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Tableware & Cutlery for Kids

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Resilient and child-appropriate tableware for babies

Many parents start feeding their baby complementary foods from around six months. Changing your baby’s diet can be quite a challenge – both for your little one and for you as parents. To make the transition to the new stage of life easier, a few things are particularly helpful and useful. Children's tableware, for example, is made of shatter-proof material – there will be no shards if your child courageously throws their plate, bowl or cup down on the floor. The ergonomic shape which is particularly suitable for babies and tots make their first attempts to eat independently easier. Knives, forks and spoons for children don’t come with sharp edges but with a large handle for a better grip, are therefore perfectly adapted to their small hands,.

Learning to eat independently with safe kids’ cutlery

Is your baby on the verge of eating his first ever puree or eating at the table with the family for the first time? Then you might want to get proper children’s cutlery that helps your child ease the way to eating independently. Children’s cutlery is designed to fit in the small hands of infants. Especially when it comes to eating the first puree, many babies and infants find it hard to hold a spoon so that they can eat without having difficulties. Proper child-appropriate cutlery is perfect for turning every meal into a fun experience and creating a sense of achievement which is as important as the all the fun and joy. Your child will be proud to be able to spoon his puree on his own or to put the fork into his mouth without the help of mom or dad.

Your baby’s first puree

When your baby is old enough to start eating complementary food, his first ever spoon will be used. In this case, spoons made of synthetic material are the right choice. Usually, these spoons are available in a convenient set and feature some unbeatable benefits:

  • They don’t heat up
  • They remain neutral when coming in contact with hot meals
  • The risk of injury is considerably lower than with traditional spoons.

Spoons that feature a heat sensor are also available on the market. They are super convenient because they change colour when the food is too hot. In the field of children’s cutlery, you will also find spoons that are shaped in a sharp angle which is supposed to make eating easier for the little ones. Children’s tableware and spoons are important items for your child since they help him deal with food in a child-appropriate way.

Children’s tableware and cutlery

When your child has grown out of the first stage of complementary food, things will get a little more exciting. Now, your child may eat at the table together with the family and thus needs to be equipped with the respective tools that make eating and drinking easier. Usually, children’s tableware is made of melamine which is known to be particularly resilient and thus very likely to survive falls from the table. Funny animals and other beautiful images printed on the tableware encourage little gourmets to tuck in. Children’s cutlery which can be purchased in a set or separately also features cheerful motifs on fork, knife and spoon. Opting for a set is rather convenient because all individual parts are well-matched and stand out as a true eye-catcher on the table.

The first meals

As soon as your little one starts consuming solid food and learns how to drink from a cup, it is about time to equip them with children’s tableware and cutlery that won’t break when thrown on the floor. In order to help your child ease the transition from drinking from a bottle to drinking from a cup, many online shops and manufacturers offer so called learner cups. Some of these cups come with a curved base or bottom which prevents them from falling off the table, but lets them roll around in a circle before coming to a halt instead. At the beginning, it is wise to choose a cup with two handles. Your child needs to learn how to hold a cup properly, that is why cups with two handles are ideal since they make it easier for them to guide the cup to their mouth.

Kids’ tableware offers many advantages for your child. The most important features that clearly speak for child-appropriate tableware are the following:

  • Its Colourful images encourage your child to eat
  • It is shatterproof and suitable to fit in children’s small hands
  • Spoons come in flexible shapes that contribute to easy learning
  • Melamine is light in weight, silent and dishwasher-safe

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On, you can find premium brand-name products in the best quality and from well-known manufacturers such as Nuk, Béaba, Haba, Chicco and Babymoov. The cute but practical cutlery and tableware sets offer everything you need to get your little one used to eat and drink independently. Do you have any questions about the items listed above or are you not sure which products to buy? We will be happy to help you choose the right ones for you, and answer your questions personally. Just contact us via phone or email. We are looking forward to reading your message.

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