The Gallegos sleeping bag Bubou offers your little young best sleeping comfort from the outset.

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Gesslein Schlafsack Bubou, Design 145 2016 - large image
Made in Germany
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Gesslein Schlafsack Bubou, Design 145 Size: 50 - 60 · 2016

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Gesslein sleeping bag Bubou, design 145 Size: 50 - 60 · 2016

The Gallegos sleeping bag Bubou offers your little young best sleeping comfort from the outset. He regulates the temperature and lets your child comfortably slumbering. The cute motifs accompany your Angel on wonderful dream trips. The interplay of colors convinced right off the bat. The whole sleeping bag year Bubou reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome thanks to the intelligent temperature control with Comfortemp.

The function is amazing: during the first phase of sleep is your child's mostly about the ideal body temperature. In this phase, the micro-capsules in the sleeping bag are liquid and store the excess heat. As soon as your child's sleeping body temperature drops, the stored heat is released and the microcapsules are again fixed - this prevents heat build-up and your little angel stays warm all night.

Equipped with a zipper at night wrapping is easier, because you must open only a zipper and not take out your treasure here or turn around. A protective cover on the zipper ensures safety and prevents injuries to the throat area. The back is without disturbing topstitching. More sleeping comfort and kicking freedom gives your child the special lightweight, breathable fabric and the pear shape. Easy to clean, you can wash the sleeping bag at all times at 40 ° C in the machine.

The Gallegos Bubou is a whole sleeping bag year. Depending on the temperature, you can remove the sleeve by means of Velcro. On particularly cold days you can also preheat the sleeping bag on the heating - so cold feet of the past belong to and your sunshine feels especially good. The delicate green and the cute application make the sleeping bag to a real eye-catcher and see right off the bat.

Product details:

  • Constant body temperature through micro-capsules "mPCM"
  • A quiet, restful sleep all year round
  • Avoid overheating and Subcooling
  • Zip to open wide
  • Easy-care washable at 40 ° C
  • Ideal sleeping temperature for your baby
  • Security through the protection cover on the zip - it prevents injury to the neck and hampered by your small independent opening
  • Detachable sleeves with extra soft and rounded Velcro
  • Breathable fabric
  • Backrest without disturbing topstitching
  • Strampeln-friendly pear shape
  • Ease of use when wrapping in the night - open only a zipper
  • Generally, a baby sleeping bag full year sleeping bag 1 - replaces the traditional blanket. So you put on a body or a sleeper under a sleeping bag your child depending on the outside temperature
  • You use the sleeping bag Bubou full year sleeping bag 2 - due to the innovative technology and the removable sleeves summer and winter
  • Save the additional purchase of summer / winter sleeping bag using all seasons, especially during the whole year sleeping bag 3-
  • Made in Germany


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