The Medela Calma is a novel aspiration for all babys who are breastfed. It was developed to give breast milk.
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Medela Calma with feeding bottle 250ml

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Medela Calma with milk bottle 250 ml

Medela Calma is a new cleaner for all babies who are breastfed. It was designed for the feeding of breast milk.

At the Medela Calma cleaner only then come to the flow of milk if your baby creates a vacuum. This vacuum is similar to established as the quiet operation by an interplay of jaw and tongue movements. As soon as your baby is paused, the milk flow is stopped.
Your little Darling can drink Cleaner evenly with the Calma, pause and breathe. The simple switch from the chest to the Calma cleaner and back again is thus supported.
During the entire lactation period, only one cleaner size for feeding with Calma is necessary - like in nature.

Included with Calma with milk bottle 250 ml:
1 x Calma Solitaire
1 x bottle of nut milk 250 ml
1 x multi cover


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