Our child car seats 9-36 kg convince by a long service life & plenty of comfort. They grow with your child until the age of 12 years or a height of 1.50 m.

Child Car Seats 9 kg - 36 kg

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Child car seats in this category include the standard groups 1, 2 and 3, and are suitable for children from 1 year up to 12 years or body size of 75 cm up to 1.50 m, respectively. The range of these child safety seats features models in group 1 in which your child is secured by means of an impact shield or a 5-point harness. In the continuing groups 2 and 3, they are then fastened by using your car’s own seat belt. The child car seats are installed in the car via Isofix, Isofix, and Top Tether or the 3-point belt of your car. The key feature and, at the same time, the biggest advantage of child safety seats from 9 to 36 kg is their particularly long service life because they are designed as to grow with your child and to offer maximum protection in every stage of your little one’s growth.

Impact shield or 5-point belt – Pros and Cons

The opinions of which of the two systems is safest are quite divergent. Whether you choose a child car seat with an impact shield or a 5-point harness depends on the preferences of you and your child. Most of all, it is important that your child feels comfortable in the seat.

Child car seats with impact shield

  • Pros: 1. simple application 2. Child cannot unfasten themselves 3. Forces are distributed over the entire upper body 4. less serious injuries
  • Cons: 1. many children feel restricted 2. uncomfortable when child wants to sleep 3. Child may slip out in the event of a rollover

Child car seats with 5-point harness

  • Pros: 1. more freedom of movement 2. comfortable when child wants to sleep 3. lower risk of slipping out
  • Cons: 1. Huge strain on the neck area 2. Straps can cut in 3. older children can unfasten themselves 4. more frequent operating error

Safety is always a top priority – even when fastening your child

Apart from the child car seat itself, your little passenger must also be optimally seated and firmly secured. If the belt is not adjusted correctly, the protective effect can be severely impaired. Many parents who have decided on a model that secures their child by using a 5-point harness, however, often do not know how tight the belt must actually be. To guarantee the highest possible safety, it is therefore important to pay attention to a few things:

  • Optimal sitting position: The child should sit upright and straight. This prevents the straps from being unequally long later on.
  • Keep an eye on the position of the belt: The shoulder strap should run centrally over the child's shoulders, with the lap belt positioned as low as possible over the groin. Also, you should make sure that the straps are not twisted.
  • Adjust the belt: The belt should be adjusted as tight as possible and the belt buckle should not sit too high. If the strap is then lashed, only a flat hand may fit between the strap and your child.

Naturally, the season also plays an important role in the correct adjustment of the belt, because especially in winter, children are often dressed in thick clothes or wear several layers of clothes when travelling in the car. However, the thick clothing also prevents the belt from being tight enough on the body. Therefore, please make sure that your child’s clothing does not stand in the way of adjusting the belt properly.

In addition to this, you must not forget to check the belt before each and every ride in your vehicle. Only then can you guarantee maximum safety for your child.

Price & quality

Since child car seats from 9 to 36 kg have a long service life, you should look carefully when choosing the right product. In general, it can be stated that the price alone cannot make any statements about the quality of child safety seats. On the market, there are budget-prized car seats from well-known manufacturers, such as Britax Römer or Maxi-Cosi, which have been awarded "good" in child car seat tests and are in no way inferior to more expensive models in terms of quality and safety. That shows that you do not have to splash out to get an outstanding product in every respect. However, it is important that your new child car seat has all the relevant safety features and is approved in accordance with European test standards (ECE R44 / 04 or ECE R129 i-Size).

When choosing a new child car seat, it is, therefore, advisable to obtain detailed information on child car seat tests or test winners at test institutes such as the ADAC or Stiftung Warentest.

In addition to this, we recommend you to not buy second-hand child safety seats, as they often suffer from material fatigue and thus features a higher safety risk for your child.

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Recaro child seat Young Sport HERO

Long service life, high seating comfort, easy handling, and maximum side impact protection - this is what the Recaro Young Sport HERO is all about. It is suitable for little passengers from 9 months up to 12 years and is certified according to the ECE R44 / 04 standard. The special feature of this child seat is its innovative HERO safety system, in which the shoulder pads, shoulder straps, and headrest form a single unit. It prevents the straps from shifting – that way, there is nothing standing in the way of fastening your child in a quick and easy way. The HERO Safety System is a 5-point harness that is used for the group I and provides maximum safety for your child from 9 months up to 4 years. After that, it can easily be removed and your child can be secured in the car via the vehicle's own 3-point belt up to the age of 12 years. Furthermore, the Young Sport HERO is equipped with an improved ASP (Advanced Side Protection). This has energy absorbers on the sides that reduce the forces of a side impact. In addition, this child car seat which grows with your child features an ergonomic seat for maximum comfort and breathable fabrics for the best air circulation.

