Since as far back as 1965, the family enterprise Sterntaler has been offering high-quality toys, baby equipment and children’s clothing. The name of the company is derived from the well-known fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm, in which a little girl gives away her last shirt out of charity and is rewarded with gold coins (“Taler” in German) that fall from the stars (“Sterne”) into her lap. Just as enchanting as the famous fairytale are Sterntaler‘s products, which offer babies and toddlers protection and warmth while making their parents happy too.


Sterntaler – providing the full spectrum of baby equipment

Here at, we particularly appreciate the fact that the Sterntaler brand covers all the important products needed to keep your baby healthy and happy throughout his/her development. The manufacturer always pays attention to high quality, non-toxic materials, UV protection in the case of sun protective clothing, and high technical processing standards. These requirements do not just apply to the toys and baby clothing, but also to the production plants themselves. Sterntaler was one of the first German manufacturers to have its production plants certified by the ICTI Code (International Council of Toy Industries). This means parents can kit out their babies with the attractive, high-quality, non-toxic goods they have always dreamed of.

The world as seen from a child’s perspective

The staff at Sterntaler act on the principle of seeing, feeling and hearing the world as children do. This allows the company to retain the inquisitiveness that prompts children to explore the world around them. High-quality toys and textiles for both boys and girls are designed and manufactured with an acute sense of responsibility and passion for detail. Parents can be sure that all products are of good quality and excellently made. The company places particular emphasis on furthering children’s intellectual capabilities. Its toys feature imaginative characters, for instance, which have been inspired by nature. Why not let your child discover the soft animals and dress-up dolls – all with endearing names – as well as the many matching accessories? You’ll just love the textile collection from Sterntaler, with its attractive designs, natural fabrics and comfy-fit garments. In summer, the sun protective clothing, which is tested and rated according to Australian/New Zealand standards, offers optimum protection for sensitive baby skin.

With Sterntaler, your child will grow up in safety

Here at, we recommend the Sterntaler brand because it combines aesthetic design with high quality and offers your baby optimum protection. Find out more on our homepage, so that your baby can experience a happy childhood of the kind otherwise only found in the land of make-believe!

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