A stroller accompanies you and your little one over a long period of time. Therefore, the choosing the right model must be well considered. Multi-function strollers are popular with many parents because they can be converted or expanded easily, and grow with your baby. In our online shop, we offer first-class multi-function strollers by well-known manufacturers such as Britax Römer, Hartan, Peg-Perego and many more.


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A multi-function stroller – The one for every occasion

Deciding which stroller to buy for your baby can be particularly difficult if you don't know exactly what you need or what to look for. Many parents will now say that a stroller must be able to do one thing above all the others: provide your baby with a safe and comfortable place when being to go. But let's be honest: a stroller is quite important because it can make all the trips you as a mom or dad take with your little darling easier – regardless of whether you are strolling through town, walking on a forest path, or doing some grocery shopping.

The biggest advantage of multi-function strollers is the compatibility of their frame with several attachment variants. This means that it can be used from birth up to infancy. Many of these models can, for example, be complemented with a foldable soft carrycot or a hard carrycot that provides babies with the lying position which is so important for them while being on the go. When your child is older, the multi-function stroller can be expanded with a sports seat, for instance, and thus offers all the advantages of a pushchair. Alternatively, there are also systems to choose from that use adapters so that you can attach an infant car seat, carrycot or pushchair attachment. With this variant, you can even convert the infant car seat into a flexible, moving companion for a short distance in just a few steps.

Multi-function strollers usually have a very solid frame that provides a smooth ride on different surfaces. In addition to this, they have many practical functions such as all-wheel suspension, single-handed adjustment of seat and backrest, lockable swivel wheels or an adjustable push bar and buil-in accessories such as cup holders, shopping baskets or sun canopies.

What do you have to consider when choosing a multi-function stroller?

When choosing a multi-function stroller, you should think about which model is most suitable for you, your family and your lifestyle. Please consider the following aspects:

Cost: Young parents who are expecting their first child are often astounded at how much strollers can cost. The price of multi-function strollers ranges from € 300 up to around € 1,200. Depending on the equipment, you will either get a comprehensive system, such as the Peg Perego Modular Set Book 51 - Special Edition - Mon Amour, which comes with the frame, a pushchair attachment, a carrycot, an infant seat and a change bag and therefore doesn’t require further purchases, or you will get a more basic model, such as the Cybex stroller Balios S, which can be expanded with the appropriate accessories, such as an infant car seat and carrycot, and thus can be upgraded to a travel system.

Family size: If you have two children with an age difference of several years, a regular stroller is just perfect. However, if you plan to have more children soon after the first child, we recommend you to invest in a stroller that can be converted into a double stroller and thus offers space for two to three children (two seats and/ or a ride-on board).

Lifestyle: In addition to ensuring comfort and safety for your baby, the most important aspect of a multi-function stroller is that it suits your lifestyle. It should be designed to meet your needs and fits your daily activities. For example, if you live in a city or travel a lot, a lightweight stroller is a good choice for crowded downtown areas, shops, and public transportation. If you live in a suburb or in a rural area, a multi-function stroller with all-terrain wheels is more suitable. Maybe you love running or being outdoors a lot – then a jogging stroller stands out as the best option.

The top features of multi-function strollers

Even with the same type of stroller, the characteristics can vary quite a lot. Of course, in addition to satisfying your requirements and the needs of your baby and child, the main filed of use of the stroller is also important when choosing the right one. Below, we have listed some top features of multi-function strollers you should consider when buying a model:

Suitable for newborns

Believe it or not, many strollers are not suitable for newborns. This is because they do not provide enough support for newborns who are unable to keep their heads up on their own. For a stroller you want to use for your newborn, you should pay attention to the following:

  • A seat unit that can be fully adjusted to a reclining position or a carrycot included in the set
  • Possibility that an infant car seat can be installed on the stroller

One-hand folding mechanism

Folding and unfolding of a stroller with only one hand is one of the top features parents ask for. This feature is very useful especially when you are holding your baby in one arm and therefore only have one hand free for the stroller. It is also super practical if the stroller is free-standing as a small unit when folded and can therefore be stored easily.

