Pushchair accessories are much more than superfluous bells and whistles. Matching accessories make travelling with your child much easier and more enjoyable. In addition to carrycots, adapters, footmuffs, rain covers and toys for on the road, our stroller accessories include everything you need to make every trip with your child an ultimate success.

Stroller Accessories

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Stroller Accessories

As with many other products, with the right accessories you can easily customise or spice up your stroller to suit your needs, ensuring that you are always flexible and prepared for everyday life with a small child.

But let's face it, whether you are expecting your first child or maybe even the fifth, buying everything you need to keep your baby warm, dry and safe or even entertained with toys, apart from just a suitable stroller, can be quite challenging.

We've seen them all before - these parents desperately trying to do their daily balancing acts: they squeeze snacks and juice for the little ones under their chin, while fighting with a rain cover, because suddenly the sun's come out, and now they are trying desperately to find something to protect the little ones from the heat and UV rays. Can you relate to a scenario like that? Or maybe you're one of those super organised moms who want to be prepared for all eventualities before they go outside with their child? The sun is shining? The parasol is ready! It looks a bit like rain? The rain cover is always ready for use. Are you on vacation? The travel bag for a safe transport of the stroller and the mosquito net, which protects your baby from annoying insects, are packed. And the snack tray, the bottle holder and the change bag for additional nappies, spare clothes and baby wipes are also available. No matter which type of parent you are, here on you will find a wide range of stroller accessories that will never leave you to twist in the wind.

A well-protected child in whatever the weather – the rain cover and the footmuff

One of the first considerations when buying stroller accessories should be a rain cover. Nobody wants to get into a sudden rain shower and see their child completely soaked because of they are lacking this essential accessory. A rain cover protects you from rain, but also keeps wind and snow away from your child. Made of resilient plastic, it usually has a zip closure at the front that can be fully or partially opened to give your child fresh air. Some rain covers even have side mesh inserts for extra ventilation. In addition to this, rain covers are lightweight, easy to store and easy to mount. Another advantage is that they also keep insects away and guarantee that your little one can relax and enjoy your outdoor excursions to the fullest.

Many strollers already come with a rain cover. However, if your stroller is not equipped with it and you live in a place where the weather is rather unsettled, a rain cover can be a real lifesaver.

When choosing a rain cover, you should consider to the following features:

  • Rain cover must provide ample ventilation
  • Material must have UV protection
  • Rain cover should be easy to install
  • Rain cover should fold to a compact & space-saving size

If you're having a baby for the first time, you're probably wondering if you need a footmuff for the stroller. The answer is definitely "yes". Especially if you live in a colder climate, a footmuff stands out as an indispensable accessory. A footmuff actually resembles a conventional sleeping bag. It is to be attached to the stroller to keep your baby warm and cosy from head to toe without the need of several protective layers of clothing. With openings for the stroller straps, a footmuff ensures that your baby sits safely and comfortably on any ride.

Even in the early summer months, a footmuff turns out to be a very useful addition to the buggy or stroller, because despite the rising temperatures children are more likely to cool down when sitting in the stroller, especially when a fresh breeze is blowing. A summer footmuff supplies your child with a good climate and prevents them from sweating in it.

Things to consider when buying a footmuff:

- Age of the baby: This is the most important factor to consider. When buying a footmuff, make sure that it is suitable for your child's age.

- Compatibility: Most of our top brands such as Britax Römer, Quinny or Easywalker offer their own, custom-fit footmuffs for different stroller models. Make sure that the footmuff is compatible with your stroller.

- Seasonal suitability: Footmuffs have different characteristics depending on their seasonal suitability – they are either warming or cooling. Some manufacturers, such as Hartan, offer a practical multi-function footmuff.

Being out and about with the whole gang – the Buggy Board

It can be quite difficult to supervise two small kids in crowded places, giant car parks, or in shopping malls, especially when you're in town without your partner who could help keep an eye on your little rascals. Many children, who are already discovering the world on their own two feet, usually stay behind while walking through the supermarket or in the pedestrian area where they want to look everywhere and, above all, touch and try out everything. With a smaller sibling in a stroller, who also requires mom’s full attention, such a situation can be quite stressful. A useful ride-on board or a so-called buggy board can help you here, because it offers you the opportunity to have both children in front of you so that you can keep an eye on both of the at the same time.

Buggy Boards extend your baby stroller to be used for a second child, or get your twin stroller ready for a third passenger. That way, all your children can discover and admire the world in equal measure. In addition to this, the practical ride-on boards are a great option for toddlers who want to relax and take a little break on their discovery tours, and to enjoy a ride together with their siblings. A buggy board is basically like a skateboard, which can be attached to the back of your stroller in just a few simple steps. Some can easily be folded when not in use.

Ride-on boards are available in different designs, colours and sizes. There are models with special seats that resemble those of a bicycle, others are only available as a simple stand-on platform with wheels attached to their bottom side. Many parents prefer to buy a buggy board rather than a double stroller, as the former are much cheaper and more practical.

When buying a buggy board, please keep in mind the following points:

  • The ride-on board must be compatible with your buggy or stroller
  • The ride-on board must meet your child's needs & always ensure maximum safety (Does it have sufficient tread? Is the tread equipped with non-slip material? Does your child prefer to stand or would they rather have a buggy board with seating possibility?)
  • Consider size & weight (higher sprung-wheel buggy boards are better for rough terrain; lighter ones allow better steering)
  • Easy installation and handling (Do you need separate adapters for attaching the buggy board? Can you fold the buggy board when not in use or does it have to be fully removed?)

Stroller accessories on – the best accessories for every situation

When choosing suitable accessories, it is important to consider your lifestyle, budget and location. Also, remember that you do not have to purchase all accessories at once. Often when using the stroller, you will soon find out what accessories are missing to make your trips perfect. From change bags to mosquito nets, adapters or toys – in our shop, you’ll find the right accessories for every need. Are you still not sure what to buy and don’t know exactly which accessories are right for you, your child and your stroller? No problem! Our team of experts will be happy to help you by giving you individual purchase advice to find the best product for you.

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