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Nutrition – the base for your baby's health

With baby food, you lay the foundation for a healthy diet as early as the first year of your child's life. You certainly want to breastfeed your baby, because breast milk not only contains all the necessary nutrients, but also protects your child from infections in the first few weeks. After the third month, the child's urge to explore and move increases significantly and between the fifth and sixth month of life you can offer your baby the first complementary food. With the first spoonful of carrot mash, a new, exciting phase of development begins. Here you will find many amazing products that will make breastfeeding and feeding your baby much easier.

Everything for a satisfied and full baby

An age-appropriate and balanced diet is particularly important for your baby's development. Since their digestive system is not yet fully developed in the first few months of their life, your baby will initially be fed only with breast milk. Most mothers choose to breastfeed because breast milk contains many valuable nutrients and antibodies. Alternatively, or in addition, infants can also be bottle-fed. When your baby is approximately five months old, you can gradually introduce them to complementary foods. If they can already sit in their highchair, they soon would like to eat their food alone. Even if the first attempts often end quite messy, it usually doesn't take long before the little ones master the use of children's cutlery almost perfectly. At you will find many high-quality feeding and nursing products for the right nutrition of your baby.

Breastfeeding - Probably the most intimate connection between mother and child

If possible, you should solely breastfeed your baby for the first four to six months of life. There are many good reasons for this:

  • Breast milk contains all the important nutrients your little one needs for a healthy development.
  • It is optimally adapted to the nutritional needs of an infant and, in terms of its composition, is simply the best for your child.
  • While breastfeeding you will feel the unique intimate connection between the two of you, which is characterised by infinite love and security.
  • Breast milk is available always and everywhere, always at the perfect temperature and always germ-free.
  • You also save money compared to milk powder or formula.

Below we present breastfeeding accessories and great nursing products that make breastfeeding easier and turn it into a wonderful experience.

Nursing pillows, breast pumps and more

Before you breastfeed your baby, make sure that the atmosphere is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. A nice nursing pillow will help you. Not only is it cosy and soft, it also helps you latch on your baby and allows you both to find a comfortable breastfeeding position. Many nursing pillows are designed so that they can also be used in late pregnancy because they help you to find a comfortable lying position with your baby bump. After breastfeeding, they serve as cosy, cuddly pillows for the couch or as a gentle roll bar. Well-cut maternity underwear such as that by Medela is also very important. It is particularly comfortable to wear and has practical functions. From comfort bra with foldable cups to comfortable nursing tops with a gentle supporting effect and one-hand closure, with maternity underwear by Medela, you will feel completely at ease.

If you want dad to be able to feed his baby too, you should get a breast pump in good time. That way your little one does not have to do without breast milk and can still be fed by dad, grandma or their auntie. Breast pumps by NUK, for instance, also stand out as practical helpers when you are on the go. After all, breastfeeding your child is not always possible, and with a breast pump you are provided witj the best possible flexibility. Also keep in mind that you may not always make it home in time to breastfeed your baby in the familiar environment. With a breast pump, you save your baby and yourself from unpleasant stressful situations. You can of course also get the right breast milk bottles at, as well as practical nipple shields and nipple cream.

Baby bottles and soothers: they are an essential part of your baby equipment

No matter whether it’s for expressed breast milk or formula, you always need a certain supply of baby bottles for your baby. The best thing to do is to get yourself a complete set that also includes the right teats. The manufacturer NUK is one of the pioneers in this regard. A real innovation in this segment is the NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set with Temperature Control. It is ideal as part of your basic equipment and comes with four bottles in two different sizes with the matching teats, two additional teats, a soother with a practical soother box, a bottle brush and a special screw cap.

The special thing about this set: The bottles are equipped with an innovative temperature control display, which prevents you from accidentally feeding your baby with milk that is too hot for them. Depending on the temperature, the display changes its colour so that making mistakes is almost impossible. If you want to be on the safe side, you can of course also drop some milk on your wrist and thus double check the temperature. The NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set with Temperature Control is definitely a valuable aid for all parents.

You will also find a large selection of soothers and soother chains at Soothers have been reliable companions for many decades, but they have been continuously developed and improved over time. Nowadays, they feature orthodontic shapes and skin-friendly designs. A soother chain prevents your little one’s beloved soother from falling to the ground and getting dirty.

Hygiene is the name of the game

After the meal, it is advisable to pay special attention to the cleaning of dishes, bottles and containers – germs can quickly accumulate on leftover food. Specially shaped brushes also come in places in drinking bottles that are not so easy to reach. A mild detergent makes the cleaning package complete. A steriliser or vaporiser removes almost all remaining household germs. In the AVENT 4 in 1 steam steriliser, you cannot only sterilise baby bottles but also teats and teething rings, breast pump accessories and soothers. After a warm-up period, it only takes 6 minutes to clean the contents.

