Are you travelling as a family? From baby carriers to travel cots – For holidays and excursions, you and your baby will need lots of practical travel accessories. Learn more now!

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Baby equipment for on the go

Whether you are on vacation, on excursions or visiting the grandparents: families with babies or toddlers need lots of convenient things and accessories for on the go. For many parents, preparing for the next family trip is an enormous challenge. Plenty of thoughts and countless questions arise during planning. Where does our baby sleep? Where do we put all the baby care products and what can we do to make the trip is as stress-free as possible for the whole family? On this page you will find a large selection of items that will make travelling with your family much easier and more enjoyable.

Relaxing nights just like at home: The travel cot

Even if more and more hotels and holiday apartments are providing their guests with baby cots with bars, travel cots are the better choice - especially for hygienic reasons. After all, you never know exactly whether and how the provided cots have been cleaned by the staff. Often these cots, some of them are quite outdated, no longer offer sufficient security. Families who sometimes spend the night away from home are better advised to have their own travel cot. Your child will also accept it much better, especially if your little one is already used to sleep in the crib or cot at home. This familiar bed ensures a peaceful and relaxing sleep in your accommodation, as the familiarisation has already taken place at home.

By the way, most travel cots are so compact these days that they can be folded to a small unit to save space and fit in any car. The travel cot IRIS by Maxi-Cosi, for example, features everything you need in one convenient cot. It can easily be packed into a transport bag and set up in your accommodation in no time at all. The particularly comfortable mattress contributes to restful sleep for your baby; it takes your child to the land of dreams in just a few minutes. If you want it to be even easier, you can opt for a travel cot with a pop-up function. With these models, you only need two seconds to set them up!

The perfect equipment: A co-sleeper and travel highchair

If you want to have your little one as close to you as possible while being away from home, a co-sleeper is the right choice. The “Next2Me Dream” by Chicco can be easily attached to the parents' bed and even features a rocking mode. If you wish to let your little one sleep outside in the fresh air (for example on a camping holiday or on the beach), travel cots with a waterproof floor, a sun canopy and a mosquito net will give your baby sweet dreams even in the great outdoors.

By the way: We recommend you to get a travel highchair for dining out or vacationing in a holiday apartment. On you can get different versions: there are, for example, the light and space-saving hook-on chairs that are attached to the table top with an innovative fastening system. Booster seats - for example the ones offered by Chicco - are attached to the chair by using robust and adjustable straps. They usually feature a tray with which can also be removed if necessary. Of course, you can fold all of the travel highchairs we offer in no time at all and transport them effortlessly.

Baby carriers: on the move with mom and dad

Strollers are quite convenient but sometime it can be difficult to manoeuvre them on bumpy roads and paths. When being out and about on a hiking tour, parents might also like to have their hands free: for the hiking pole, the camera or the water bottle. Luckily, there are baby carriers! You can go anywhere – across meadows and through forests, over bumpy paths and, if you wish, even up some mountains. But the practical travel companions have even more advantages. Due to the fact that they provide close physical contact, they strengthen the bond between parent and child. Many babies also cry significantly less when they are in a carrier with mom or dad.

There are two different ways you can carry your child:

  • Front carrying method (belly/ hips): This carrying method is recommended for the youngest and smallest. The face of your baby is turned towards you so that they can snuggle up on your chest.
  • Back carrying method: At the age of about five to six months, your baby's interest in their environment increases significantly. Now you can carry them facing forward. Back carrying your child is recommended from the age of about six months. It is also ideal for older children as it offers a lot of freedom of movement and is still very safe. Most children really enjoy the "view" from their parents' back!

Many baby carriers are 3-in-1 solutions, which means they are just as suitable for newborns as they are for toddlers and will accompany your family for several years. The special newborn insert, which is absolutely necessary for the littlest, is usually included in the delivery just as the firm base, but it can also be purchased as an accessory for some models.

What are the advantages of back carrier or front carriers and what do you need to consider when buying these carriers?

