It only takes a click to get the full basic equipment for your baby. The Chicco starter set is the all-round carefree package suitable right from birth.

chicco Starter Set Basic Equipment Exclusive design: Boys · 2021

It only takes a click to get the full basic equipment for your baby. The Chicco starter set is the all-round carefree package suitable right from birth. Read the complete description >

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Chicco Bundle Basic Equipment – the exclusive all-round carefree set design: Boys · 2021

It only takes a click to get the full basic equipment for your baby. The Chicco starter set is the all-round carefree package suitable right from birth. The Italian manufacturer creates products that score with a modern look and high-quality workmanship.

Items delivered:

  • 1x Chicco modular steam steriliser Sterile 3-in-1
  • 1x Chicco digital bottle warmer
  • 1x Chicco Well-Being baby glass bottle set 4 pieces (2x 150ml, 2x 240ml with 4x teats 0+)
  • 1x Chicco security blanket with soother holder Pockit Friend
  • 1x Chicco Physio Soft soother 0–6 months
  • 1x Chicco Transition Cup

Ergonomic Well-Being glass bottles

Your baby will need a small range of bottles, especially in the first few months of life. With the ergonomic Well-Being glass bottles set you are well equipped. The 150ml bottles are sufficient for the first meals. If your little one’s hunger increases, you can move on to the 240ml bottles. They all contain a matching 1-hole teat 0+ ideal for newborns. The ergonomic shape sits comfortably in the hand – so that it is a relaxing experience for you and your child.

The anti-colic valve in the teat of the Chicco Well-Being glass bottles prevents your baby from swallowing air while drinking, which helps significantly to reduce stomach pain, flatulence and belching after feeding. The optimised physiological teat shape with a wide lip rest promotes the natural sucking rhythm and gives your baby a great drinking experience.

Modular steam steriliser Steril Natural 3-in-1

We recommend the sterilisation of all baby items, because your little one is particularly sensitive to bacteria, germs and viruses in the first few weeks of life. You can use the 3-in-1 function to adapt the electric steam steriliser perfectly to all your needs.

  • Fullsize: for sterilising many large items
  • COMPACTeco: For many small items and to save 25% of the time and energy.
  • Microwave: Sterilisation in just 3 minutes at 1200 W. Compatible with almost all microwaves. (Use only for microwave-safe products!)

Everything from baby bottles to soothers is cleaned in no time at all and remains sterile for up to 24 hours with the lid closed. The hot steam sterilisation takes place without chemicals and removes 99.9% of all harmful household germs.

Pockit Friend security blanket, soother holder and soother Physio Soft

Every baby needs this loyal little friend. Chicco Pockit Friend not only comforts, but also protects your baby’s soother. It's easy to attach. By pulling on the plush tail, the soother disappears safely into the pocket on the belly of the cuddly companion.

You will also receive the matching soother for the Pockit Friend. The Physio Soft soother - Made in Italy - consists of 100% hygienic silicone with a velvety surface and is completely made from one piece. Four heart-shaped holes ensure good air circulation and protect the sensitive skin of your little one.

Digital bottle warmer for milk and pureed meals

In just a few minutes, the little kitchen helper heats the meal for your baby. A timer function ensures extra flexibility. You can determine exactly when the food should be warm.

The digital display makes all the settings easier for you – from selecting the programme to viewing the remaining time. You can choose from twelve different programmes – you can make the right settings depending on the filling quantity and starting temperature. The meal is ready for feeding when the acoustic signal rings.

Training cup with silicone spout

The elegant Chicco Transition Cup fulfils all requirements to make it easier for your child to drink on their own. The soft and flexible silicone drinking spout is responsible for a particularly pleasant transition from bottle to cup.

The practical handles with soft-touch surfaces are removable. Their ergonomic shape is particularly suitable for holding the cup. The clever leak-proof system and the hygienic protective lid stand out as super convenient in daily use.

Details of Chicco Well-Being – glass bottle set:

  • Age recommendation: suitable from 0 months
  • Chicco Well-Being glass bottle set, 4 pieces
  • SUPERIOR GLASS: pure borosilicate glass, hygienic and safe
  • Physiological teat made from 100% hygienic silicone with a Soft Sense surface
  • Confirmed anti-colic effect
  • 1 perforated teat for normal flow of food – ideal for newborns
  • Items delivered: 2x 150 ml and 2x 240 ml Chicco Well-Being – glass bottles with physiological silicone teat 0+

Details of Chicco Modular Steam Steriliser Steril Natural 3-in-1:

  • Modular system: 3-in-1 steriliser
  • Gentle sterilisation with steam
  • Ultra-fast sterilisation in 5 minutes (plus warm-up time)
  • Natural and effective: hot steam sterilisation without chemicals
  • Removes 99.9% of all harmful household germs
  • Safe thanks to the automatic switch-off
  • COMPACTeco button: saves up to 25% of time and energy
  • 24-hour protection: the items remain sterilised as long as the lid remains closed
  • Compatible with almost all regular baby bottles, breast pumps and accessories

Details of Chicco soother holder Pockit Friend:

  • Age recommendation: suitable from birth
  • Easy attachment
  • For cuddling and storing the soother

Details of Chicco Physio Soft soother:

  • Age recommendation: 0-6 months
  • Extra soft and comfortable
  • Optimised physiological teat shape with wide lip rest
  • Imitates the sucking on the mother's breast perfectly when drinking
  • With anti-colic valve with activated anti-colic effect
  • 1 perforated teat for normal flow of food – ideal for newborns
  • Physiological teat made from 100% hygienic silicone with Soft Sense surface, BPA-free
  • Made in Italy

Details Chicco digital bottle warmer:

  • Age recommendation: suitable from 0 months
  • Benefits: Ultra-fast and gentle heating, safe defrosting, easy operation
  • Functions: 12 different programmes, programme and time display, acoustic signal, timer function, defrost function, automatic switch-off function
  • Equipment: practical holder, digital display, timer
  • Capacity: 1 regular baby food jar and baby bottle
  • Dimensions: 15 (D) x 14 (W) x 16 (H) cm
  • Technical data: approx. 220 - 240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 180 watts

Details of Chicco Transition Cup:

  • Age recommendation: from approx. 4 months
  • Including hygienic lid
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Lightweight, ergonomic cup for learning to drink – sits well in children's hands
  • With removable handles made of soft-touch surface
  • Particularly soft silicone spout
  • Practical measuring scale & hygienic lid
  • Facilitates the transition from baby bottle to cup
  • Also ideal for breastfed babies – facilitates the transition from the mother's breast to independent drinking
  • Material: BPA-free


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