Lansinoh care set for the period of nursing – The unique care set by Lansinoh will help nursing moms and give them a lot of beautiful moments with their child

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Lansinoh care set for the period of nursing 2016

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Lansinoh® maintenance kit for the lactation 2016

Set lactating mothers at the heart: Lansinoh® 3-in-1 Thermobeads with three application recommendations: warming - cooling - stimulating!


Heated in the microwave or in a water bath, the Thermobeads support the milk ejection reflex and facilitate the flow of milk. Warm at the chest applied relax the Thermobeads and promote the flow of milk.

The heating is very simple: just 15 seconds into the protective mat in the microwave - ready!


Cold applied the TheraPearl® can 3-in-1 Thermobeads swelling and reduce tensions. Engorgement and mastitis, or to relax after breastfeeding and pumping out the Thermobeads can be used.
Depending on the sense of personal, you can cool the Thermobeads it in the refrigerator or freezer.

The milk pump:

As the only product of its kind, it can be attached to the pump to reduce the pumping time. Attached to the pump funnel of the breast pump, the heated pillow can contribute to the stimulation of the milk donation reflex and relax the mother.

Just in the first few days after birth, it can be that the skin of the breast and nipple is so eagerly that the nipple is almost flat and it therefore is difficult for your baby to capture them properly while breastfeeding. The Lansinoh® latch assist™ gently pull out the nipple and put it in the moment of laying in the right shape.

This enables an optimum milk flow can be and the nipples become less sore. The Lansinoh® latch assist™ is small and handy and includes transport box, as well as an additional, larger hopper is supplied.

The set with the unique is complete Lansinoh® care ointment. A big relief promises the HPA® lanolin ointment by Lansinoh. This unique care ointment is unsurpassed in purity and quality and gives you relief after the first application.

It is colourless, odourless and taste-free, hypoallergenic and contains no preservatives or additives. It is therefore not necessary to remove the ointment before breastfeeding. Babies very well accept the ointment so that breastfeeding is not affected.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Lansinoh® 3-in-1 Thermobeads
  • 1 x Lansinoh® latch assist
  • 1 x Lansinoh® care ointment 10ml

Product details Lansinoh® 3-in-1 Thermobeads:

  • BPA/BPS free
  • without LaTeX
  • 2 beads pillow
  • reusable, comes with a soft washable (40°) references
  • three areas of application in a beaded pillow
  • beneficial as heat packs
  • cooling as a cold compress
  • Attach the funnel of breast pumps possible
  • also popular with: joint pain and tension
  • unique Thermobeads, also frozen yet extremely flexible

    Product details Lansinoh® latch assist:

    • Material: Silicone (ball), polypropylene (hopper), BPA/BPS free
    • Dimensions: 55 B x H 98 X 43 mm
    • Weight: 48 g
    • Including silicone ball (1), (2) Hopper, transport box (1)

      Product details Lansinoh® care ointment:

      • Ingredients: 100% HPA lanolin (HPA = ultra pure medical grade lanolin)
      • Hypo-allergenic, colorless, odorless, and tasteless
      • free of additives, unbleached
      • nurtures, soothes and protects sensitive and exposed nipples, dry and sensitive skin
      • Relief for the mother - safety for your baby, must not be washed off before breastfeeding
      • clinically and dermatologically tested
      • recommended by midwives
      • Contents: 10ml


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