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No matter if you take a short overnight trip to the grandparents, a family trip to Disneyland or a two-week vacation to the sea or the mountains. Deciding how to pack and transport your clothes and travel essentials is almost as important as choosing them. Finding the right piece of luggage for your child can often be a problem. Because with so many models with different functions and extras, you can quickly lose track. Here you can find a carefully selected range of popular brand-name products.

Kids’ suitcases & kids’ spinners – make you child happy and your travels easier

Travelling with children can be quite stressful. The right bag or suitcase can help your child take responsibility. They also provide a safe place for their clothes or other important items. When choosing the best piece of luggage, it is important that you choose something that is appropriate for your child's size, but also appealing to them. There are many excellent options on the market with different patterns or special features for children. Some manufacturers, such as Samsonite, have used well-known cartoons and children's films as an inspiration to design children's suitcases and bags. These make carrying their own bag or rolling a suitcase an activity that children have fun with and willingly participate in.

However, many parents still wonder whether it makes sense to buy a piece of luggage for their child. Surprisingly, there is a tremendous added value for your little one if you give them their own hand luggage bag, for example. Responsibility, independence, and the importance of preparing and planning a trip are just a few things you can teach your child if they have their own piece of luggage. If your child has their own piece of luggage, for example, they have to think about what to pack or what to leave at home.

Choosing a suitcase or spinner with their favourite colours, animals or cartoon characters can also help your child to increase excitement and anticipation for the upcoming journey. Accordingly, this can help alleviate worries and fears about the new and unknown.

In addition to this, packing for a trip is also an excellent opportunity to familiarise your child with numbers and quantities. Children get to know centimetres and kilograms when they have to pack their suitcases so that they fit in the car, plane or train. They can also learn how important it is to check weather forecasts for the holiday destination and then pack their bags accordingly. Teaching children to be independent, attentive, and ready to travel at a young age can be extremely useful when they enter adolescence or adulthood later on.

How much weight can/ should a child carry?

Children should never carry more than 15 percent of their body weight. Otherwise they could injure themselves. An average two-year-old child can carry around 2 kg, while most 16-year-olds can comfortably carry around 7 to 8 kg.

For example, pieces of luggage with small wheels are particularly helpful. Trolleys distribute the weight evenly over two or more castors and must be pulled along on a handle. Thus, they relieve your child significantly. Nowadays, there are even backpacks with built-in wheels. A backpack on wheels can be an excellent baggage option that does multiple tasks at the same time. Your child can use them for school lessons as well as for vacation. Spinners with seating or driving functions, such as the Dreamrider by Samsonite, also stand out as a particularly exciting toy for children as it features four sturdy castors and two handles and can be used as a fun vehicle while waiting at the airport.

Things to consider when buying suitcases & bags for kids

There are many different designs and concepts for children's suitcases and bags available on the market. However, the most important thing is to make a choice based on needs and benefits.


Regardless of whether the piece of luggage is specifically designed for a child or an adult, different materials are often used. Leather is sturdy and durable, which makes it a popular choice for travel bags. It is also more expensive, so it is not normally used in children's baggage. Most pieces of luggage for children, such as hard-shell cases, are made of polycarbonate, which offers special protection and at the same time has a low weight and an affordable price.


Let's face it: Children are often rough with their pieces of luggage. Choosing a well-built case made of durable materials is therefore of utmost importance, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of the things inside. Make sure you choose an item that is made from durable fabric or has a hard-shell design to keep clothing, toys, and other items safe.

Water resistance:

When you travel by plane, choosing waterproof baggage is even more important. Porters can drop the bag or trolley into a puddle, or they can get stuck on the way from the plane to the baggage handling during a storm with rain or snow. If it's important to keep the contents of the case dry, choosing a water-resistant option is worth a mint.

Robust wheels and handles:

Most baggage manufacturers try to reduce the weight of the bag by using an ergonomic handle and sturdy wheels. Surely you want the bag to be light enough so that your daughter or son can carry it comfortably, but at the same time you should also keep an eye on good workmanship. Some trolleys have castors that can be replaced easily which can be extremely helpful especially if they are damaged.

Tips for buying and using children's suitcases and bags

  • Check flight rules and restrictions in advance to ensure that the travel bags and suitcases you have selected or want to buy are in compliance with current regulations.
  • Choose a piece of luggage that your child likes (favourite colour, animal or pattern)
  • Don't forget to check the zippers, fasteners, wheels, handles and other moving parts of the luggage before you travel.
  • Make sure that your piece of luggage has got name or address tags on which you can write down your contact information in case it gets lost,
  • Teach your child responsibility by explaining that they are responsible for their bag and should therefore keep an eye on it at all times.
  • Practice packing and transporting the suitcase with your child before the trip starts by letting them pack a few things in their new suitcase and then trying out the navigation of the new piece of luggage with them at home.

The right piece luggage for your child on

Compared to planning a family vacation, choosing the right piece of luggage can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, choosing the best or most suitable children's suitcase is also a crucial aspect when planning your trip. If you are not sure which item to choose or do not know which model is best suited for your child, feel free to contact our team of experts.

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