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From fidgeting babies to screaming tots - no matter what age they are, it is quite hard for kids to sit still for a longer time when they are in the car. We at cannot do anything about your little explorer asking you for the fiftieth time, when you will finally at your destination, but we offer you a huge range of high-quality child car seat accessories, which make the ride in your car more enjoyable and safer for you and your child.

There are numerous accessories for child seats of well-known brands, such as Britax Römer, Cybex, BeSafe and many more on the market. Thus, you can choose from a wide range of ultra-soft and cuddly inserts that provide your baby with all the support they need when being in the infant car seat. Made from breathable materials, these supports are usually adjustable as to get a perfect, customised fit. Furthermore, the are also sunshades, which can be attached to the window and protect your little passenger from harmful UV rays. In addition to this, there are also adjustable safety mirrors with which you can always keep an eye on your baby and vice versa. Storage compartments and bags included in car seat protectors, and hanging organisers are ideal for keeping your car clean and tidy. Removable car seat protectors protect the car’s seats from dirt, abrasion and little mishaps. Also, you can change the visual appearance of your infant car seat or child car seat, and add a more personal touch by equipping it with stylish covers. These allow a quick and easy cleaning, and – depending on the season and its features, offer your child a warm or cool place in the car.

When choosing certain accessories, however, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions with regard to the compatibility with an infant car seat or child car seat. Child safety seats and infant car seats are crash tested in the manner in which they are to be used. Adding accessories such as trays, car seat protectors or seat covers that have not been approved by the manufacturer for a particular child car seat can compromise the safety of the seat and, in the event of an accident, can be an additional source of danger to your child. This applies in particular to bases, summer and winter covers, and adapters. No matter which accessory you purchase for the child car seat, the safety of your child should always have the highest priority. Make sure before each purchase on whether the accessory is also approved for your child car seat or is suitable for it, respectively.

Sunshade, baby backseat mirror and the like – everything for a safe and comfy car ride

When your little passenger is sitting in the infant car seat or in the child car seat and is fastened securely, your trip can begin. But how can you make the car ride even more enjoyable on a sunny day for your child, or how can you make sure that you do not have to turn around all the time to keep an eye on them?

A sunshade or sun visor provides your baby with optimum sun protection in the car. While the glass of the car window effectively blocks UVB rays, it lets dangerous UVA rays get through. Most sun visors adhere easily to the windows of your car as they come with suction cups and thus, optimally protect your little passenger on hot days. In addition to this, a sunshade also contributes to the well-being of your child. Since your little passenger is travelling in a soft and padded car seat, the seat or cover can often get very hot in direct sunlight. When your baby is exposed to this sunlight, the temperature can be increased even further. A well-chosen protective sun visor blocks direct sunlight and keeps some of the heat away from your little one. Also keep in mind that a sunshade or sun visor is a useful tool even on sunny winter days. The snow reflects a large part of the sunlight, which means that your child can be dazzled while riding in your car. In addition to this, you should never underestimate the danger that can come from the harmful sun rays in winter.

When buying a sun visor, keep in mind the following:

  • UVA Protection: For maximum protection, you should choose a sunshade that will protect your baby from UVA rays. The window of your car only keeps out UVB rays.
  • Large suction cups: To ensure maximum effectiveness, the sunshade should stick to the window. If you opt for a sunshade with suction cups, you should make sure that they are large enough so that the sunshade or sun visor does not fall off while driving and the suction cups thus, may be a choking hazard for your child.
  • Window Shape: When purchasing a sun visor, you should be aware of the shape and size of your car windows to ensure that the product you choose fits as best as possible and covers a large area of the window. Most sun visors available on the market have a universal fit which makes them easily suitable for most car windows.
  • Weight: To avoid injury in the event of an accident, we recommend you to choose a lightweight sun visor.

All parents know that babies and children can become fidgety and restless while being in a car. Sometimes, you as a mom or dad might already feel a little insecure when it suddenly becomes very quiet in the back seat. Also, babies in infant car seats and younger children usually travel in a rear-facing mode which makes it more difficult for mom and dad to keep an eye on them. Attempting to check and comfort your little passenger without eye contact can affect your concentration and thus the quality of your driving significantly. This can endanger you, your child and other road users. However, there is a remedy for it: a safety or backseat mirror. With this you can easily keep an eye on your little one from the front seat. Furthermore, a safety mirror stands out as a useful companion even if a child is already travelling in a forward-facing mode, which is why many parents prefer to purchase such an additional mirror. This safety mirror is to be attached to the windshield and not on the headrest of the car’s backseat, and works very much like a regular backseat mirror. It is adjusted as to have a clear view towards your child.

There are many different safety or backseat mirrors on the market. It is important that you invest in the right one and to install it correctly in the car as to prevent it from being a source of danger in the event of an accident.

When buying a safety mirror, please keep in mind the following:

  • Accident-proof: This is probably the most important point. Most safety mirrors are accident-proof, which means they do not break or splinter in an accident.
  • Headrests of the car seats: Do the backseats of your car have a headrest? For most baby safety mirrors this is required for proper attachment.
  • Curved Mirror: A curved mirror is not a requirement but it provides a better view, similar to the traffic mirror at some crossroads.
  • Safety: You will need a mirror that ensures a safe and secure installation. If you are driving your car on a bumpy road or need to brake suddenly, the mirror should always be firmly installed and not fall down.

Another useful accessory is a kick-proof cover for your car seats. Anyone with children knows that it doesn’t take long until the car gets dirty. A kick-proof cover or car seat protector makes cleaning the car a lot easier and also contributes to a longer service life of your car seats. In this segment, you can choose between kick-proof covers for the back of your front seats or else car seat protectors that can be put underneath your child’s car seat. The former prevents small feet from contaminating the back of your front seats, while the latter protects the upholstery of the backseat in the car from wearing off, getting dirty or the like.

In order to prevent you from making a bad buy and to make sure that the car seat protector fits perfectly, you should ask yourself the following questions before buying:

  • Do I want to use the car seat protector with different child car seats? Check the child car seats and also the car seat protector to make sure they can be used together.
  • Is the car seat protector compatible with airbags? If you have side airbags in your car, you should choose a protector that does not interfere with them.
  • Does my car have a seat heating system? Using the seat heating may affect certain material used for the car seat protector.
  • What material is the kick-proof cover/ car seat protector made of? Usually, they are made of durable, easy-to-clean material, such as vinyl and nylon.
  • What other functions should the car seat protector have? Many car seat protectors feature an additional organiser and provide storage space for travel items such as cups, handkerchiefs, snacks or toys.

Some manufacturers, such as Britax-Römer or BeSafe, also offer full-fledged safety kits that include car seat protectors, safety mirrors, and sunshades for the windows, so that you are well-equipped for any occasion.

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On we offer a large selection of child car seat accessories, many of them as specific additions to a specific seat, such as adapters or covers, but also accessories of a general nature, such as safety mirrors, organisers or toys. Many of these products contribute to the comfort or entertainment of your child during the car ride, while others improve overall safety. Just browse our wide range of accessories for infant car seats and child car seats and find the perfect accessory that will help you have a relaxed and stress-free ride in your car. If you are not yet sure which accessory suits your infant car seat or child safety seat best, our experts will be pleased to give you purchasing advice.

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