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Up to the point a baby does not need nappies anymore, three years can pass. Some toddlers do even need them longer. Daily baby care is more enjoyable if it is convenient and uncomplicated. Therefore, it is worth getting a useful changing table before the birth of your child, with the right height of course. It creates a familiar and comfortable place for you and your child to get used to the new routine. It also ensures that you can change your child in a position that is gentle on the body and thus avoid unnecessary tension. When using a changing unit, you have a fresh nappy and necessary care products always ready at hand. Your child lies softly and securely. If you decide on a practical changing mat, you are super flexible, because with it you have the possibility to change your baby on the floor and in every room. This option is safer, especially when your baby becomes more active. Regardless of which changing furniture you choose it is important that it suits your needs and that you can ensure that everything is within reach when it comes to changing nappies.

Changing nappies before every meal – how often you have to change your baby’s nappies

Generally, midwives and paediatricians recommend changing a baby’s nappy before every meal. Only at night, when your baby is asleep, you can relinquish on changing it too often. Especially when the nappy is still dry and there is no nappy dermatitis (inflamed skin areas on the bum). Changing nappies before a meal is better than after it. Your child feels better wearing a fresh nappy. It will also be prevented that they throw up during changing due to the stress. Since your child's legs are raised when changing nappies, there is a slight pressure on the tummy which can feel uncomfortable for your child after a meal, so that they might throw up. Teething children often suffer from diarrhoea symptoms during a boost of teething. The usage of diapers is noticeably increased during this time.

Cloth nappies and disposable nappies

As long as there have been disposable nappies, mothers discuss which kind of nappy is the best for their child. Are disposable nappies better than cloth nappies? This question cannot be answered clearly. Every child has other requirements and needs. Children, who often suffer from dermatitis, are likely to experience relief when using cloth nappies. The more you change a cloth nappy, the better you can care for your baby’s skin.

Cloth nappies are more breathable than disposable ones. They do not contain impermeable fleece. Cloth nappies are more expensive though when buying them in the first place. However, in a long-term they are cheaper than the easier to use disposable nappies. Also think of that reusable nappies need to be washed daily after they were changed. If you are not fast enough changing your baby’s nappy, the clothing can also get dirty.

As there are advantages and disadvantages for each kind, a lot of parents try both before finally deciding. One thing is for sure: when you are on the go or on a journey, disposable nappies are the ones which are really comfortable and hygienic. Cloth nappies are not suitable for older toddlers. They are not supposed to absorb this amount of urine which is then produced by children of this age. Molton cloths are also too small for older children, so that there can be quite a mess which might cause your child to feel not comfy.

The perfect changing spot – safe, practical and comfortable

In order to make changing nappies is as easy as possible, the spot for it should come with the following features:

  • enough free moving space
  • safe and soft, for babies to feel comfortable
  • clearly arranged, with compartments and storage space
  • Hygienic nappy bucket within reach
  • possibly a radiant heater above the changing table for colder days
  • nappies and spare clothes within reach
  • washable and robust surfaces
  • washable or wipeable changing mats

The changing spot in a child’s room or the bathroom is equally important as the cot. Your child should not only feel well while getting their nappies changed, but also lie hygienically. If you want to distract your little one with a toy while doing the hygienic part, washable toys are particularly suitable. Cuddly toys can get very unhygienic in this area.

Place everything in a way to have it within reach, like all necessary care products, washing mitt, water and nappies. While you change your baby’s nappies, always hold it with one hand, so that they won’t fall over or get hurt. All utensils for changing should thus be sorted well. Do not change the order of all the utensils if you got used to it once. It will facilitate the whole process and give your child more rest and safety.

Skin-friendly baby care at home on the changing table

In order that your baby’s skin is cleaned in a skin-friendly way, you can use disposable baby wipes for the primary cleaning. Wash the dirty areas with a soft washing mitt and warm water. The washing mitt which is used for baby care needs to be changed at least once a day. Soapy products for washing can attack the protective acid mantle of a baby’s skin. That is why you should try use as few care products as possible. You should preferably use clean water and oil which does not contain mineral oil. Always keep the care products you need for your baby within reach of the changing table. That way, you can change your baby’s nappies safely.

When you are on the go, changing diapers is easy. Use packed wet wipes for the cleaning. You can throw the used wipes away along with the nappy. A comfortable diaper bag will facilitate this process while travelling as well.

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