Changing mats are of particular importance in every household. They not only offer a comfortable underlay, but also make your child feel good while they get their diapers changed. They are soft and cozy which is why you should look out for some important criteria.

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Diaper changing pads

Changing mats are of particular importance in every household. They not only offer a comfortable underlay, but also make your child feel good while they get their diapers changed. They are soft and cozy which is why you should look out for some important criteria. More information >

Suitable changing mat for your changing table

Changing tables are usually made of wood and do not offer a soft overlay for changing. That’s why a changing mat is necessary. By no means should you ever change your baby’s diapers on a table without a mat. The reason is: The short, tender spine is so severe that it has to be treated with care. Furthermore hypothermia is imminent if you do not use a heat insulting changing mat.

Most of the changing tables are built in the standard width, however, you will also find mats for antique changing tables. Some manufacturers even offer to do mass customizations. Almost everything is possible when it comes to choosing the design. Traditional and pastel-coloured patterns and design models are just as popular as brightly coloured models. On demand you can also get covers (similar to fitted sheets) which are made specifically for changing mats and which can be washed in the washing machine. That’s how the surface will always be kept hygienically clean and appealing.

What’s important when buying a good changing mat

Before buying a changing mat, you should properly check out different offers and look for quality. The following points could be helpful in deciding on a mat:

  • appealing look, with a surface easy to clean
  • wider, padded rim in the side and head area
  • suitable size, enough and soft padding
  • cushy material, easy to clean and hygienic
  • necessary cleaning can be carried out hygienically

Get a general idea and compare offers. The investment in high-quality changing mats is definitely worth it since you will normally use it at least 1,5 to 2 years.

Furthermore, changing mats are not only useful for changing diapers but also changing your baby’s clothes.

Changing mats for diaper bags

You not only find changing mats for changing tables on but also mats for diaper bags. Most of the diaper bags are already equipped with one, however, it could get lost or intensively dirty or you would like to equip your diaper bag yourself. The mats which are specifically made for diaper bags are smaller and thinner padded than covers, which made for changing tables. They are only for the use while being on the go and shouldn’t take up too much space and be too heavy. A diaper bag offers flexibility in everyday life which you need as an active parent and with the included changing mat you will always be able to find a place for changing diapers. Even if you are allowed to use your friend’s changing table; in the end it’s more hygienic to use your own mat. Furthermore, your baby knows his/her changing mat and is way calmer and feels more comfortable. A lot of babies react sensitive to unknown situations while being on the go.

As your diaper bag is always with you while being outside, and the changing mat, is of course, always included, we advise you carry more than one mat with you. A regular, intensive cleaning is necessary to keep the mat hygienic. The staining does not automatically have to come from changing your baby’s but also from the particular underground. It is not rare that you will change him/her in the free nature if you’re outside on nice days with your family.

The correct cleaning of changing mats

A changing mat can always get dirty while using it. The baby powder tips over, the oil is spilled or your baby grabs into the baby cream and spreads everything. Furthermore, there will be dirt which you cannot see. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean your mat. At best you choose a mild detergent which does not attack the surface. If needed, you can also use a detergent for surface disinfection. You can use a cover for changing mats which do not have a washable surface, or wash them as instructed. Look out for the stated cleaning recommendations before buying a changing mat. You can then check which one is the best for you.

Which materials are the offered changing mats of?

Cotton, synthetic surfaces or blended fabric are among the materials which are most often used for changing mats. They can be filled with volume cotton or foamed material. Important is that the mat you choose has a neutral smell and is not chemical. Some manufacturers advise you that the mat could have a particular smell at the beginning, however, it should volatilize within a few hours. Babies still have a more tendered nose than adults and react more sensitive to unused smells. Likeable is when a washable mat can e put into a dry which helps you to not relinquish on it too long. In addition, the filling gets looser and softer and nothing should be standing in the way of a hygienic comfortable care of your baby.

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