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NUK Learn-to-drink Training Set design: Boy

With the Bieco dining set your darling is well staffed and can consume the meal itself, Read the complete description >

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NUK Learn-to-drink Training Set design: Boy

The Set comes with all you need to help your little one learn to drink independently. With the NUK Easy Learning Training Set learning to drink properly is going to be super easy.

  • 1 x NUK Starter Cup, 220 ml, with leak-proof soft spout, suitable from 6 months on
  • 1 x NUK Magic Cup, 250 ml, innovative drinking rim, sealing silicone disc, suitable from 8 months on
  • 1 x NUK Fun Cup, 300 ml, retractable silicone-straw, suitable from 18 months on
  • FREE: 1 x NUK replacement spout for Starter Cup
  • FREE: 1 x NUK replacement straw for Fun Cup

When your little one is breastfed or sucks a bottle nipple he or she automatically embraces the nipple with their lips and form an “O”. In order to drink properly from the rim of a grown-up cup, he or she needs to alter the shape of their mouth to from an “U”. The sooner your child masters this new shape, the easier drinking from a real cup or glass will be later on.

The special ergonomically shaped drinking lids of NUK’s Easy Learning Cups have been designed to meet the age-appropriate motor skills of your little one and thus aid the transition from embracing the nipple (“O”) to drinking from an open cup (“U”).

Step 1: Learn to drink

The NUK Easy Learning Starter Cup smoothly prepares your little one to drink from a cup. Up to this point your child was used to mom’s soft breast or bottle nipple. In order to get accustomed to the drinking rim of a cup, the first step will teach your child to drink from a soft silicone-spout. The soft spout of NUK’s Easy Learning Starter Cup feels exactly like a bottle nipple while its shape is the one of a cup’s drinking rim. This way, your child is guided gently to the “U”-shape. Due to the ergonomic non-slip grips your little one can hold the cup securely while his or her motor skills are encouraged. This way, your child is provided both with the familiar feeling it had when being bottle or breastfed and the confidence and safety required for properly drinking from a cup.

The NUK Magic Cup suits the transition to drinking from a cup perfectly. When it comes to learning how to drink independently from an open cup or a glass some parents may wish for a spell to cast upon their child. For what seems to be a natural habit for older children, has to be learnt by the little ones. The Magic Cup is suitable for children at the age of 8 months and older. Its elaborate design is made to support your little one with this important step of their development. The cup’s innovative drinking rim can be used from any side. As soon as your child puts his or her lips on the rim and starts to suck the seal opens. Thus, the sealing silicone disc prevents spilling or splashing the cups contents.

Since the cup consists of three dishwasher-safe components, handling and cleaning it is particularly easy. The cup is made of high-quality polypropylene, holds 250 ml and can be combined with any product of NUK’s Easy Learning range.

When children romp around in the house, play and discover the world, many parents find it hard sometimes to make sure their little ones to stay hydrated. With the NUK Easy Learning Cup FUN, your child will reach the amount of liquid recommended per day easily in a playful way, since drinking with a soft silicone straw is the utmost fun. Furthermore, the fanciful motifs featured by the cup tickle your little one’s fantasy. The straw can be retracted into the cup’s lid with only one twist. Twisting in the other direction moves the straw back to its former drinking position. The cup’s lid keeps the straw safe and hygienically protected – therefore, an additional protective lid is not needed.

NUK’s tried and tested special valve leaves no remaining liquid in the straw – this way, there is no spilling or splashing when the cup is opened.

The NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun is the perfect addition to the NUK Easy Learning Cups that help children on their way to learning how to drink independently from an open cup. The NUK Easy Learning Cup FUN is made for children who already have the hang of drinking. With the NUK Flexi Cup (suitable for children from 24 months and perfect for on the go) and the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun (suitable for children from 18 months that completes the Easy Learning Cup’s range) you can easily reach the nutritionist-recommended amount of liquid your child needs throughout the day. And all that without spilling: The valve is leak-proof and prevents liquid from remaining in the straw. This way, remaining liquids won’t splash out of the straw when the cup is opened.

The set comes with an additional silicone-straw for both of the NUK cups. In case the straw gets worn out or lost, you can easily replace it with the other straw, without having to buy a completely new cup.

Please note: When using the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun you will have to remove a tiny piece of the bottom part, otherwise it is too long.


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