Washable cover

If you're travelling with babies or toddlers, little mishaps can happen more often. It is all the better if your stroller comes with washable covers.

Height adjustable push bar

No matter if mom, dad, grandma or grandpa are pushing the stroller – thanks to an adjustable push bar, everyone can push the stroller comfortably, regardless of their size.


A larger sun canopy provides more shade and privacy for your little one. Many canopies, especially larger ones, have built-in viewing panels that allow you to watch your child without interrupting the ride.

Shopping basket

A typical shopping basket, which is located under the seat, holds about 5 kg. If you want to do a lot of shopping with your stroller, you should look for a particularly large basket with a wide opening.

Selected Multi-function strollers on

Hartan Stroller Vip GTX

The Hartan Vip GTX is a true all-round stroller that impresses with its low weight, particularly agile chassis and a smart folding technology. When combined with folding carrycot, you can even use the Vip GTX right from birth. By using adapters, you can attach an infant car seat so that you and your baby are mobile and flexible at all times. A top feature of the Vip GTX is the seat unit with 5-point belt, which is designed so that it can be converted as desired and thus allows your child to either look at you or marvel at the world around. A large canopy with climate zone, extendable sun roof and UV protection as well as a transparent rain cover make this stroller a reliable companion in all weather conditions. The Vip GTX has also a lot to offer for mum and dad. For example, it comes with a push bar with a large adjustment range so that everyone who pushes it, regardless of their size, is given optimum driving comfort. An easily accessible mesh basket that holds all the necessary utensils you need for on the go makes this innovative and modern stroller complete.

Peg-Perego Multi-function stroller Ypsi

The elegant multi-function stroller Ypsi by Peg-Perego is the hero of the city! Due to its manoeuvrability, low weight, ball-bearing rear wheels and the 360° swivel front wheels, it masters the urban jungle with ease and offers your little one the best comfort and the highest level of safety right from birth. The Ypsi comes with a frame, a trendy seat unit including a practical leg cover and a spacious carrycot with a comfortable mattress. With the help of the One-Time adapter included in the set, you can also attach an infant car seat to the frame and thus transform the Ypsi into a flexible travel system. Sitting & marvelling, sleeping & dreaming or just relaxing? Everything is possible with the Ypsi! The seat unit can be converted into another direction in no time at all – that way, your child is provided with multiple perspectives. In addition to this, the backrest can be adjusted in three different positions. Different designs and fabric qualities offer something for every taste. The special thing about this stroller: The Ypsi features details made from hand-sewn faux leather, which give it a classy and elegant look.

Moon Cool Multi-Function Stroller with Aluminium Carrycot

The full-fledged Cool multi-function stroller by Moon scores with its unbeatable price-performance ratio. The aluminium comfort carrycot included in the set is quilted on the inside, can be quickly and easily attached to the frame and offers your baby a safe and secure spot right from birth. The sporty seat unit, which is used when your child is older and able to sit upright, can be installed in either a forward-facing or rear-facing mode. Furthermore, the seat unit is fully adjustable to a comfy lying position – that way, it offers your child the opportunity to take a nap on the go. The Moon Cool is also characterised by its convertibility to the travel system, because the set comes with an adapter that is compatible with infant car seat by many well-known manufacturers, such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Recaro and BeSafe. Perfect for the city - the Moon Cool with aluminium carrycot has stable EVA wheels that ensure excellent driving properties, as well as lockable swivel wheels with which it can master even the narrowest passages. Practical accessories, such as the large shopping basket and the continuous telescopic push bar make this versatile stroller complete.

Stroller accessories

The right stroller accessories make travelling with your baby easier and much more comfortable. Particularly useful accessories are:

  • Rain cover
  • Parasol
  • Footmuff
  • Change bag
  • Stroller toys
  • Snack and drink holder
  • Ride-on boards

Here you can find out more about our extensive range of stroller accessories.

Which stroller is right for you and your baby?

In our range you will find multi-function strollers that can be complemented systematically. For families who are looking for an all-in-one solution, we recommend sets consisting of a frame, infant car seat, two attachments (carrycot and seat unit) and practical accessories. If you are not sure which stroller is best for your family, our team of experts will be happy to provide you with individual advice.

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