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The right infant car seat makes everyday life with a baby much easier and helps your child enjoy every ride in your car – no matter, if you are just on the way to the grocery store or take a longer trip.

Infant car seats usually referred to as group 0 or 0+ car seats, are approved for a maximum weight of 13 kg or maximum age of 15 months. Often, a baby car seat is equipped with a removable seat reducer that provides an ergonomically correct position for newborns or small babies. In the baby car seat, your child takes a semi-upright, ergonomic position and is optimally protected in the event of an impact. As soon as their head reaches the edge of the infant car seat (the head should by no means protrude beyond it), you should move on to a bigger child car seat.

Infant car seats are also suitable for transporting your baby outside the car. The sturdy carrying handle ensures that you can transport your child comfortably to appointments with the doctor and the like. Special adapters also make it possible to attach the infant car seat to the chassis of a pram so that you are also flexible and sufficiently mobile with your baby by foot. Please note, however, that an infant car seat is not a substitute for a pram.

ECE R44 / 04 or ECE R129 i-Size?

Parents who are looking for an infant car seat or a child car seat often come across the labels ECE R44 / 04 and ECE R129 (i-Size). Both refer to standards based on which infant car seats and child safety seats are approved within the European Union. These standards determine what conditions car seats must meet to provide the highest level of safety for your child.

The ECE R44 / 04 is an older standard that classifies child car seats in terms of the weight of the child. The groups are as such:

  • Group 0 / 0+
  • Group I
  • Group II
  • Group III

The new standard ECE R129 (i-Size) offers your child even more safety in the car, as it requires, among other things, a rearward-facing mode of travelling up to an age 15 months. In its classification, this standard no longer takes the weight, but the height of the child as a criterion.

Both standards are currently still valid at the same time, but the new ECE R129 i-Size regulation is supposed to replace the old ECE R44 / 04 in the long term.

In our guide, you will find more information about the new i-size standard.

Installing an infant car seat in the car

Infant car seats are to be installed in the car in a rear-facing mode as this mode guarantees the greatest possible protection for the head and neck of your baby in the event of an impact.

To ensure secure installation in the car, infant car seats are nowadays usually used in combination with an Isofix base. Most vehicle types already have Isofix hooks permanently installed between the backrest and the seat of the car’s rear seat. By using these hooks, the base is fixed in order to click in the baby car seat afterward.

Installing an infant car seat with the Isofix system is considered to be particularly safe since it creates a rigid connection between the infant car seat and the body of your car.

If you have a vehicle that is not yet equipped with Isofix, it is also possible to fasten the infant car seat with the vehicle's own harness. Most products feature coloured markings that help you guide the belt properly and secure the seat safely. With these types of infant car seats, you should note that the belt always has to be retracted first before the car seat can be removed with the child.

Furthermore, there are also infant car seats with a so-called belted base. This base is fixed with the three-point belt in the vehicle and the car seat is clicked onto the base.

In any case, you should first read through the operating instructions provided with the infant car seat you have chosen to avoid mistakes during installation or misuse and to ensure maximum safety for your child.

What criteria do you have to consider when buying and installing an infant car seat?

To ensure that an infant car seat provides your little one with optimum protection, you should note some important points:

Licence type: Each baby car seat must have either the ECE R44 / 04 or ECE R129 (i-Size) label. These labels guarantee that the car seat meets the latest European safety requirements.

Vehicle type list: Naturally, your car should also be suitable for using an infant car seat with Isofix system. Therefore, we recommend you to check the vehicle type list provided on the website of the infant car seat manufacturer to obtain information on whether your car is compatible with the Isofix base.

Check the length of belt/straps: Infant car seats that are installed by using the car’s own seat belt, the straps of the belt must be long enough. Make sure to check them before purchasing!

Pay attention to the right base: Manufacturers like Britax Römer offer complete systems that come with both Isofix base and infant car seat. Both may differ depending on the model. Safety is only provided by the right combination of base and baby car seat.

Prefer test winners: Baby car seats and child safety seats should, in any case, meet the highest safety standards. Numerous tests by Stiftung Warentest or ADAC provide you with information about the performance of the safety seats for all current age groups.

When should you buy an infant car seat?

It is important to obtain information about a suitable infant car seat and to purchase such a car seat before the birth of your baby. That way, you can practice using, installing and removing the infant car seat before your little one has arrived and thus are well prepared to transport your baby safely after birth.

Selected infant car seats from kidsroom

Maxi-Cosi baby car seat Pebble Pro

The infant car seat Pebble Pro by Maxi-Cosi combines maximum safety and comfort for your baby. It is approved according to the new i-size norm (R129), which offers optimised safety standards and increased side impact protection. The removable seat reducer "Baby Hugg" ensures a safe and cuddly position for your little passenger. As your baby grows, you can adjust the height of the headrest and harness simultaneously to provide maximum comfort for your child. Furthermore, the Pebble Pro is equipped with the innovative "Easy-Out" system, which keeps the straps open when you fasten and unfasten your little one. Another big advantage of this infant car seat is its low weight of only 4.55 kg and its compatibility with many strollers. With the Maxi-Cosi baby car seat Pebble Pro you are flexible in every situation.

Doona+ mobile infant car seat

Doona+ is the world's first baby car seat that can be transformed into a small buggy at the push of a button. The wheels can be extended with particularly low noise and do not unnecessarily take up space in the car boot when not in use. The Doona+ also has outstanding safety features, such as a double-wall outer shell structure that mitigates impact energy, or the unique rebound protection provided by the carrying handle which can be positioned against the rear seat. A special newborn insert and a support and reclining cushion ensure an ergonomically correct position of your baby while the 5-point harness provides optimum safety at all times. In addition to this, the mobile infant car seat has an aircraft license and is perfect for all mobile parents.

Recaro infant car seat Guardia

Smart design, easy handling, and maximum protection right from the start – that's the Guardia baby car seat by Recaro. It features the special Hero harness, which provides your baby with outstanding protection and comfort for the head, neck, and shoulders. This harness has been designed to prevent the straps from twisting and slipping. Furthermore, the belt position adapts automatically when adjusting the headrest and thus ensures plenty of comforts even for taller babies. In addition to this, the Guardia offers an extendable sun visor as well as an airy mesh insert – that way, your little passenger won’t break a sweat too quickly in summer and is provided with enough shade. It goes without saying that the Guardia infant car seat also has aircraft certification and is equipped with the Advanced Side Protection system.

Accessories for infant car seats on kidsroom

In order to make your little one’s ride in the car as comfortable as possible, we offer a wide range of accessories for baby car seats in our shop. Whether that be adapters, bases, seat covers, mosquito nets or rain covers – here, you will find everything needed for optimising and complementing your infant car seat. This way, you can provide your baby with all the comforts and conveniences they need to feel good when being on the go.

Which baby car seat is the right one for you?

Finding the right infant car seat is not so easy, because apart from all the mandatory safety features, the new baby car seat should also meet your demands and your baby’s needs. Therefore, selecting a suitable product shall always be individualised. Our service team has many years of experience and expertise and will be happy to help you make the right choice for your little one.

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