste

Children's luggage is available in colourful designs with different motifs as well as in classic versions that can also be used by adults. The high-quality backpacks and bags are pretty versatile and will delight everybody with their vast storage space. That way, the luggage can be shared by the whole family while the individual design ensures a high recognition factor.

This is particularly helpful when traveling and you have to hurry in the crowded baggage claim area at the airport. Due to the large selection of high-quality suitcases, surely there is the right piece of luggage for everyone. Furthermore, the backpacks are available in different sizes and colours which ensures a long service life. Choosing the right trolley for your little ones is important because the safety and quality of a premium suitcase guarantees stress-free and relaxed travels.

High quality for high demands

The high quality of the Samsonite luggage is particularly convincing, especially when choosing a suitcase for children. The backpacks and luggage are ergonomically shaped and thus adapt perfectly to different needs and requirements. Due to the resilience of the material nothing will be damaged on the way. Therefore, you do not have to worry if your child goes on a school trip without you – the Samsonite trolley keeps everything safe until it arrives at its final destination.

Even larger trips can be mastered easily and the luggage will delight you everywhere with the highest quality. For children and teenagers, there are suitable backpacks and lightweight suitcases that stand out as ideal companions perfect for everywhere. The ergonomic and individual designs delight parents and children alike and contribute to them making the right choice for their luggage. A Samsonite trolley is the ideal luggage for every adventure – suitable for young and old explorers alike.

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