Shall we get a multi-functional stroller, buggy or double stroller? Choosing the right type is important. The perfect stroller must meet the needs of you and your child and should also satisfy you with quality and safety.


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Strollers at How to find the right model for your baby

A stroller is an important part of your baby’s basic equipment. A walk in the park or a stroll through town is not possible without it. At you will find strollers in many different designs so it can be quite hard to make a final decision. That is why we would like to show you below how to find the perfect stroller for your baby. First of all: The ideal model always offers an optimal combination of safety, functionality and design.

Before purchasing a stroller, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Selecting a stroller depends mostly on your individual needs and ideas. Therefore, it is important to consider a few things before making a purchase decision.

  • How often do you want to use the stroller?
  • Do you live in the country, where there are many field and forest paths, or will your walks take you to downtown shopping centres and the like?
  • Do you need a convertible stroller you can use for a very long time?
  • Or do you prefer compact pushchairs and agile buggies for toddlers?
  • How much space do you have for transportation in the car boot and parking (for example in the stairwell or in front of the apartment door)?
  • Do you want a stroller with lots of storage space to store even more necessities and niceties when being out and about?

If you have answered all questions, you can move on to choosing your stroller!

Multi-function strollers: a great companion for the first years of life

The multi-function stroller is a real all-rounder because it grows with your baby. You can use it from birth to toddlerhood. In the beginning, you usually use it with a carrycot until your baby is able to sit unaided. A canopy and a wind protection cover keep the sun and cold draughts away from your little one. Later, the stroller is transformed into an agile pushchair by using a matching sport seat. As a rule, moving on to the sport seat is done when your child has reached the sixth or seventh month of life. Now your child can enjoy the ride in a seated position and explore the world on the go. Protection bars and seat belts prevent your baby from slipping out of the stroller. The seat unit in multi-function stroller can usually be reversed, which means you can individually determine your baby's direction of travel.

Pushchairs: ideal for active families

This stroller type is suitable for active and sporty parents. The frame is very light and usually has ball-bearing wheels so that nothing is standing in the way of walks in the field. In addition to this, most front wheels of pushchairs are swivel-type wheels which contribute to particularly good manoeuvrability. That way you can easily manage the narrow aisles in the supermarket without any problems! The multi-adjustable backrest in pushchair is perfect for your baby to enjoy their afternoon nap in a comfortable lying position. When they wake up, you raise the backrest with only one hand and your baby can contemplate their surroundings. A five-point harness, often with soft shoulder pads, ensure safety.

Buggies: the practical leisure and travel companions

A buggy is a real lightweight and can be folded to a very small size. This often works with just one hand. Although the models are extremely compact, they usually have everything parents need: lockable swivel wheels, a continuously adjustable backrest and a stable footrest. Due to their design, they are not quite as comfortable as a pushchair. The buggy is always the right choice when your baby can already sit unaided. Its light construction is of great advantage especially on vacation, when shopping and in public transport. Furthermore, it scores with an enormous manoeuvrability.

Double strollers: kids together on tour

If you have two children under the age of three, a double stroller is just the thing. Depending on the model, the little ones either sit side by side or one behind one another. Both versions have advantages. If the children sit next to each other, the double stroller is wider overall, but the little ones have the opportunity to engage with each other on the way. If the seats in the double stroller are attached one behind the other, the stroller is just as narrow as a classic stroller, but the little ones cannot communicate with each other when sitting in their seats. However, there are now completely new models. On some models, you can even place the seats one above the other, which saves a lot of space. This way, you kids can even face each other. This option provides you with a stroller for two children which is still pleasantly narrow and allows your kids to communicate with each other.

Travel systems: maximum flexibility with your baby

Travel systems are practically the ultimate solution in the stroller segment, because they offer you mobile equipment of the first class. They do not only come with the stroller frame, the carrycot and the seat unit, but also bring an infant car seat. This is always extremely practical when your little one falls asleep in the car. When you get out, you don't have to put your baby out of the car set and into the stroller, which would probably wake them up. Just leave your child in the infant car seat and attach it to the stroller frame in a few simple steps. Your baby will not be disturbed while sleeping and you can go shopping or walking with them in absolute peace.

