When riding in the car, babies and toddlers are supposed to travel in a rear-facing mode for as long as possible, since this mode is known for reducing the risk of being seriously injured in a crash by up to 90%. Rear-facing child car seats provide you and your child with exactly this kind of safety. In our shop you will find rear-facing child car seats of famous brands, such as Britax Römer, BeSafe or Maxi-Cosi and many more.

Rear-facing Child Car Seats

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A rearward-facing child car seat offers your little passenger the safety of an infant car seat, as there are many models that feature a special newborn insert which makes them suitable for being used right from birth. Rear-facing child safety seats are considered to be the safest car seats for children up to the age of 4 years (roughly equivalent to a weight of 18 kg or a height of 105 cm), as they can protect the head, neck and spine to a much greater extend in the event of an impact as compared to child car seats that are installed in a forward-facing mode.

Therefore, it is best to transport your baby in a rear-facing child car seat for as long as possible. As soon as your child can sit unaided and has reached the maximum weight or size of the rear-facing car seat, it is time to move on to a car seat of the next higher group. This is usually the case when the top of your child's head protrudes beyond the top section of the safety seat.

Rear-facing child seats have energy-absorbing features, as well as side impact protection and a built-in five-point harness to securely fasten and protect your little passenger. It is definitely recommended to take enough time while fastening your child and to make sure that the belt is set correctly. It should tight enough so that only a flat hand fits between the chest and strap. The buckle shouldn’t be positioned over your child's stomach. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the clothes worn by your child may affect the tightness of the belt. Please check the harness before every ride.

The 4-fold protection of a rear-facing child car seat

Nobody wants to be involved in a car crash, but it can happen regardless of how safe you are as a driver. The most dangerous car accidents include frontal crashes. In such a case, all passengers in the car move forward until the restraint system works. When this happens, immense forces occur which put enormous strain on the body, head and limbs. Since the body of infants and toddlers is not fully developed as compared to the body of an adult, the little ones can suffer particularly severe injuries on the neck, spine and internal organs in an accident – especially, when they are not fastened properly or are transported in a child safety seat which is not appropriate for them.

The padding and shell of a rear-facing child car set surrounds your child in a crash and provides a four-fold protection, as it:

  • ensures that your child's head does not move and thus reduces the risk of injuries on the neck and spine
  • prevents the head from bumping into other surfaces, such as the car door or car windows
  • surrounds the child like a protective cover as to prevent it from being hit by objects in the car
  • distributes the energy as far as possible to the strongest parts of the body or even diverts it away from the child's body via the shell

Installation of rear-facing child safety seats

As with all child car seat types, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for installation and use. Often, manufacturers offer practical tips or video tutorials on their websites to help you install the child seat correctly.

Rearward-facing car seats, like other child safety seat types, can either be installed in the car by using the vehicle's seatbelt or, if the seat is an Isofix or an i-size seat, with the Isofix system, respectively. There are also rear-facing car seats, which are to be installed in the vehicle by using a base.

Rear-facing car seats, which are mounted with the vehicle's seat belt, usually feature belt positioners that guide the straps of the belt to secure the seat. The correct position of the belt is indicated on the labels on the side of each child safety seat.

When installing the rear-facing car seat with Isofix, the seat can easily be attached to the hooks on the rear seat and, depending on the model, can also be used in a forward-facing mode. These child car seats often have a base with a support leg that needs to be extended to the floor of the car, or a top tether that attaches to the top anchor points behind the back seat of the car.

Rear-facing child car seats with i-Size approval are to be installed only by using the built-in Isofix anchor points in the car.

Some of these child car seats are supplied with a separate base that are to be installed by using your car’s own seat belt and / or Isofix points. Then the child safety seat only has to be clicked onto the base. The base can remain permanently in the car, making it quicker and easier to attach and detach the child car seat.

Before buying a child car seat, you should always check whether it is also approved for your car. Here, you can contact your car manufacturer or the manufacturer of the child car seat. Many manufacturers offer a type list on their website that shows which child car seats are approved for which cars.

To learn more about rear-facing child car seats, we recommend you to check out our guide.

Selected rear-facing child car seats on

BeSafe child car seat iZi Kid X3 i-Size

The child car seat iZi Kid X3 i-Size is the latest generation of the safety champion iZi Kid X2 i-Size and provides your child with the best protection in the event of a side impact. The UN R129 (i-size) approved child seat features Side Impact Protection (SIP +) which absorbs up to 20% more impact energy than its predecessor iZi Kid X2 i-Size. In addition to this, it is equipped with an innovative seat reducer which comes with special foam inserts that offer more stability and additional comfort for your little passenger. The iZi Kid X3 i-Size is to be installed in your car by using Isofix and has a padded 5-point belt as well as a magnetic belt assistant that keeps the straps open to the side and thus makes it easier for your child to get in.

Britax Römer child car seat Swingfix M i-Size

The Britax Römer child car seat Swingfix M i-Size has a long service life and can be used from 3 months up to 4 years. The rear-facing child car seat is approved to ECE i-Size R129 and provides your child with maximum protection due to its optimised side impact protection SICT inside and deep, soft side wings. The ultimate highlight of the Swingfix M i-Size is its seat that rotates by 90° and thus makes it much easier to put your child into and out of the car. Several resting positions ensure that your child can enjoy every ride to the fullest – whether that be in a sitting or lying position. In addition to this, the Swingfix M i-Size is completely developed, designed and produced in Germany and thus guarantees the highest possible quality!

Maxi-Cosi child car seat Pearl Pro i-Size incl. 3wayFix

The Maxi-Cosi child car seat Pearl Pro i-Size is part of the 3wayFamily concept and is suitable for children from 67 cm up to 105 cm. This child car seat is to be installed in the car by using the 3wayFix Base included in the set. It can be used in a rear-facing and in a forward-facing mode. The 3wayFix has a visual and acoustic indicator that confirms the correct installation of the child safety seat. Furthermore, the Pearl Pro i-Size features a height-adjustable headrest that can be adapted simultaneously with the harness. Four sitting and resting positions which can be adjusted irrespective of the direction of travel, contribute to even more comfort while riding in the car. Many different designs in trendy or classic-elegant colours offer something for every taste.

Find a rear-facing child car seat that suits you and your child best

As an experienced service team, we know that many parents find it difficult to decide on a child safety seat. After all, as a mom and dad you always want your little one to travel safely and comfortably at the same time. We are glad to advise you on suitable models and help you finding the right child car seat for you and your child.

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