✓ All-round carefree package for a happy and relaxed start with your baby ✓ Starter set with NUK baby bottles and accessories, steriliser, baby food warmer, soother and many more

NUK Perfect Starter Set with Temperature Control Exclusive design: Girl

✓ All-round carefree package for a happy and relaxed start with your baby ✓ Starter set with NUK baby bottles and accessories, steriliser, baby food warmer, soother and many more, Read the complete description >

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NUK Starter Set Exclusive design: Girl

Our NUK Starter Set Exclusive contains the first basic equipment for a happy and relaxed start with your little one. Buy the set now and you are perfectly equipped for the first exciting days, weeks and months. NUK stands for high-quality products and is a reliable companion at all stages of development – from babies to toddlers.

This exclusive set is perfect for the time right after birth and contains:

  • NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser
  • NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer
  • NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set with Temperature Control

Each NUK First Choice+ baby bottle in the starter set is equipped with an orthodontic NUK silicone teat with a naturally wide lip rest, which gives babies a familiar feeling as if they were drinking from their mother's breast. All NUK First Choice+ baby bottles are suitable for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding and grow with your baby - when your baby grows, the bottles can easily be combined with other NUK First Choice teats and drinking attachments.

Relaxed and safe feeding thanks to NUK Temperature Control

The food your baby gets in a bottle should never be too hot or too cold. Knowing exactly when the right temperature has been reached can be a challenge. This is exactly why the NUK First Choice + baby bottles with temperature control function were developed.

This unique function prevents babies from being fed too hot. The NUK Temperature Control display changes colour with the temperature of the contents of the bottle. In the future, this function will help parents to reach the optimal temperature when feeding baby food. If the food is too hot, the display, which is usually blue, turns white. At best, the food for feeding should be at body temperature (37 ° C) and should correspond to the middle shade of blue on the display.

The four baby bottles come fully equipped with teats of different sizes, as well as with a practical bottle box that is perfect for draining after cleaning and for storing the bottles. A practical Open & Close screw cap, an indispensable NUK bottle brush 2in1 and the cute NUK Genius silicone soother make this amazing set complete.

The NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser sterilises up to 6 bottles and accessories within minutes. Hygiene takes the highest priority in a household with children, especially in the first months of life as the immune system of newborns is not yet fully developed. The Vario Express helps you ease everyday family life considerably. It only takes the touch of a button to start the heating process in order to vaporise the water in the device. The steam heat disinfection kills 99,9% of germs without using any chemicals. The entire cleaning process is done by pushing just one button – fast, simple and particularly reliable!

In the NUK Thermo 3in1 bottle warmer you can heat you baby’s bottle in a particularly gentle and even way and keep it ready for feeding with the practical automatic warming setting. Furthermore, the third function - defrosting - ensures a stress-free everyday life with your child. You haven’t prepared a fresh meal today? No problem, the frozen meal is on the table in no time at all and thanks to the gentle heating process, all important vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

Last but not least, the handling is absolutely user-friendly and super convenient. The appealing designs of the innovative NUK devices match perfectly with all modern kitchens - trendy, elegant and simply indispensable! Ensure the best start for your newborn baby with our exclusive starter set from the premium brand NUK and enjoy every moment with your baby.

Details of NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser:

  • Suitable from birth and up
  • Including 1 pair of tongs, 1 basket for accessories, 1 rack and 6 detachable rods
  • Holds up to 6 standard, boil-proof baby bottles and accessories
  • Sterilises quickly and safely in 6 minutes (without heating phase)
  • Removable basket and 6 repositionable rods for maximum convenience
  • Safety elements: indicator light and automatic switch-off
  • Modern, ergonomic design

Details of NUK Thermo 3in1 bottle warmer:

  • Gentle heating and defrosting in a water bath
  • Automatic warming setting after reaching the desired temperature
  • Simple and safe operation with rotary knob
  • Small, compact, space-saving and easy to clean
  • Technical data: 220-240 V, 100 V

Details of NUK First Choice+ Starter Set PA with Temperature Control:

  • Items delivered:
  • 2x 150ml First Choice+ baby bottles with silicone teat 0-6 months S (tea) and 2x 300ml with silicone teat 6-18 months M (milk), BPA-free, Temperature Control display
  • 2 additional silicone teats 0-6 months M (milk)
  • 1x NUK Open & Close screw cap
  • 1x NUK bottle brush 2in1
  • 1x NUK Genius silicone soother "My First NUK", 0-6 months with soother box
  • NUK gift box with viewing panel
  • Made in Germany


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