There is also a second option in the field of travel systems: Here you can put together the individual components yourself, which means that you first acquire a stroller that is suitable for being used as a travel system, and then choose a separate infant car seat that may also come from another manufacturer. It is only important that the desired infant car seat is suitable for travel systems. For this, we recommend you to read the product information and instructions given by the manufacturer carefully before buying it. Please note: You may have to buy a special adapter to attach the infant car seat to the stroller.

Stroller accessories: the perfect equipment for your stroller

With the right stroller accessories, the ride with your baby will be even more exciting. For example, you can use a cosy footmuff to ensure that your child feels comfy even on colder days. If you don't let the rain keep you from walking in the fresh air, you will need a good rain cover. It must fit the respective stroller and should provide reasonable air circulation. On the other hand, if the sun is out, a sun canopy or at least a parasol is absolutely essential to keep your child protected from harmful UV rays. A change bag is also a must-have accessory when being out and about. If you choose a change bag that matches perfectly with your stroller and belongs to the same series, you do not only have an extremely useful accessory, but also a great eye-catcher that emphasizes the design of the stroller. A buggy board is great for older children will guarantee a lot of fun for siblings! And if you need an additional mattress, practical wheel protection covers or a hand warmer for particularly icy temperatures: at you will find many everyday stroller sets and accessories that will make everyday life much easier.

What influence do the tyres have on driving comfort?

Large pneumatic tyres are particularly comfortable. They absorb shocks caused by bumpy roads in addition to the suspension and guarantee a completely smooth driving and riding experience. Furthermore, they can be pushed relatively easily even on gravel. However, the turning circle of the stroller is somewhat larger. Hard rubber tyres never need to be inflated because they don’t contain any air. They are light in weight, but hardly bounce. If you want to drive your baby on field and forest paths, you should only choose hard rubber tires if the stroller already features a good suspension. Small plastic tyres are extremely agile, manoeuvrable and perfect for the city. However, the stroller is more likely to jiggle on uneven or bumpy surfaces.

And then there are air chamber tyres. They are a combination of hard rubber tyres and pneumatic tyres and have relatively good properties suspension-wise.

Details in a stroller you need to consider

The parking brake is one of the most important features in a stroller. It has to work absolutely reliably. As a rule, the parking brake engages both rear wheels so that you can park the stroller safely in slightly sloping areas.

Most modern strollers are so small that they can be stored in (almost) any car boot. Still, you should measure your car boot before buying a stroller. You can find the dimensions of a folded stroller at in the corresponding product details.

In a stroller for the little ones, the carrycot should be so spacious that the air can circulate well in summer and as to accommodate your baby with a padded footmuff in winter. The seating and lying surface should also feature good padding. If it is too thin, screws, braces or clamps underneath could lead to uncomfortable pressure marks.

Make sure that the push bar is adjustable in height: this way you can adjust it to your individual height. In addition to this, it should be relatively long so that you don't constantly kick your leg against the brake linkage or the axle when pushing the stroller.

Would you also like to go on excursions or do some shopping with a stroller? Then you should choose a model that comes with a spacious basket.

Finally, the weight of the stroller also plays an important role. Especially if you have to carry it up the stairs more frequently. Fortunately, despite their enormous stability, modern strollers are much lighter in weight now than before. A multi-function stroller with a carrycot now weighs hardly more than 15 kilograms. The weight of pushchairs and buggies is usually even lower than that.

How to maintain your stroller

A stroller is particularly easy to care for when the textile components can be removed and washed. Most babies like to eat and drink on the go. If you can clean the fabrics by hand or in the washing machine, little mishaps are no problem. Non-removable fabric elements can usually be cleaned well with a damp cloth.

The joints, the frame and the wheels of a stroller are constantly exposed to various weather conditions. To make sure that they don't wear out over time, you should give them a little maintenance treatment every now and then. Movable joints can be maintained with a high-quality oil. The lubrication film does not only ensure smooth operation, but also protects against corrosion.

In addition to this, you should check your stroller every now and then. Are all nuts, screws and rivets still tight? Is the safety bar OK? Are the brakes working properly? Do the frame fixings engage optimally? The strollers at are all characterised by a high quality and very sophisticated workmanship, but when lifting into the car boot or when converting, you can accidentally loosen a screw.

Find the right stroller online at

Have you already found the perfect stroller for your baby? offers you a wide range of different versions: for all tiny explorers from infants to toddlers. Simply select the model that suits your ideas and requirements. If you don’t know which stroller might be suitable for you and your child or if you have any questions about our range, we will be happy to help you.

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