Toys delight every child immediately while supporting and fostering their natural development at the same time. Bright colours, exciting shapes and materials encourage your little one to train their motor skills and sensory abilities in a playful way. In order to make sure that both playing and learning complement each other, parents need to consider the selection of baby’s toys carefully.


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Learning by playing – right from the start

Toys are a fixed component in any nursery. No matter if it is a teddy bear or the pedal car for the garden – toys foster the development of your child in every respect. Toys, however bear another benefit: a cuddly toy, for instance, warms the heart, makes your child feel comfortable and safe and can be taken everywhere. There is also a wide selection of bath and water toys that bring ultimate fun into any bathing session or day at the beach.

Baby’s first ever toy

Especially during the first couple of weeks and months of your baby’s life, he or she starts to discover their own senses. Sensing, feeling, hearing, tasting while exploring all the surroundings at the same time. Suitable baby toys foster their development and satisfy their natural curiosity. The most popular toys for babies include:

  • Clutching toys
  • Rattles
  • Music boxes
  • Cuddly cloths/ blankets

If your little darling is already able to reach for objects on his own, rattles and clutching toys help develop his motor skills. Child-appropriate materials, rounded shapes as well as pleasing colours encourage him to touch the toys.

Music boxes serve several purposes at the same time. A gentle melody fosters the sense of hearing and also has a calming effect on your child. Usually, the musical mechanism is built-in component of the body of a cuddly figure which can then be used as a plush toy as well. No matter if it is a dog, donkey, owl or bug – a classic lullaby always clams your child and helps him fall asleep.

A cuddly cloth or blanket makes any snuggling time complete. The soft and cosy fabric makes your child feel comfortable, can be used for reach and grasp exercises, as a pillow or simply for snuggling and cuddling. Most cuddly cloths or blankets are similar to the design of regular cuddly toys and thus serve many purposes.

Building, crafting, reading books – toys for children

At a certain age baby toys become rather boring for your little one, which is pretty natural since there are much more interesting things to be discovered. Building blocks for instance, increase the demands on your child’s motor skills and set free a lot of creativity. Being adapted to the needs and abilities of toddlers, the Duplo range by LEGO is particularly popular. Colourful building blocks made of plastic are perfect for creating houses, vehicles or landscapes – there are no limits to child’s imagination. Furthermore, there are also building blocks made of wood such as the extra-large Starter Set of Building Blocks by Haba. This amazing set enables you child to create the most wonderful buildings just as the fancy takes him.

Books for toddlers help them learn and get to know the world even better. First words and their relations towards each other are illustrated and explained in a child-appropriate way. The buggy book “My first Toys” by Haba comes with a Velcro loop which makes it particularly easy for attaching it and keeping it handy while riding in the car or pram. The individual pages of the buggy book feature different motifs and are made of resilient cardboard which makes it easy to turn them. Many toddlers’ books come with exciting extras such as a loop, rattle and different kinds of fabric which foster your child’s motor skills and encourage him explore.

Bath toys are just the right things to help children get familiar with water. Most popular in this section are cups with or without a hole in the bottom as well as squirt toys. Classic bath toys such as a rubber duck or a boat are the perfect essentials to complement your little one’s bath toy selection. Taller children will be absolutely delighted by watermills and bath books.

Exercising feels good!

Exploring the nature and being out and about in the fresh air always feels super good – whether that be alone or together with friends. After you child has managed to pull himself up on the furniture and is now able to stand on his own, it won’t take much longer until he is doing his first steps. The Baby Walker “Wonder Walker” by Hape is a combination of companion and learning toy. Many colourful buttons, wheels and balls which are integrated in the side parts and train your child’s skills and dexterity.

Children’s vehicles such as drive & ride learning cars are good starters that introduce your child to the world of mobile transportation. Later on there are tricycles and pedal cars that will bring ultimate driving fun into your little one’s day. A balance bike will add to even more speed. With these toys, your child will learn how to handle balance and cover short distances in a playful way. The next step is your child’s first own bicycle. The manufacturer PUKY does not only offer a wide range of vehicles, but also useful accessories such as stabilisers, bicycle bells and baskets. Being equipped with a matching helmet your little one is ready to go.

The right material is essential

The requirements and demands towards children’s toys are high. That is why, the manufacturers focus on shapes and colour schemes of toys for the smallest among us. Rounded designs and soft colours are prioritised while security and safety stand in the centre of attention. If any synthetic materials are used, it is of vital importance that they are free from harmful substances and have an easy-to-grasp shape which cannot be swallowed. Learning toys also come with several extra functions. By pushing a button, a melody is activated or lights are switched on.

Another material which is likely to be used for the manufacturing of children’s toys is wood. Its simple design, robustness and sustainability make wooden toys stand out as standard inventory in many nurseries. Toys made from this natural resource are known to be particularly robust and durable. Manufacturers such as Plan Toys or HABA also make sure that the wooden surfaces of the toys are free from pollutants, sealed and painted. From clutching toys to figures to plain building blocks which stimulate your little one’s imagination – wood as a natural resource is pretty versatile.

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