Shall we get a multi-functional stroller, buggy or double stroller? Choosing the right type is important. The perfect stroller must meet the needs of you and your child and should also satisfy you with quality and safety.


Shall we get a multi-functional stroller, buggy or double stroller? Choosing the right type is important. The perfect stroller must meet the needs of you and your child and should also satisfy you with quality and safety. More information >

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Choosing the best pram

As new parents you simply cannot get enough of your tiny bundle of joy and thus want to have him or her around always and everywhere – whether that be on a walk in the forest or a shopping trip through town. A pram always supplies your little one with maximum safety and comfort. However, there are plenty of options on the market featuring specific designs made to cope with the different needs of both parents and child. Which pram or stroller is right for you?

Which design suit you best?

In order to choose the right pram or stroller from the enormous selection you need to keep some things in mind. There are different types made for different needs. Thus, they are divided in four main categories listed below:

  • Multi-functional stroller
  • Buggy
  • Pushchair
  • Double stroller

A multi-functional stroller stands out as an absolute all-round companion. Large wheels, easy steering as well as systems that allow a conversion from stroller into pushchair are the main features of this category. Most prams or strollers of this group fold away easily and into a compact size, since they often come with wheels that can be removed if required. Such travel systems usually contain the chassis, a carrycot as well as a sport seat. Some sets even come with other extras such as an infant car seat or soft carrycot in a matching design. These travel systems come in super handy since they can be used for a very long time. A great feature of them is the infant car seat which can be attached to your car and is particularly suitable for those parents who need to travel by car more often.
Beneath the seat unit of a multi-functional stroller you can find a net or a shopping basket which is perfect for storing and transporting the changing bag, toys or small purchases. If you are looking for a stroller that is able to cope with country walks, you should make sure that it features wheels with suspension. This way, your little one travels comfortably even if the road or path is uneven and bumpy. The carrycot usually comes with a covering and a foldable canopy which protects your child from sun and wind. The most popular multi-functional strollers are made by Hartan, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Gesslein and Concord.

Buggies – small, light in weight and super easy to manoeuvre

If your little one is already able to sit unaided or even to do his or her first steps, they might find it boring to travel in a carrycot. Now is the time to discover and explore the world! This is when a buggy or pushchair comes in handy. Compared to a multi-functional stroller, a buggy features a light weight as well as smaller tyres. The biggest advantage of this category is that you can fold a full size buggy into a space-saving size – perfect for storing, transporting and keeping it handy in the boot of your car which does not necessarily have to be an estate car. The pushchair Peg-Perego Pliko P3 for instance, stands out as a versatile companion that features height-adjustable handles, double wheels with suspension as well as a low weight. The footboard located between the two rear wheels is perfect for taking your little one’s taller sibling with you. The handhold on the side supplies him additional comfort while travelling.
A harness and an additional safety bar are perfect for holding on tightly and thus ensure a safe and secure sitting position. In case your little one gets tired during the ride you can adjust the backrest into a comfortable recline position that supplies your child with a great opportunity to rest and take nap. An optional footmuff keeps your child warm and turns even a trip through the cold into an exciting experience.

Double Strollers – travelling with twice the joy

Parents of twins usually have both hands full. This is when a stroller or pram which is suitable for twins and siblings comes in super handy. These prams are bigger than regular ones but offer enough space for two children. Stroller types that feature seats which are right next to each other supply both of your children with the best view. This type of stroller is pretty wide, though. So, if you are looking for a compact stroller, you might want to choose a double pram that features a tandem version in which one seat is mounted behind the other. With this version however, the child sitting in the rear seat has restricted view, but on the other hand, the stroller can be pushed effortlessly through narrow passages or on small paths.
A practical system is offered by the double stroller Zoom by ABC-Design since it features pushchair attachment that can both be mounted in either a forward-facing or rear-facing mode. This way, different options in which your children can either face each other or sit behind one another are possible.
Almost all strollers feature a height-adjustable push bar and thus adapts perfectly to mom’s and dad’s size. A built-in parking brake which is also a standard feature. If activated, it ensures that the stroller stays put. Coated handles or push bars are perfect for being out and about on a cold day. Premium strollers and buggies do not skimp on the quality of the materials out of which they are made – resilient fabrics make them particularly durable.

Keeping your little one as close to you as possible – Baby Carriers and Babywearing Systems

A completely different approach is adopted by various baby carriers, wraps and slings. They are made to keep your baby close to your body while he or she is optimally supported by the tough and robust fabric. The most important thing is the proper fitting of your little one’s legs which have to achieve the M-position in which his or her legs are tucked-up, spread and angled. This M-shape reduces stress on baby’s spine and contributes to a healthy posture. A neck support keeps your child’s head steady – even if he or she fell asleep. The Original Baby Carrier with New-born Insert by Ergobaby is perfect for carrying your child right from birth and up.
Baby carriers are super easy to apply and adapt perfectly. Various belts and fasteners provide a comfortable fit whereas traditional slings or wraps have to be adjusted each time you want to use them which can be quite a challenge for those who are new to it. Due to the individual adjustment of slings and wraps, there are perfectly suitable right after birth. There are various wrapping techniques. Provided a n extra-long wrap or sling, they even allow you to carry two children.
Babywearing systems do not offer any space to store travel essentials and the like, but they are perfect for keeping your baby as close to you as possible while you can keep both of your hands free.

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