Cybex child seat Pallas S-Fix

The Cybex Pallas S-Fix features a larger seat area and thus provides more comfort for your child from 9 months up to 12 years. The ECE R44 / 04 approved child car seat is to be installed in your car by using Isofix. In this child safety seat, your child is protected with a depth-adjustable impact shield (safety cushion) up to an age of 4 years. In the event of a frontal collision, the impact shield distributes the forces over a wide area and protects your little passenger from serious neck injuries. The safety cushion is removed from the age of 4 years and then your child is fastened by using the vehicle's own seat belt. The ultimate highlight: the Pallas S-Fix has a sleeker silhouette that makes it perfect for using it as a third seat in the car. It is also equipped with an individually adjustable linear side impact protection L.S.P. Another special feature of the Pallas S-Fix is ​​the sleeping position, which can be adjusted with just one hand – that way, your little passenger won’t be disturbed and can continue to sleep while you set the optimal position. The headrest which can be adjusted in 12 different height levels adapts perfectly to every stage of your child’s growth and offers the best protection at all times – thus, every drive in your car is going to be a relaxed experience for your little one.

Britax Römer child seat ADAVANSAFIX IV R

This ECE R44 / 04 certified child car seat that grows with your little one leaves nothing to be desired. When used as a group 1 seat, the Britax Römer Advansafix IV R is to be installed in the car by using the Isofix anchor points and Top Tether. As soon as your child is taller and the seat is used for as a group 2/3 car seat, it is to be fastened with the car's own 3-point belt and ISOFIX or solely with the vehicle's own 3-point harness. The key feature of the Advansafix IV R is the FLIP & GROW function which allows you to easily convert from group 1 to group 2/3. The Britax Römer Advansafix IV R provides your child with outstanding safety features, such as the SecureGuard, which in group 2/3 adds extra safety, or the additional belt positioner that holds the lap belt in an optimal position over the pelvic bone and thus reduces the risk of abdominal injuries significantly. The customisable SICT and V-shaped headrest, both of which can be adjusted via the front of the seat, make this safety package complete. The new EasyRecline function transforms the Advansafix IV R into an ultimate feel-good spot for your child, as it provides your little passenger with 3 sitting positions in each age group. New Air Designs with their breathable mesh fabric offer the optimal solution for ultimate comfort even on hot days.

Maxi-Cosi child seat Titan Pro

The Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro is the perfect child car seat for the standard groups 1, 2 and 3. In group 1 it is to be installed via the Isofix anchor points and the Top Tether. When using it as a group 2/3 child car seat, the Titan Pro is solely installed by using the Isofix attachment points of your car and your child is fastened with the vehicle's own 3-point belt. A highlight of the Titan Pro is the patented GCell technology. This honeycomb-like structure in the sides of the car seat provides extra side impact protection as it reduces the forces of a collision and diverts it away from your little passenger. Another special feature of this child car seat is the integrated GrowSafe headrest made of high-quality, shock-absorbing material. It shows when you can move on to using the car seat in the next higher group. Furthermore, the Titan Pro has the unique AirProtect® air cushioning in the headrest and thus ensures special protection in the head area. Some more comfort, especially for mom and dad, is provided by the innovative "EasyOut" harness, which keeps the belt open and thus makes it easier for you to put your child into the seat and fasten them. Multiple seating and resting positions, extra-soft padding and a seat cover made from bamboo fabric which gives it breathable and temperature-regulating properties, make the Titan Pro stand out as the ultimate comfort child car seat, perfect for long car rides.

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When buying a suitable child car seat, there are many things to consider. Safety-relevant features are just as important as customisable comfort features, or the compatibility of the child car seat with various accessories, which makes every ride in the car more pleasant for both parents and children. When choosing a child safety seat, the weight and size of your child also play an important role. In order to find a child car seat that fits best to you and your small passenger, we offer you not only our extensive range of premium products but also individual purchase advice from our team of experts.

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