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Kids’s backpacks for little explorers

For the little ones, there is almost nothing better than going to kindergarten or taking part in an excursion with their very own backpack. Storing and transporting their own snacks and drinks, their favourite cuddly toy or book in their backpack makes them very proud and contributes to them developing a sense of responsibility at an early age. On you can find many kids’ backpacks in adorable, trendy designs, from which you can choose the best for your little one.

Children's backpacks – What is important?

Appealing design

Naturally, a cute design is not the only criterion that must be considered when looking for a suitable children's backpack. But it certainly plays the most important role for your child. If the design is right, the new backpack will quickly become your child's favourite accessory and new best friend. Fortunately, there are a variety of amazing designs on the market that are both gender-specific and gender-neutral. Well-known and popular brands, such as Samsonite, feature a whole range of well-known Disney classics that will definitely make the heart of your Minnie or Mickey Mouse fans beat faster.

Right size & capacity

Apart from the design, the size is important too when it comes to purchasing a new backpack for your child. Children's backpacks need to be compact enough for a small child to carry, but also spacious enough to hold everything they need. The backpack should be neither too long nor too short, otherwise it could affect the freedom of movement of arms or legs. Before purchasing, make sure to check if your child's day-care facility or kindergarten has certain size requirements for backpacks. Closely related to the size of a backpack is its capacity. For the health of your child’s spine, it is important not to overload the backpack with too much or too heavy content. Your little one’s favourite blanket, handkerchiefs and a teddy bear, some spare clothes or maybe a little book are enough. With a backpack that is too big, there is a risk of overpacking it, which can quickly exceed the recommended maximum weight. Backpacks that are way too can cause back, neck and shoulder pain as well as a poor posture. Therefore, it is recommended that backpacks should not weigh more than 5% - 10% of a child's weight. For this reason, it is better to invest in a smaller children's backpack, rather than pass that of an older sibling on to the younger one.

Safety & Functionality

Another key feature is safety. In this case, children's backpacks have various functions that help ensure that your child can carry the backpack safely. These include two wide straps, a padded back and a chest strap. Do not forget to adjust the straps to fit comfortably on your child's body. If they are too loose, the backpack hangs below the waist, causing excessive strain. If the straps are too tight, they can cut it at the shoulders and restrict the freedom of movement. The closing mechanism also plays an important role: backpacks with a zip closure can be difficult to handle for toddlers, so it is worth considering products with alternative closing options. Many children's backpacks are now also equipped with Velcro fasteners or push buttons to open and close the main compartment. These give your child the opportunity to open and close the backpack themselves as needed.

Also pay attention to where the name tag is located. Ideally, it is inside the backpack so that your child's personal information is not visible to strangers. The same applies to personalisation or monograms on the front of the backpack: it is safer to use only the initials, than your child's first name.

Resilient material

Other details, such as the material, are worth to pay attention to as well when purchase a backpack. If your child is particularly active, use a backpack made of lightweight, breathable material such as nylon. If your child is often out in the open or if you live in an unsettled climate, you should consider a water-resistant option. Dirt, stains and small mishaps are inevitable. A machine washable or at least an easily wipeable children's backpack is therefore an absolute lifesaver.

When choosing a kids’ backpack, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • The backpack with the correct size should not be wider than your child's upper body or should not be more than 5 cm below the waist.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps help distribute the weight on your child's back without cutting in on the shoulders.
  • A padded back part protects your child's back from the edges and corners of objects, such as books that might stick out and injure your child.
  • Chest and waist straps help to distribute the weight of the backpack more evenly.
  • Multiple compartments help to distribute the weight of the objects in the backpack.
  • Straps inside the backpack stabilise the contents and prevent them from getting tangled when your child runs with the backpack.
  • Reflective material contributes to good visibility at dusk or dawn.

How to pack and carry children's backpacks correctly

A large, spacious rucksack seems to be a good idea for a child's fast growth as it maximises its service life. When purchasing, however, you should remember that the more space the backpack offers the more items can be packed into it. Therefore, you should help your child with packing or clarify before, what items should be packed. Unnecessary things should stay at home. When packing, make sure that the heaviest items are stored in the lower, central area of ​​the backpack.

When it comes to the correct carrying method of the backpack, there are some things that need to be considered. Kids should always use both straps. Using only one strap shifts the weight to the side and causes muscle pain and damages the posture. In addition to this, we recommend you to encourage your child to also use the chest and hip straps (if present). These help to distribute the weight of the backpack more evenly and give it the necessary stability when carried.

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