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Child Car Seats 0 kg - 18 kg

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Child car seats from this category are suitable from birth up to the age of 4 years or a height of 40 cm up to 105 cm, respectively.

This category includes child safety seats, which are to be installed in a rear-facing mode even after the age of 15 months as they allow your child to travel in this position for much longer. In addition to this, rear-facing child car seats of the new generation also have the option of transporting your child in a forward-facing mode after your little one 15th month of life.

Rear-facing child car seats are heavier and larger in size than other child safety seats. For this reason, they require slightly more effort when being installed than classic child car seats. However, if you stick to the operating instructions, you will avoid mistakes and make sure your little passenger is secured properly at all times.

Furthermore, there are also some manufacturers, such as Britax Römer, who offer rotatable child car seats. These make it easier for you to put your child in and out of the car seat and facilitate fastening and unfastening your little one as well.

Which safety standard and regulations are there?

Currently, there are two different guidelines:

  • ECE R44 / 04: This regulation divides child car seats into different groups based on the weight of the child (0 / 0+, I, II, III)
  • ECE R129: The ECE R129 standard is also known as the i-size standard and is related to the classification of child car seats according to the height of the child. The i-size guideline also provides your child with more safety as it requires you to transport them a rearward-facing mode up to the age of 15 months.

Both guidelines can currently be used alternatively. However, the newer i-Size standard ECE R129 is supposed to replace the older ECE R44 / 04 in the future.

To find the right car seat for your little one, please go by the weight or height of your child.

If you wish to learn more about the i-size standard, we recommend you to take a look at our guide.

Rear-facing or forward-facing mode?

According to the i-size standard, children have to travel in a rear-facing mode for at least 15 months. Some experts, such as the ADAC, even recommend that children up to the age of 24 months or longer should be transported in this mode. The rear-facing mode provides maximum protection for your child as it distributes the forces of a frontal impact and thus reduces stress on the shoulder and neck area. Also, the head of a child, which is much heavier in proportion to the body than it is in an adult, is then pressed into the seat and not thrown forward. In addition to this, the risk that the belt cuts in and thus causes injuries is reduced as well.

If you decide on a child car seat in which your child travels in a forward-facing mode from the age of 15 months and up, you should always make sure that your little one can travel in an ergonomically correct position and that a comfortable sleeping position with an optimal lying angle on longer car rides can be provided.

Things you need to keep in mind when installing a child car seat 0 – 18 kg:

These child seats can be installed by using the built-in Isofix hooks, with the matching base or the vehicle's own belt system. The Isofix system has the advantage that a child car seat can be installed very quickly and easily. This option also offers a high level of safety, as a rigid connection is created between the child car seat, the base and the body of the car. Installing the child car seat by using the safety belt of your car, however, is more flexible. But still, you should pay particular attention that the belt is sufficiently tightened to avoid incorrect installation or misuse. Regardless of the installation option, you should always check whether the child car seat has been installed safely and correctly in the car before each and every ride – this is the only way to provide your child with sufficient security.

Please note: Some child car seats that are installed in the car via Isofix can only be used with particular bases, while others are already supplied in a set with the corresponding base. When purchasing a child car seat, you should, therefore, obtain information on which child car seat is compatible with which base.

What criteria do you have to consider when buying a child car seat?

To ensure that a child car seat provides your little one with optimum protection, you should note some important points:

Licence type: Each child car seat must have either the ECE R44 / 04 or ECE R129 (i-Size) label. These labels guarantee that the car seat meets the latest European safety requirements.

Vehicle type list: Naturally, your car should also be suitable for using a child car seat with Isofix system. Therefore, we recommend you to check the vehicle type list provided on the website of the child car seat’s manufacturer to obtain information on whether your car is compatible with the Isofix base.

Check the length of belt/straps: Child car seats that are installed by using the car’s own seat belt, the straps of the belt must be long enough. Make sure to check them before purchasing!

Prefer test winners: Infant car seats and child safety seats should, in any case, meet the highest safety standards. Numerous tests by Stiftung Warentest or ADAC provide you with information about the performance of the safety seats for all current age groups.

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Britax Römer child car seat DUALFIX M i-Size

The DUALFIX M i-Size by the quality brand Britax Römer is suitable as a follow-up seat after the infant car seat and is approved for children between 3 months and 4 years. The special feature of this rear-facing child car seat is its 360° rotation. This feature ensures that the car seat can easily be turned to the open door of the car and thus makes it easier for you to put in and fasten your child. Furthermore, it is characterised by the optimised side impact protection SICT Inside, a V-shaped headrest, as well as deep, soft side wings and thus, provides your little passenger with maximum protection. Twelve different seating positions in and against the direction of travel and an adjustable support foot that gives your child up to 10% more legroom make the versatile DUALFIX M i-Size complete.

Cybex child car seat Sirona S i-size

The Cybex Sirona S i-Size is a rear-facing child car seat that features smart design, maximum comfort and the highest level of safety from the very first day. It is approved according to ECE R129 and is to be installed in the car by using Isofix. Its key feature is the innovative DDC driving direction control which prevents the child car seat from being used in a forward-facing mode too early. Other safety features of the Sirona S i-Size are the energy-absorbing shell that surrounds your child, an innovative harness that reduces the forces on the neck in an impact by more than 20%, as well as fold-out side-impact protection that absorbs the forces of a collision at an early stage. The 360​​° rotating mechanism and the magnetic belt holder provide maximum comfort for parents and children alike and thus making it particularly easy to put your child in and out of the car seat and to fasten and unfasten them in an effortless way.

Concord Reboard child seat REVERSO.PLUS

The Concord REVERSO.PLUS is a rear-facing child car seat that convinces with very low weight and takes up only a little space in the car. It also scores with a wide range of uses as it comes with two inserts: A newborn insert with a separate cushioning turns this seat into a full infant car seat which can be used up to the age of 3 to 5 months. After that, you can move on to the seat reducer which is suitable for infants. Then your child can be transported up to a height of 105 cm without the insert and the reducer. The adjustment options of the support leg and the seating and lying position ensure that the REVERSO.PLUS can be adjusted flexibly to any situation. With its shock-absorbing material, EPP shoulder protectors, additional reinforcement and improved geometry of the headrest, the i-Size car seat comes with all the features needed to give your child maximum safety at all times.

Accessories for child car seats on

In our shop, you will find numerous accessories for child car seats, which make every ride in the car much more comfortable for you and your child. For example, you can upgrade your rear-facing child car seat with a mirror. This allows you to keep an eye on your child while driving. On the other hand, of course, your child can also keep eye contact with the people familiar to them and thus feels safe and secure. In addition to this, we offer a variety of different travel accessories as well as toys in our shop, so that travelling by car will never get boring.

Which child car seat suits you and your child best?

First and foremost, a child car seat has to meet your individual demands and the needs of your child. For example, if you use multiple cars and need to fit and remove the car seat more often, it is advisable to choose a child car seat that promises both easy installation and low weight. Or do you prioritise a car seat that features side impact protection which can be adjusted in several stages? Our experts are happy to assist you with individual purchase advice and thus help you to find a suitable child car seat for every situation.

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