If you are expecting twins or a second baby, a double stroller is just what you need to help you with your day-to-day challenges with two kids and make sure you're always mobile in everyday life. The models we offer on come from top brands, such as Chicco, Quinny, Uppababy and others, have been preselected by us and put through their paces.

Double Strollers

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Double strollers

Double strollers are an excellent addition to any household with more than one child in infancy or toddler age. These models offer double the space and the ability to travel with both children while providing the same activity at the same time. Whether you're looking for a stroller for twins or siblings with little age difference, the double strollers with great canopies, large storage compartments, adjustable leg rests and backrests make a trip to the city or a walk in the park an absolute pleasure for you and your children.

On the market, there are models that can also be converted easily. As soon as your kids can sit safely, you can exchange the comfortable carrycots for sports seats and continue to use your double stroller as a twin buggy. This provides both children with seating options that are perfectly matched to their age.

Tandem or side-by-side?

In the segment of double strollers, there are two types: the so-called tandem strollers in which your children sit in a row, and models in which your kids sit in side-by-side seat units. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best model depends on the needs of your children as well as on your own needs.

The tandem models have one seat in front of the other, with the rear seat often located in a higher position than the front seat. Tandem strollers fit through all standard doors and are easier to manoeuvre in narrow spaces. Many of these models even have room for two baby car seats, which is a great help in the first few months of life. In addition to this, some tandem strollers allow you to install the seats in a forward- facing or rear-facing mode so that your children can either look at you or look at the surroundings. Also, some additional features, such as cup holders and/ or small storage compartments on top, shopping baskets underneath or even separate trays for each of the two seat units are offered. However, these accessories are not available on all models for both seats. Therefore, when purchasing a model, you should consider the additional features offered and what is important to you and your children. The disadvantage of tandem strollers is that they tend to be a bit heavier compared to the models in which the kids sit next to each other. Often, only the rear seat can be fully adjusted. Also, some children may not like to sit in the back as this will affect their vision and for you as the person who is pushing the stroller it is a little harder to keep an eye on the kid in the front seat.

In addition to the tandem models, parents can opt for a side-by-side version. These are among the most common models on the market. Both children sit in two equally sized seats in a forward-facing mode and are right next to each other, which has the advantage that both children have the same view and thus none of the little ones feels disadvantaged in terms of visibility. Of course, these models are wider than a tandem stroller and can therefore be more difficult to lift and store, especially if it is a 3-wheeled model. However, they are also a bit more stable and agile. Generally, they are just as long as a "regular" stroller. Another advantage is that both seats offer the possibility to be adjusted to a reclining position.

Similar to the "standard types", manufacturers of high-quality double strollers offer a huge variety that allows parents to choose a double stroller which is perfect for their needs and requirements.

Which double stroller is best for you and your kids?

How well a certain model works for you and your family depends on your needs and requirements.

Taking children on a ride in a double stroller can be a great experience or a real test of patience for mom and dad. One of the most important considerations when choosing a model is therefore the age of the children. Twins in infancy and early childhood are better off in a stroller with two side-by-side seats as this provides the necessary proximity to each other. However, keep in mind that not all double strollers are suitable for installing two baby car seats or for holding two kids of the same age. So, if you're looking for a stroller for your twins, you might consider a model that can hold two baby car seats so the kids can easily switch from car to stroller without being woken up.

Siblings of different ages could enjoy rides more in a tandem model. However, there are also siblings who, regardless of their age difference, are so close that they would rather sit next to each other, share jokes and laugh together.

Other issues that could affect the selection of a suitable stroller for your little ones would be the duration and frequency of using a sibling stroller. If you just want to take a short walk around the block or need the stroller at the airport, a basic model is probably the best choice. Just getting from one place to another quickly requires far fewer functions for the comfort of small passengers or parents than if you plan to use your stroller for longer rides or full-day trips. The same applies of course to the frequency of use of a double stroller. If you plan to use the stroller on a daily or at least regular basis, you should look for a model that has as many useful features as possible.

Selected double strollers on

ABC-Design Double Stroller Zoom

The ABC design double stroller Zoom is the smallest double stroller on the German market, and convinces despite its compact size with maximum comfort and convenient handling. The Zoom is unique due to its numerous combination possibilities: various attachments such as the sports seat, the carrycot Doozy or the infant car seat Hazel (carrycot Doozy and infant car seat are available as accessories) make it particularly versatile. Depending on your preference, you can install the included sports seats in either a forward-facing or rear-facing mode so that your children can either sit in a row or opposite each other. Perfect for twins and siblings of different ages alike. Ball-bearing wheels, optimum suspension and swivel front wheels make the Zoom the ultimate city champion. With the sibling stroller Zoom, of course, the safety of your little passengers is always top priority! Thus, your little one’s are secured by padded 5-point belts. A safety bar protects them from getting up and falling out. Large canopies with UV protection 50+, a height-adjustable push bar and a spacious shopping basket, which is equipped with reflectors, make this all-round stroller complete.

Britax Römer Buggy Holiday Double

The twin buggy Holiday Double by Britax Römer is an absolute lightweight and the perfect travel companion for mobile families. In addition to the simple folding mechanism, it has practical straps with which it can be worn comfortably over the shoulder or as a backpack. The Holiday Double is suitable for little explorers from the age of 6 months and offers a comfortable retreat to relax or to contemplate the world around thanks to its spacious seat units. Furthermore, the backrests of the seat units can be adjusted independently of each other to a resting position and thus ensure individual use. Mesh inserts for sufficient air circulation and the canopies with large sun visor ensure that your little passengers are always well protected and able to take part in your excursions without sweating. In addition to this, the Holiday Double has all the comfort and safety features of a regular buggy. Soft padded handles, spacious shopping baskets and height-adjustable 5-point harnesses convince everybody immediately. A combination of breakdown-proof rear wheels and swivel front wheels with suspension make the Holiday Double a reliable companion even outside the city and on rough terrain.

Quinny Hubb Duo Double Stroller

Easy to manoeuvre, completely modular and ideal for city life - the Quinny Hubb Duo double stroller cuts a fine figure in any situation. Two full-size seats provide ultimate comfort for each of your kids. In addition to this, they can be individually mounted on the chassis. That way, you can let both children enjoy your strolls in a forward-facing mode sitting in a row or either install one seat unit facing you and the other one facing forward. Your little passengers will have the opportunity to discover the world in either a forward-facing or rear-facing mode. The extremely narrow width of 57 cm, the sturdy chassis and the outstanding rear suspension of the Hubb Duo convince every parent immediately. In addition to this, this loyal companion is extremely versatile as it can easily be converted if required. Thus, you can extend it with accessories, such as the ultra-light Hux carrycot, the cosy From-Birth-Cocoon or the matching Maxi-Cosi infant car seat as to use it right from birth. Do you want to go shopping in the city? No problem! Again, the Hubb Duo proves to be a true miracle. It features a huge shopping basket under the seat units and can even carry your entire weekly grocery shopping when combined with an additional XXL shopping basket which is available separately. The Hubb Duo is a double stroller that will definitely make your life with kids a lot easier!

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