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Baby carrier & Baby slings

Baby carriers & slings – maximum flexibility and closeness

Babies naturally have a basic need for closeness and security. Frequently carrying them satisfies this basic need. So, if you want to take your baby with you everywhere without having to rely on a large stroller, a baby carrier or sling is the perfect option, which also promotes the family bond with your baby.

The right way of carrying your baby – M-position protects the spine and hip

In order to guarantee a natural leg position and thus healthy babywearing, your baby needs to be placed in the so-called M-position. In this position, the legs of your baby are tucked up on the level of the bellybutton while being slightly spread outwards so that legs and bottom shape an “M”. Baby’s hip then slips forwards, their back is rounded and unnecessary stress of the spine and femoral heads is avoided.

Baby carrier vs baby sling?

In general, there are two kinds of baby carrying systems: baby carriers and baby slings. Baby slings are to be swaddled and tied while a baby carrier is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Once a proper position and safe support of your baby is maintained, both versions are a good solution of babywearing. Which version you opt for is a matter of taste.

Important points to consider when buying a baby carrier

When buying a baby carrier, you should pay particular attention to a back-friendly design as well as a good padding. A built-in headrest is an indispensable feature, because it guarantees safe support whenever your little one falls asleep. Baby slings fulfil these criteria almost automatically, provided the correct swaddling technique has been applied. Furthermore, the baby carrier should be adjustable so that it can be adapted to another person who wishes to carry the baby in the baby carrier. For baby slings, on the other hand, the right length of the sling is essential for making it fit properly. Also, baby carriers and baby slings should both have a pleasant and trendy design which adds to their aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of a baby sling

A baby sling is very versatile. It is comfortable and cuddly and even “grows with your baby”. Once you have chosen the length, the baby sling adapts perfectly to everybody wearing it. Tying the sling, however, is regarded a little more challenging by many people who use it. But don’t worry, you will soon get the knack of it. Since baby slings usually feature a rather thin piece of fabric, you can also wear them underneath a coat or jacket when it’s cold outside.

Baby slings do have even more benefits than expected:

  • flexible adjustment
  • comfortable carrying/ wearing options
  • summer and winter suitability
  • using them as pad or blanket

Even critics who try the baby sling for the first time, will notice how comfortable it is to carry your baby in one of these fab companions that feature various designs and colours and are available in innumerable materials.

Benefits of a baby carrier

Baby carriers can be put on easily and quickly. Furthermore, they are particularly stable and supply your little one with additional support. Since your baby is automatically placed in the correct position, postural defects are thus excluded. This way, the back of the baby as well as the back of the one who is carrying the baby is relieved. Due to the high safety level of baby carriers, they can be recommended for babies. However, they are not suitable for new-born babies, since the carrying system cannot be optimally adapted to the tiny body. Nevertheless, baby carriers have the following advantages:

  • Can be put on within a very short time
  • Particularly safe and stable
  • Prevent postural defects
  • Optimum weight distribution for proper back protection

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