Step by step from baby bottles to learner cups

If your little one has grown and no longer needs to be fed via baby bottles, they need to learn the "right" way to drink from a mug. The NUK - Evolution Cup All-in-1 drinking set provides support in a fun and child-friendly way. The little ones from six months and up try to drink first with a soft drinking spout. The next step is the “Magic Cup” with a 360-degrees drinking rim": With this great cup, the little ones learn to drink like the grown-ups. And best of all: nothing can leak. From around the age of one year, your child can use the "Action Cup" with an extra soft drinking straw. It is particularly gentle on the palate and makes drinking a lot of fun. The NUK - Evolution Cup All-in-1 drinking set is aimed at three developmental stages of your baby and should not be missing on your wish list!

Yummy, that tastes so good: complementary foods add variety to the menu

At some point around the fifth month, it's time to slowly get your baby used to solid foods. Most children are happy about the variety in the menu, although of course there will always be foods that your little one does not like. But as the saying goes: the proof is in the pudding! You will quickly find out which foods your baby is particularly enthusiastic about.

Basically, of course, you have the option of using ready-made baby food. You can, for example, easily heat it up in a baby food warmer. However, more and more parents are starting to prepare baby food themselves. Incidentally, this is not much of a hassle, because modern food makers do a lot of the work for you.

Preparation is particularly quick and easy with the BÉABA baby food maker 4in1 Babycook NEO. The manufacturer BÉABA has achieved a real stroke of genius with this device, because it combines four functions: steaming, blending, defrosting and heating. The food is prepared in a very gentle way, so that the healthy ingredients and the delicious taste are preserved. The BÉABA 4in1 Babycook NEO is also very easy to use: You can continue to spend your time with your little one in peace, as you do not lose valuable time by preparing baby food yourself. By the way, you determine the texture of the food yourself: everything is possible from finely pureed to roughly chopped!

By the way: The "Easy Meal Insulated container for baby food System 6+“ by Chicco a clever helper. With this device you can keep the meals for your child warm or cool for up to six hours!

Great helpers for meals with babies

It takes a long time before the little ones can eat and drink without making a mess. And the famous “burp” after meals often takes its toll. But don't worry: you don't have to move your baby after every meal, because luckily there are bibs and burp cloths. By the way, you can never have enough of them! The practical cloths protect your child's clothes and ensure that the washing machine does not have to run around the clock. The bibs & burp cloths at feature child-friendly designs. Tip: It's best to make sure you have enough of them right away!

Highchairs are another very important topic. They ensure safety and an age-appropriate sitting position at mealtime. But your little one is also well accommodated in a highchair when drawing and playing. Most highchairs come with a small, adjustable table or tray on which you can not only place food and drinks for your baby, but also picture books, felt tips and small toys.

The brand manufacturer Peg-Perego has been known for their high-quality products for many years. With the Peg-Perego Pappa Follow Me, they have launched a highchair that grows with your child and can be used from the first day of life. Of course, babies of this age cannot and must not sit, but that is no problem since the Peg-Perego Pappa Follow Me serves as a cosy baby bouncer. Later it can be transformed into a trendy highchair with a five-way adjustable backrest, an anatomically shaped seat, variably adjustable seat heights and a five-point safety belt. If you want to push the highchair directly to your table, you can remove the tray in a few simple steps. In addition to this, Peg-Perego has equipped the great all-round highchair with little wheels so that you can easily transport it to another room. When not in use, the highchair can be folded to save space.

The first tableware for your baby

Whether you buy ready-made baby food or use a food maker, your baby definitely needs suitable children's dishes and cutlery. In this case, “suitable” means that the products have been optimally adapted to small hands. This is particularly true for the cutlery, because after all, it's not that easy for the little ones to put their puree into their mouth with a spoon or to poke a piece of vegetables with a fork. In addition, both plates and cutlery should be unbreakable so that your baby cannot injure themselves. Multiple colours and motifs suitable for children encourage eating and arouse the desire to handle the dishes independently.

A recommended material for plates is melanin. It is extremely light, dishwasher-safe and does not "clatter" as much when your baby is handling a fork or spoon. BÉABA offers tableware sets made of BPA-free silicone, which have similar properties and convince with a modern and clean design. The cutlery, on the other hand, should be made of (rounded) stainless steel, but the handles must be easy to grasp. Chicco, for example, offers a cutlery set made of stainless steel with cute plastic handles that lie comfortably in baby's little hands. In general, it is also always important that children's dishes and cutlery are durable, food-safe and free of harmful substances. At you will get feeding spoons, cutlery as well as baby and children's dishes in many charming and child-friendly designs.

Feeding your child without problems – buy matching accessories at

Every minute with your child is precious, we at know that. That is why we don’t just have the right nursing products available but we also have time-saving, multifunctional food makers in our range that make it easier for you to prepare baby food. For our plates, learner cups and cutlery, we make sure to sell only high-quality material without harmful ingredients. If you have problems breastfeeding your child, we have various breastfeeding aids ready for you. We at have the biggest heart for the smallest gourmet and we know that a healthy and balanced diet is important right from birth. From the very first bottle of breast milk to cheerful children's cutlery, we have a large selection of baby items that help your little one to take their meals with fun and joy. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you! Just get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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