Complete the christening outfit of your little favourite and supplement it with the beautiful shoes.

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Leipold baby shoes "Gracia"

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Leipold ☆ shoes "Gracia"

Complete the christening outfit of your little favourite and supplement it with the beautiful shoes. As the big, your Taufling will attract the attention and Captivate.

Held will make the slippers by two shiny binding ribbons, so they certainly didn't lose on your first tries.

The "Gracia" shoes are also made to wild page as the entire series of "Gracia". See more information about wild page directly in the connection to the Pruduktdetails.

Product details:
  • Material: wild side
  • Washing instructions: see our recommendation on completion
What is silk?

Wild silk as absolute natural product, offers many similar features to the silk, a good skin compatibility, as well as a very good insulation against heat and cold. The material of the wild silk is coarse and thick in contrast to the silk, it is firmer and more stable and it has less shine. Clothing from silk made lend a special charm and are something very special.

We recommend...

  • ... To clean garments from silk of a cleaning.
  • ... Clothing from silk preferably by hand with silk detergent to wash. our Tip: A tablespoon add vinegar to the detergent, which extends the shelf life of natural shine!
  • ...feuchte to dry garments from silk lying down. our Tip: Avoid in direct sunlight or heating air!
  • ... Wrinkles in garments of silk over low heat with a fabric cloth between clothing and iron to iron.


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