  • Air circulation: If you plan your activities mainly in the summer months, a carrier with a breathable mesh fabric is the perfect choice. The "Omni 360 Air Mesh" by Ergobaby gives you both a pleasant, cool feeling even on hot days and prevents sweating.
  • Easy to use: A good baby carrier enables you to put your baby in it without any assistance as the necessary buckles are always at hand. The handling is mostly completely intuitive. Just practice it once or twice and every move is second nature to you.
  • Optimal weight distribution: The baby carriers ensure optimal weight distribution, protect your back and prevent your baby from getting a bad posture.
  • Hip-friendly for babies: Many models also have an extra-wide bar, which enables the spread-squat position recommended by paediatricians. These designs are extremely hip-friendly, so that you can use them without worrying.
  • Ergonomic aspects: When buying a baby carrier, it is best to pay attention to soft, padded shoulder pads, an ergonomic design, a low weight and adjustable head and neck rests.

At you will find baby carriers that meet all these requirements and feature super convenient handling.

Travel time is the best time: with a change bag and a kids’ suitcase, you are ready for the next trip

As an indispensable accessory for your basic baby equipment, the change bag is always with you – whether that be in the car, on a walk or when travelling. Nappy, care cream or baby wipes, thanks to the various pockets and compartments, everything will find a place in a change bag. If you are not sure whether you will find a clean changing area, we recommend a changing bag with a changing mat.

When the little ones have grown and no longer need a nappy, they usually want their own children's backpack. This makes them feel like adults! The children's backpack is carefully packed before every excursion: with your child’s favourite cuddly toy, delicious snacks and drinks and maybe with one or two other toys. Treat your child to this fun, because with it you promote their sense of responsibility and their sense of order! Naturally, you can get all those beautiful children's backpacks with age-appropriate motifs and designs at

The same also applies to children's suitcases and spinners, which we have in stock for you in many beautiful designs. They can be used for a weekend with grandma or an overnight stay with your best friend. However, parents should definitely pay attention to the quality and a premium workmanship when buying a children's suitcase. A very important aspect is weight. Experts recommend that children should only carry a total of 15 percent of their body weight, as otherwise the risk of injury increases and permanent use can even lead to damage in your child’s posture. Samsonite has developed beautiful children's suitcases and trolleys for the little ones that weigh less than two kilograms and are easy to handle for them. Whether with glitter or in a cute ladybug design, packing your very own suitcase is always fun!

Make bike and hiking tours pleasant for the little ones

Bike tours are fun and keep you fit. Even the little ones love to explore the world on a bike. With the Britax Römer child bicycle seat Jockey 3 Comfort, your little one can ride comfortably with you. The seat is usually attached to the back of the bike so that you automatically shield your child from rain and wind with your body. The kids’ bike seats at are so comfortable and safe that your little one can even take a nap while riding. Very important: even the little passengers need a bicycle helmet! For even more protection, you need to get your child a reflective safety vest, which you can also find in our online store.

Another popular outdoor activity for families is hiking. However, children's feet quickly get tired during a long hike. Isn’t it good that the little ones can then sit comfortably in the Veer cruiser handcart and relax?! The world's first combination of sturdy handcart and comfortable stroller is the ideal companion for your family outings.

Practical travel accessories for the ride in your car

Whether cycling, hiking or exploring new destinations – to get to the starting point of your tour, you usually need the car. However, long car journeys are often not very popular with children. This is often due to the "circumstances", for example when the sun shines mercilessly into the car or when it is simply too boring in a traffic jam. Travel accessories such as sun visors or blinds, clutching figures to play with and snack boxes for a small meal in between can help. Speaking of meals: With a bottle warmer for on the go, you can prepare formula without any electricity and while you are driving. All you have to do is to get yourself a formula scoop. It also serves as a practical storage option and avoids “crumbly” surprises. Later, you can even use the portioner as a small snack box.

A car seat organiser ensures that your car remains tidy. It features many pockets but still comes in a space-saving size. It does not only offer storage space but also stands out as a reliable protection against dirty shoes. That way, your car seat stays clean and you save a lot of extra work cleaning it. By the way: The foldable Urban Kanga child car seat is the ideal solution for families who use several cars or who travel more often. Installation takes only 60 seconds – that way, nothing is standing in the way of a spontaneous trip!

Buy useful baby equipment for leisure and travel at

At you will find many amazing products for an even more beautiful and active family time. They turn your adventures into an unforgettable and wonderfully uncomplicated experience. Simply order online or get some purchase advise from our service team in advance: We will be happy to take time for you and answer all your questions!

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