A buggy suitable for travelling is particularly light and can be folded to a small unit. With a comfortable travel buggy, you can turn every vacation, every outing or stroll through into a relaxing activity.

Travel Buggies

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The perfect travel buggy – ultra compact, super light, extremely comfortable

A stroller is one of the most useful things you'll ever own. Your child can sit, sleep and rest long distances in it as soon as their little legs get tired. Nowhere else is a stroller more necessary than on vacation. If you're travelling with a toddler, a bulky, heavy stroller can easily ruin the holiday mood. That is why you need a mobile and flexible companion that you can easily manoeuvre in crowded airports and through narrow streets, but also fold at lightning speed and transport with only little effort. However, in addition to convenient handling and user-friendliness for mom and dad, other useful features that contribute to increased riding comfort for your child should not be missing. These include, for example, a padded seat with an adjustable backrest or a sun canopy that is big enough to protect your little one from harmful sunrays. A travel buggy pairs all these features in one product and ensures that every holiday is a full success.

Things to consider when buying a travel buggy?

Height and weight

Choosing the right travel buggy largely depends on the type of trip, the destination and the mobility requirements for you and your child. Are you looking for a buggy that fits in the luggage compartment of an airplane? Are you planning a city trip where you are on crowded streets and in narrow alleys? Or are you simply looking for a multi-function model that is perfect for every trip?

If you use public transport during your trip and therefore have to fold and / or lift the buggy frequently, we recommend to choose a particularly light model, such as the Inglesina buggy QUID Light. Some airlines have weight limits for strollers and buggies you need to check in advance. So, if you want to take your buggy into the cabin of the plane, it is important to find out about the airline's guidelines before beginning your trip.


Is it possible to fold the travel buggy in a quick and easy way? This question should be answered with “yes” in any case, because no matter whether you are on a family vacation, taking the train to your destination or travelling by car, you will often have to fold the buggy during all your activities to keep it easy to transport. If the folding mechanism has quirks or if many different steps are needed to fold your little travel companion, you’ll need nerves of steel, especially if you are travelling alone with your child or several children. Therefore, make sure to buy a travel buggy that can be folded comfortably with just one hand, such as the Babyzen YOYO² - this way, you always have your other hand free for your child.

Tyres, suspension & more

If you use your buggy frequently or plan to go on long day trips, you should make sure that it is sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. Plastic wheels or rubber-coated plastic wheels are equally suitable for strolls in the city and in the countryside. Buggies with air-filled or foam-filled wheels, on the other hand, are quite robust so that they cut a fine figure especially on rough terrain.

In addition to the proper tyres, the right suspension systems ensure a pleasant ride at all times. They make manoeuvring easier, especially in rural areas, so that you don't have to lift the buggy every few meters to get ahead.

Additional features

Do you want your baby in the buggy to be able to sleep comfortably while you explore the area around your accommodation? Some travel buggies such as the Easylife Elite 2 by Recaro are equipped with special additional functions such as an adjustable backrest and a spacious sun canopy. As a result, they provide your child with a comfortable sleeping position and sufficient shade at all times, which enables you to stay outside longer and fully enjoy every day of your vacation. There are travel buggies that also offer an adjustable footrest for even more seating comfort, a basket for storing travel essentials or even a cup holder for your coffee or your child's favourite beverage.

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Travel buggies are easy to use and offer a comfortable seat for your child. With top features such as an adjustable seat unit, a large canopy and a spacious shopping basket as well as practical tires and a robust frame, they provide you and your child with everything you need on your trips. If you have any questions about travel buggy, our team of experts will be happy to help you find the perfect companion for your needs.

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