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Many parents feel insecure and do not know when exactly they should move on to a child safety seat of the next higher group 1. In order to find a suitable child car seat with the right size for your little passenger, you should stick to the information the manufacturers provide in regards to the size and weight of your child. Depending on the manufacturer, child car seats of group 1 are suitable for children from 6 months up to 4 years or a height of 67 cm up to 105 cm, respectively.

Child safety seats with Isofix are particularly popular because they guarantee maximum protection by the firm connection with the car body they create. Apart from these, there are child car seats without Isofix which can be installed by using the vehicle's own belt.

In this category, you will also find child car seats, which can initially be used in a rearward-facing mode and later on as forward-facing seats or else models that are mounted only in a forward-facing position. When transporting your child in a forward-facing mode, it is particularly important that your child is already able to control their head on their own. If this is not the case, it is advisable to wait with purchasing a larger child car seat or, if possible, to use the rear-facing mode for a bit longer. Also, never buy a child safety seat your child needs to "grow into" first because of the high safety risks in the event of an accident.

How is a child secured in the child car seat?

Naturally, the main consideration when choosing a 9-18 kg child car seat is that your child will ride in your car safely at all times. This is usually ensured by two different security systems: the impact shield or the 5-point belt.

Child car seats with impact shield or safety cushions do not have a belt system. In these car seats, the child is placed in the car seat and the impact shield is fixed in front of him with the help of the car’s belt. In the event of a head-on impact, where the entire upper body of your child is pushed forward by the impact force, the impact shield acts like a kind of airbag that catches the upper body and distributes the force over a wide area. The risk of injury is thus reduced significantly. Furthermore, the impact shield features very simple handling that makes mistakes in or misuse when securing your little passenger almost impossible. All you have to do is to put your child into the child seat, fix the impact shield and you're done! Another great advantage of the impact shield is that it also acts as a handy mini table. If your child likes to paint or look at a picture book while riding in your car, the safety cushion stands out as the ideal tray.

An alternative to the impact shield is the 5-point belt, with which the child is to be fastened when sitting in the car seat. The belt runs forward from both shoulders, where it is then connected or fastened with a lap belt and a crotch strap that prevents your child from slipping through. In the event of an impact, the energy is transferred to the 5 anchoring points, while the soft belt and shoulder pads ensure that a forward movement of your child and the forces ​​are reduced. There are also 5-point safety belt systems in which visual and acoustic indicators are built in. These indicate whether your small passenger is fastened with the correct tension of the belt. A (central) belt length adjustment, with which the belt can be adapted perfectly to the size of your child, is also important for an optimal fit of the belt. Many manufacturers, such as BeSafe, also offer child safety seats that are equipped with a magnetic belt assistant. This ensures that the belt remains open when putting your child into and out of the car seat and thus prevents it from being in the way when doing so.

The perfect fit

In addition to the safety aspect, a high level of comfort also plays a crucial role when purchasing a child car seat, because your child should feel comfortable on short and long car rides alike. Therefore, you should make sure to choose an ergonomic fit, because the car seat can only provide sufficient security when your child fits in the seat optimally. A tilt-adjustable backrest that gives your child the opportunity to take a nap while riding in a comfortable position should also be considered as a must-have feature of a good child safety seat. Not only more comforts but also more security is provided by a height-adjustable headrest. With this, the child car seat can grow with your child and ensures optimal protection in every stage of your little one’s growth. Some child car seats also offer an adjustable leg rest. This can be adjusted in length and thus offers small and taller children a comfortable position and better comfort while riding in your car.

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Britax Römer Trifix 2 i-Size

The best conditions for a safe ride are provided by the Britax Römer child car seat Trifix 2 i-Size. It is suitable from 15 months up to 4 years and is to be installed in a forward-facing mode. The key feature of this child safety seat is the patented Isofix anti-tilt system, which works in conjunction with the V-shaped Top Tether and thus reduces rotation of the child car seat as well as a forward movement of your child. A special feature of the Top Tether is its double anchor points, which provide even more stability and safety. The major advantage here is that during the entire service life, you do not have to change anything about the installed child car seat. Furthermore, the Trifix 2 i-Size is equipped with side impact protection technology (SICT inside), which diverts and reduces the energy generated in an accident away from your child. Its deep, soft side wings work like a cocoon that provides maximum protection and complements the safety package. Thanks to the multi-adjustable resting positions and the optimised seating area, there is nothing standing in the way of a relaxed ride in your car.

Maxi-Cosi child car seat AxissFix

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix is ​​a child safety seat with a very special feature as it has a unique 360​​° rotating seat that makes getting in and out of it extremely easy. It is suitable for children from 4 months up to 4 years. Up to a body height of 87 cm, the AxissFix is to be installed in a rear-facing mode. After that, your child will travel in a forward-facing position and can thus explore the world around. The child car seat, which conforms to the i-Size standard, has a 7-way adjustable headrest, which consists of shock-absorbing materials and can be adapted to the size of your child simultaneously with the 5-point harness system. Furthermore, the AxissFix can be adjusted in 4 sitting and resting positions (depending on the direction) and guarantees your little passenger a comfortable recline position even on long journeys. No matter if you prefer the AxissFix’ colour in Black Diamond, Nomad Red or Sparkling Blue – thanks to the wide range of different designs, this child car seat matches perfectly with every car and style.

URBAN KANGA extra-light foldable child car seat

The foldable child car seat URBAN KANGA stands out as the perfect travel companion as it features high flexibility and first-class practicality. It is an excellent alternative to conventional child car seats and is particularly suitable for families who travel frequently or use multiple vehicles. The URBAN KANGA impresses everybody with its extremely simple handling, as it only takes 60 seconds to mount it in the vehicle. Simply unfold it, fix it with the vehicle's own 3-point belt and you're ready to start a new adventure! In addition to this, at only 3 kg, it is a real lightweight, which can even be stored easily in most standard suitcases. Naturally, the URBAN KANGA also offers all the important security features to provide your child with maximum protection on every trip. It is certified according to the safety standard ECE R44 / 04 and thus meets the European safety standards. Comfort features, such as a water-repellent mesh backrest, an adjustable headrest, and shoulder height make this versatile package complete.

Which child car seat do you choose? offers a wide selection of child seats from quality brands like Maxi-Cosi, Britax Römer, Cybex, BeSafe and many more. In addition to this, you will find a wide range of accessories for child car seats in our online store – they are perfect for complementing your child safety seat and thus for contributing to an even more relaxed car ride for you and your child.

If you feel insecure and do not know which car seat suits you and your child best, or if your vehicle is suitable for a particular child car seat, our competent customer service team will assist and help you find the perfect child car seat.

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