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The perfect home medicine chest for babies and toddler

You have mastered your pregnancy, labour and birth, and are ready to go home and start life with your baby. Arriving at home with a newborn and finding your way into new daily routines is not that easy, however. Many parents quickly feel that they are not doing well in the new situation and find that they cannot meet their baby’s needs properly. Mothers and fathers quickly feel overwhelmed, especially when their little one sick. A baby and child-friendly medicine chest is particularly helpful in such cases. Here, you can find out which products and remedies you should definitely have at home if your child is not feeling well.

Which items do you need when your little one is sick?

Thermometers, nasal aspirators & more

A clinical thermometer that helps you control your little patient’s temperature is definitely what you need to keep easy to reach at all times. If your child suffers from stomach ache, you might want to get a hot-water bottle or a warming pillow that you can put on his tummy.

Many babies and infants also suffer from allergies – that is why it is important to pay particular attention to a good indoor climate in all the rooms that are frequently occupied by your child. Airing out the rooms in your house on a daily basis is essential, but there is more you can do to support the health of your child. Using a humidifier with an ionising function helps you keep the air in your little one’s room clean and free from particles that can cause allergies. But not only children that suffer from allergies will benefit from ideal indoor climate. By using a humidifier, you can actively promote the well-being of your child and prevent him from getting respiratory diseases.

Babies and a runny nose is also a rather complicated topic. The sensitive nose of your little one is still very small which makes clearing it an unpleasant procedure. That is why, we recommend you to get a nasal aspirator or mucus extractor. Using these devices is easy and effortless. If your little one suffers from a cold, you can use an inhalation soother that holds essential oils that help your child breathe deeply again.

Usually, many babies get their first tooth at the age of approximately 6 months. In order to soothe and ease your child’s teething pain, we recommend you to get him cooling teething ring. Our online shop on offers a wide range of teethers and teething rings that comes in various shapes and different colours, and even some that are designed to adapt perfectly to specific teething stages. Your child can chew on the cooling ring and thus actively promotes teething. The cooling liquid of the cooling teether additionally soothes the teething pain.

Lambskins are natural products that are available in various shapes and different sizes and thus can be used in your little one’s cot or crib, bassinet, pram or infant car seat. Featuring particularly soft and cuddly characteristics, lambskins give your child warmth and security. The temperature-balancing features of a lambskin provide gentle warmth in winter and a comfortably cool climate in summer.

All products in a practical set – baby care sets & toiletry bags

These sets are indispensable for all first-time parents. Depending on their size, they contain everything you need for daily baby care. They also offer useful extras such as clinical thermometers, nasal aspirators and teething rings. Toiletry bag sets stand out as particularly convenient companions when travelling, because you can store all your small baby care essentials in one place.

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Caring for a sick baby is one of the biggest tasks that new parents have to face. A well-equipped medicine chest tailored to your child’s needs is the name of the game in this matter. Whether in a set or separately, on you will find care products from well-known manufacturers such as Avent, NUK, Grünspecht and more that will optimally support you in caring for your child.

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